The project, developed by Skanska Hyresbostäder, is built on leasehold land and comprise about 7,200 square meters for housing, of which 68 rental apartments, 40 senior apartments, a home for people with special needs and a retail space. The variety of housing that the project offers will open the expansive area Hyllie in Malmö to new groups. Based on a social sustainability analysis, Skanska has designed the courtyard with rich greenery providing several meeting places and rooms for socializing activities.

The senior apartments will be leased to people aged 65, and over, looking for greater community belonging and an attentive environment. Among other, a common area is offered at the top of the building and a daily host will be available to help the residents with various tasks, arrange activities and act as social support function.

Environmental and social sustainability has been in focus for the development. A photovoltaic system that generates electricity on an annual basis corresponding to about 35 percent of the property's total need will be installed on the roof.

Construction will start in the summer of 2021 and completion will take place in stages until August 2023.