Largest Finnish Companies – on Social Media

Finland Finland — Nordic Property News has charted how influential the listed housing, construction and real estate companies are on social media. Here is the industry's most powerful in Finland.

Why Housing Sales Decrease in Norway

Norway Norway — The housing developer on a weaker 2018. "Has been a little slower."

"Feels Almost like a Divorce”

Denmark Denmark — Niam's CEO Fredrik Jonsson on the breakup from the Country Manager in Denmark, his replacement Michael Berthelsen's most essential tasks and the biggest challenges in Denmark.

International Hotel Giant is Looking for more in the Nordic Region

Nordic — With the investment in the Danish Zleep Hotels, Deutsche Hospitality wants to do further hotel acquisitions in Nordic countries. “Would love to find partners.”

How Hemfosa will Become Leaders in Community Service Properties

Nordic — Hemfosa is active in three Nordic countries. The new company CEO, Caroline Arehult, speaks of the differences, the big social responsibility that lies on the company and how the new business plan was formed.

The Decision that Can Open Up for more Housing Operators in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — The industry organization Fastighetsägarna’s business policy spokesman Rikard Ljunggren about the new housing situation in Gothenburg and potential political effects in Sweden: "Less uncertain to invest."

“That Year was a Sad Story”

Nordic — 2018 was another great year for Bonava. Three stabile markets in the Nordic Region and now they are bouncing back in Finland after an earlier EBIT struggle.

“We’ve been Lucky in a Hot Market”

Finland Finland — Conficap has been offensive on the Finnish market. Real Estates Director Atte Köykkä on the strategy, why they left Sweden and how much they will acquire this year.

Castellum's Plans for Finland

Finland Finland — The Swedish giant showed strong results in their financial statements. Now they plan on conquering the Finnish market. CEO Henrik Saxborn tells Nordic Property News why they chose to establish a business in the country, which segment applies, and what the acquisition plans look like.

Many More Projects Ahead for Arkitektgruppen

Denmark Denmark — Project Manager Claus Schovgaard Rasmussen about the last acquisition in Aarhus and their plans for 2019.

”The Market has Reached its Full Capacity”

Denmark Denmark — CBRE’s Head of Research in Denmark, Dragana Marina, on why the market has been in recession and where in the world the capital flow is coming from.

Skanska on the Dispute in Trondheim

Norway Norway — Skanska first received a building permit for 80 new apartments and retail facilities in an area in Trondheim. The county administrative board then put a stop to it. Now, however, the process is up and running again. Representative of Skanska comment on the chaos.

After the Deal with Klövern – Here are the Sectors where AXA Looking for Investments

Sweden Sweden — AXA IM bought the Ericsson building five years ago. Now they are selling it. Here's why. ”The timing was right.”

“The US market is Extremely Deep”

Finland Finland — Head of International Real Estate at Ilmarinen, Mikko Antila, about the partnership with New York Life and doing business in the US.

The Major Swap Could Have Taken Place Several Years ago

Sweden Sweden — Peter Gotthardsson, Chairman of the Board at Lilium, talks about the exchange deal with Castellum.

Why Selvaag Returns to the Rental market

Norway Norway — After the financial crisis in 2008, Selvaag Gruppen left the rental market. Now they are back after the major deal where the company buys out Utleiebolig. Major owner Gunnar Frederik Selvaag tells Nordic Property News why the timing is right and why he thinks that the house prices in Norway will increase.

Logistics giant Making Their Biggest Investment ever in the Nordic region

Denmark Denmark — DHL Express in a billion deal at Copenhagen airport. “Crucial for the Nordic network.”

Why Salling Group is Taking over Parts of Bankrupt Top-Toy

Denmark Denmark — Salling Group takes over inventory and the known profile, but not the stores. Here is why.

Nordic Cities in Growth Peak

Nordic — CBRE's Head of Research Amanda Welander on the foreign interest in Gothenburg, what to look out for in 2019 and which cities in the Nordic countries are some of the top fastest growing in Europe.

Why the Norwegian Housing Giant Takes on Additional Land in Sweden

Norway Norway — Norwegian housing company Obos acquires Swedish SBC. Communications Director Åge Pettersen explains why.

"In a Tweeting Trump Environment, Everything is Different"

Sweden Sweden — Swedbank’s Head of Research Olof Manner on what the interest rate development in Sweden has been like, and will be like, and what four current trends are relevant.

"There are no Sensible Proposals"

Sweden Sweden — It has been a messy time in Sweden since the parliamentary election. After approximately 130 days, it looks like a new government is in place. The real estate profiles and the former politicians have a say about the new government and the effects on the real estate market.

The Vision: Artificial Islands with 12,000 Workplaces

Denmark Denmark — The real estate giant comments on the Danish government's grand vision of the future south of Copenhagen – artificial islands. "Exciting development project".

The Architect-CEO About Taking One Step Down

Denmark Denmark — After five years Klaus Toustrup is leaving the role as CEO at C.F Møller Architects, but he will remain in the management. Here are the reasons and this is how he looks at the architecture of the future. "The titles don't mean much to me."

Martin Mæland on the JV with Ilija Batljan: ”Not an Easy Thing”

Norway Norway — The Norwegian building and real estate profile Martin Mæland about the cooperation with Ilija Batljan, the differences over decades and why Kristiansand is an interesting area.