Property company John Mattson and the energy company Stockholm Exergi have entered an agreement aimed at securing the long-term supply of district heating to John Mattson’s property portfolio and with the shared objective of reaching net zero for district heating production for the Stockholm region. The partnership entails investment by John Mattson in Stockholm Exergi’s transition of district heating over a longer period. At the same time, John Mattson is securing the supply of cost-effective and sustainable district heating for its properties.

John Mattson’s investment will support Stockholm Exergi’s transformation of its district heating production to net zero carbon emissions by 2033, initially by phasing out fossil fuels and ultimately through carbon capture. The partnership entails an initial investment of SEK 57 million by John Mattson in Stockholm Exergi’s district heating production. In the first phase, one third of John Mattson’s properties will have access to cost-effective and sustainable district heating. And, in total, the partnership will enable John Mattson to connect up to two thirds of its property portfolio. 

“I am very pleased and proud of the partnership with Stockholm Exergi. For John Mattson, the agreement means that we will reduce the cost for district heating and lower our climate impact through cost-effective and sustainable district heating for a large proportion of our properties. The partnership enables us to support Stockholm’s energy system in its transition to net-zero emissions,” says Per Nilsson, CEO of John Mattson.

“By continuing to develop and invest in district heating technology, we can jointly reduce our environmental impact and ensure a stable and energy supply for the future. John Mattson’s long-term commitment to district heating and its energy partnership with us means greater possibilities for continuing to support a growing, climate-smart energy solution, not just for John Mattson’s properties, but for all of Stockholm,” says Carl Lidholm, Sales Director at Stockholm Exergi.