The new logistics facility, of a total 18,665 m2, is being constructed on the Sockret 4 property, previously acquired by Catena and centrally located in Malmö’s harbour district. The building will be certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver and a photovoltaic cell facility will be installed on the roof.

An eight-year lease has been signed with Lekia, which is the dominant player in the Swedish toy trade and has previously leased premises from Catena at Logistics Position Sunnanå in Malmö. The move has been motivated by the need for additional space, and Lekia will lease 11,570 m2 of the facility, with an option to also lease the remaining space.

“It feels very good to be able to further strengthen our favourable relationship with Lekia and to contribute to its continued expansion with efficient, customised premises able to accommodate warehousing, a showroom and offices alike,” says Catena’s Regional Manager, Fredrik Renå.

“Moving into our great new premises in Sunnanå in early 2020, we were incredibly proud of how successful Lekia had become and saw bringing our central warehouse and head office together in the same building as a milestone. Our sales have continued rising and this year our shops are expected to achieve sales of close to SEK 2 billion. Four years later, in 2024, we will be in a facility that is more than twice the size. We are grateful for having found this amazing solution in Malmö’s harbour area together with Catena. From there, we will be able to deliver to 90 percent of our shops in Sweden and Norway within 24 hours,” says Baldvin Georgsson, CEO of Lekia AB.

Lekia plans to move into the new premises in January 2024. The site also offers opportunities for further construction.