“With two new emergency wards, E62 and N54, we are continuing to expand and remodel in order to meet future health and medical care requirements in the Sörmland region. These are large and complex construction projects in which partnering is the best collaboration format, in terms of both quality and price, and historically we have positive experiences from past collaborations with NCC,” says Johnny Niskanen, project manager, construction management at Region Sörmland.

Mälar Hospital in Eskilstuna and Nyköping Hospital will each be expanded by adding a new wing for emergency care. The buildings will include emergency units, operating theaters and central sterile supply departments (CSSDs) and cover 45,000 and 8,500 square meters respectively. At Mälar Hospital, the largest hospital in Sörmland, a new main entrance will be added to the building that also houses wards for maternity, neonatal care and cardiology.

The new modern healthcare premises will ensure a more efficient care process, with high-quality and safe patient care. The staff work environment will be improved and the building will have significantly reduced energy consumption and enhanced operating efficiency.

Partnering is a structured cooperative format where the key players collaborate with an open and transparent dialogue and come to decisions mutually. For large and complex hospital projects that are carried out over a long time and where technological development is a critical factor, partnering is an optimal format.

“It is a complex process to build emergency care wards involving comprehensive installation work and with high standards regarding advanced medical-technical equipment. With NCC’s broad experience of hospital construction projects, we can project design and construct both hospitals in parallel in order to create synergies. Production time can therefore be shortened, costs can be minimized, and we can achieve better quality with the best interests of the patients in mind,” says Henrik Landelius, Business Area Manager of NCC Building Sweden.

Earth and groundworks will commence shortly. The building at Nyköping Hospital is scheduled for completion at the end of 2022. The larger healthcare building at Mälar Hospital is scheduled for completion in spring 2025.

The project is part of the strategic partnering arrangement between NCC and Region Sörmland that includes expanding and remodeling three hospitals in Sörmland: Kullbergska Hospital, Mälar Hospital and Nyköping Hospital. The collaboration was first announced in June 2015.

The order value of over SEK 2.4 billion will be registered during the first quarter of 2020 in NCC Building Sweden.