The Future Residential Focus for John Mattson

Sweden Sweden — Siv Malmgren, CEO of John Mattson, on the new car free solution in the acquired project north of Stockholm, and her plans for the future, when she steps down as CEO.

How John Mattson Wants to Grow in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson continues their growth journey – and steps in as a part-owner of two other companies. CEO Siv Malmgren tells Nordic Property News about the major investments and entry into HEFAB and EFIB, the ambitions for the companies, and how they want to continue to grow in Stockholm.

John Mattson Makes Residential Investment in Sollentuna

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson has signed an agreement with Sollentuna Stadshus AB to acquire 456 apartments together with commercial premises in Häggvik and Tureberg in the municipality of Sollentuna.

John Mattson Buys Property Just Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson has signed an agreement to acquire the Sicklaön 37:46 property in Nacka. The acquisition is John Mattson’s first in Nacka Municipality.

John Mattson Expands in Stockholm's Meatpacking District

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson was awarded a land allocation from the City of Stockholm encompassing the Hjälpslaktaren 7 leasehold property in the expansive Slakthusområdet (the Meatpacking District) in Stockholm. John Mattson has also signed an agreement to develop and remain the long-term owner of the Hjälpslaktaren 2 leasehold property in the same block.

John Mattson's CEO Steps Down

Sweden Sweden — Following 15 years as the CEO for the property company John Mattson, Siv Malmgren has notified the Board of Directors of her intent to step down from her position and retire. Siv Malmgren has been employed at the company since 1996, and assumed the role of CEO in 2006.