An important aspect of LFM30 concerns collaboration between the industry’s players and the exchange of experience from construction projects. In the spring, KlaraBo, together with OBOS, won an acclaimed land allocation competition in Hyllie with the Boostad project proposal. The project was characterised by ecological and social sustainability with low rent and operating costs. Features such as rooftop solar panels enable a joint energy solution that includes production, storage and sharing of energy between properties.

“It feels very positive to be able to announce this news. LFM30 will open up a valuable exchange of experience with other players, and the project in Hyllie provides us with a great opportunity to contribute to Malmö’s ambition to continue to grow sustainably. Together with other players, we can drive developments in a positive direction while also making our offering even more attractive for our tenants,” says Kristin Lundmark, Sustainability Manager at KlaraBo.

LFM30 unites builders, property owners, architects, technology consultants and material manufacturers. Several banks, research institutes and energy companies are also connected to the organisation. In total, over 350 different players have joined.