Swedish Market Outlook for 2023: This Could Lead to a Higher Investment Interest

Sweden Sweden — As 2022 has turned into 2023, Nordic Property News has surveyed a few real estate experts in each Nordic country about the how each respective market faired in 2022 amid the war in Ukraine and a new economic climate and what is to expect in terms of transactions, foreign interest, cross-border trade and other factors that will shape the 2023 markets. Today we take a closer look at the Swedish market with Peter Wiman, Executive Director, Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction, EY Real Estate.

The Pandemic Effects: Major Uncertainty in the Swedish Office Market

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman at EY on the current office trends in Stockholm; how urbanization will continue, the decreased investment volume from global investors, and how the vacancy rates in the most attractive areas have developed lately.

EY Recruits Peter Wiman from Savills

Sweden Sweden — EY has appointed Peter Wiman from Savills, where he was Head of Research.

”Some Segments Have Strengthened During the Crisis”

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, tells Nordic Property News about the Covid-19 effects on the different property segments, and how this crisis differs from 2008.

Highest Vacancy Rates in Stockholm in Five Years: ”A Combination of Reasons to It”

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, comments the latest report where it is declared that the office vacancy rates in central Stockholm is increasing; the reasons behind and possible office trends in the most attractive locations.

All-Time High on the Swedish Transaction Market: These Are the Reasons Behind

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden: “Global investors have a very positive outlook on the Nordic markets.”

Why the Transaction Market Still Is Hot

Sweden Sweden — The transaction market in Sweden is still booming. Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden: "An increased interest has been noted from foreign investors.”

"Blackstone Has Made a Great Journey"

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, on Vonovia's acquisition of Hembla from Blackstone and whether this will attract more international investors to the Swedish residential market, going forward.

This Will Attract More Foreign Investors to Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, about the strong transaction year so far, which segments investors are mainly attracted to and why German investors are increasingly looking to the Nordic countries.

The New Trends for Foreign Investors in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savils, gives his forecast for the transaction year 2019 and shares what he sees as the latest trends in the real estate market.

Transaction Volumes for Swedish Real Estate at Record Levels

Sweden Sweden — The transaction volume during the first quarter was record high and properties worth SEK 42 billion were traded, according to Savills.

Why the Nordics Attracts the World's Data Giants

Nordic — The Nordics and the Netherlands offer the best opportunities for investments in the growing data center market, according to Savills' new report Data Centre Investment Index. Savills' Peter Wiman, Head of Research, and Linda Persson, Associate Director, Senior Industrial Leasing Manager, tell Nordic Property News about the Nordic markets' strengths, what regions are interesting and which companies are investing.

"There Are Still Three Buyers for Every Seller"

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research and Head of Investment at Savills Sweden, shares his view on the beginning of the 2018 transaction year in Sweden and the Nordics.

Sweden Keeps Getting Hotter to Foreign Investors

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish real estate market is becoming increasingly attractive for international investors and in 2017 more than SEK 34 billion has been pumped into the country. Savills’ Peter Wiman tells Nordic Property News why Sweden has become attractive right now.

Cross-Boarder Investment in Nordics Surges 23 percent

Nordic — Cross-border investment into Europe's Nordic countries rose to EUR 5.5 billion in the first half of 2017, 23 percent up on the same period in H1 2016. This represents a 29 percent share of the total volume invested in the Nordics in the year to date, according to research by international real estate advisor Savills.

Sweden's Rise in E-Commerce Drives Demand for Logistics Space

Sweden Sweden — The strong growth in e-commerce in Sweden is creating huge demand for new warehouse and logistics properties, according to international real estate advisor Savills. In the first half of the year, the sector saw an estimated transactional volume of just below SEK 10 billion (EUR 1 billion). This is only about SEK 3.2 billion (EUR 330M) lower than the full year average for the last ten years, and is a strong indicator of investor appetite for logistic and warehouse properties in Sweden. Listed Swedish property companies have been the most active investors during 2016.

Record Breaking Investment Volumes in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — During the first three months of 2016 Sweden witnessed a record SEK 35bn (€3.8bn) of investment into commercial real estate. According to international real estate advisor Savills, this investment volume is 39 percent up on Q1 2015 and 11percent higher than the previous Q1 record in 2007, an all time high for a first quarter period.