In mid-February, Oscar Properties announced that it would postpone the publication of the Q4 report for 2023. The company has faced several challenges for a period. Not least after the end of the financial year, events have occurred that affect the financial statements. Events, including bankruptcy filings and deferred interest payments, would be taken into account in the upcoming reporting for Q4. Due to these events, the company needed extended time to complete and audit the financial statements.


First, the board decided that the new date for reporting would be Thursday, April 4, the Thursday of the week after Easter. Today, Wednesday and the day before, they announce again in a press release that the reason for postponing the report is the same as previously communicated, i.e. that the company has been affected by significant events after the end of the financial year and which require immediate handling and consideration in the report as well as increased audit efforts. The board has now decided to postpone the publication of the year-end report until Friday, April 26.


The work on a joint plan for settling the group's debts and securing its assets continues together with Lars Söderqvist and Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå.


In February, it was announced that CEO Carl Janglin and CFO Magnus Thimgren would leave their positions, which Carl Janglin also did on the day of March 5, despite initially having plans for him to remain until a new CEO could take office.