The new school building will be located next to the existing Velle School in central Ørsta which doesn’t have enough room. The gross area of the school will be 4,400 m2 divided into three stories. Each of the three grades from five to seven will have their own entrance ways and the new school will house slightly more than 100 students in each grade.

A great deal of care has been put into designing the schoolyard and outdoor areas. The building will be placed in such a way that it protects the nearby nature at the same time it will be available to play in and investigate. Natural biotopes and ecological diversity will also be preserved.

“Peab has carried out several turnkey contracts for Ørsta Municipality previously, most recently Sæbø School and the pre-school that opened in October this year. We’ve  worked well together and we receive a lot of good feedback regarding Sæbø,” says Frank Flusund, Project Manager in Ørsta Municipality.

The school will be built according to the Passive House Standard. It will be connected to district heating and have waterborne heating. A number of environmental measures are part of the construction project, including material that can be recycled or broken down for reuse.

“We’re very pleased that we can continue to build in this area and use the expertise we’ve garnered from other school projects here. The school will be a big boost for the local community,” says Kjetil Nordang, Region Manager Peab.

The project is a turnkey contract and construction will begin in February 2023. The new school will be completed by the summer of 2024.

The project will be order registered in the fourth quarter 2022.