"Wework Has Revolutionized How We Think About the Use of Office Space"

Norway Norway — DNB Næringseiendom's CEO Gro Boge tells Nordic Property News how increased demands from tenants puts pressure on property owners, the collaboration with the coworking giant Wework and the main challenges on the Norwegian rental market.

Wework in Partnership with DNB and Eiendomsspar to Enter Norway

Norway Norway — The first leases have been signed, and in December coworking giant Wework opens at Tjuvholmen allé 1-5, where Christian Ringnes, Eiendomsspar, acts as landlord. In the first quarter of next year, the doors in Fjordalleen 16, owned by DNB Næringseiendom, will be opened.

The Coworking Giant’s Expansion Plans

Nordic — Wework just opened in Stockholm and is approaching their openings in Denmark and Norway. Salman Saeed, Senior Director Real Estate Management, Nordic Countries, tells Nordic Property News about Wework's future plans and why the demand of flexible office spaces is growing in Northern Europe.

How Wework Create Good Value for the Investors

Denmark Denmark — The Danish property owner Fokus Asset Management’s CEO Tonny Nielsen tells Nordic Property News about the possible challenges by welcoming Wework to Denmark.

Wework Landlord on the Effect of the Coworking Giant’s Nordic Entry

Nordic — Mats Hederos, CEO of AMF Fastigheter, on what effect Wework entering Sweden and the Nordics will have on the real estate market.