Borealis Arkitekter, established in 1974, currently has nine employees and an office in Tromsø.

"We warmly welcome Borealis Architects to Norconsult. It is an environment with very talented people, and the acquisition is strategically important for Norconsult's Tromsø office and for the North region. Together, we will form one of the most impactful and interdisciplinary environments in Tromsø and the region as a whole," says Roy Nyheim's regional director, Norconsult.

Norconsult has collaborated with Borealis Architects in a number of assignments.

"This will be a new and exciting chapter in the company's 45-year history. As part of Norconsult, we can offer a wider range of services and provide our clients with a heavier interdisciplinary design offer," says general manager Paul Pincus of Borealis Architects.

With this acquisition, Norconsult's Tromsø office has around 50 employees. Borealis Architects will be fully incorporated into Norconsult from 1 November 2019. Borealis Architects will continue as a brand name in the architectural department of Norconsult in Tromsø.