The process of finding his successor has been initiated. Anders Kupsu will remain at the company during the process, but at most until May of 2019.

"This is not a decision I made overnight, but the result of some time of reflections and priorities. After nine exciting and amazing years as CEO of Skandia Fastigheter, and before that 20 years in different managerial roles in Skanska, I will take some time off, then the goal is to continue to work on the industry, but in a smaller scale," says Anders Kupsu.

"Skandia Fastigheter is a very well-managed property company with good opportunities to meet a changing environment. Anders Kupsu, with his calm and stable leadership and very good judgment, has successfully led Skandia Fastigheter and its employees for almost a decade, with occasionally challenging conditions. A high and stable return has continuously contributed to a good value development for Skandia's pension savers," says Anders Jonsson, Chairman of the Board.