Fraud Charged CEO Leaves Swedish Residential Company After Scandal

Sweden Sweden — A scandal has unfolded in Swedish residential company Östersundshem. The CEO Daniel Kindberg leaves the company after fraud charges – Swedish construction giant connected to the scandal.

Victoria Park Rejects Starwood's Offer

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors at Victoria Park does not recommend the shareholders to accept Starwood's offer of SEK 34.40 per share. Chairman Bo Forsén tells Nordic Property News of the next step in the process.

After Danish Spending Spree – Heimstaden Acquires Sought After Swedish Apartments

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden's transaction manager Fredrik Årman tells Nordic Property News about the company's struggle to grow in Lund.

"There Are Still Three Buyers for Every Seller"

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research and Head of Investment at Savills Sweden, shares his view on the beginning of the 2018 transaction year in Sweden and the Nordics.

Big Swedish Push from Finnish Hotel Chain

Nordic — With the acquisition of Apartment HS Forenom consolidates their position as number one in Sweden regarding long-term accomondation. Mats-Erik Lidström, CEO at Forenom Sweden, tells Nordic Property News why the Finnish company steps on the gas pedel on the Swedish market.

Largest 2018 Transaction in Sweden Called Off

Sweden Sweden — Niam's SEK 2.3 billion acquisition of Old Karolinska will not be completed, Irene Svenonius, Financial County Commissioner, in Stockholm tells Nordic Property News.

Grosvenor Increases Stockholm Focus

Sweden Sweden — Carl Strufve, Director Nordics at Grosvenor Europe, tells Nordic Property News of the company's increased Stockholm focus.

OP Financial Group on Acquisition of Marimekko's HQ

Finland Finland — OP Financial Group has through its Finnish Real Estate Fund Finland III acquired the head offices of world renowned Finnish design company Marimekko in a sale and lease back transaction. Markku Mäkiaho, Managing Director of OP Real Estate, tells Nordic Property News of the key points in the acquisition, the importance of a keeping a long-term tenant and the transformation of the up and coming area Herttoniemi.

"We Want to be the 500 Pound Gorilla of Coworking in Copenhagen"

Denmark Denmark — Technopolis CEO Keith Silverang on entering Denmark, their role on the Danish market and thoughts on further European expansion.

Largest Swedish Transactions of Q1 2018

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish transaction market during Q1 2018 has dropped compared to last year. Still some larger transactions has been made and Nordic Property News has listed the ten largest in the first quarter.

"Kolding is a Key City"

Denmark Denmark — Niam continues their Danish expansion. After acquiring four office properties in Kolding, Kristian Krogh, Head of Denmark at Niam, tells Nordic Property News of the importance of The Triangle Area.

Swedish Company Sells School Property to Instill Courage in Shareholders

Norway Norway — SBB made a large divestment in Norway when they sold a school property for MNOK 415.5 (EUR 43M) to British Aviva Investors. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News why the sale of the building – that granted a MNOK 83 (EUR 8.6M) return on equity since acquired by SBB just ten months prior – had important symbolic value.

Victoria Park Founder and Main Owner on Starwood Bid

Sweden Sweden — Victoria Park founder and main owner, Greg Dingizian, tells Nordic Property News about accepting Starwood's offer and what's to come.

Blackstone-owned D Carnegie Completes New Major Deal

Sweden Sweden — D Carnegie acquires 1,274 apartments in Stockholm from Byggmästare Anders J Ahlström for SEK 1.67 billion (EUR 162M). Mikael Ahlström, the seller's chairman of the board and main owner, tells Nordic Property News of the structure of the major transaction.

Largest Rental Income Growth in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — How was the rental income evolve for the listed Swedish real estate companies in 2017? Nordic Property News presents a list of the rental income development.

Starwood Makes Offer for Listed Swedish Company

Sweden Sweden — Starwood Capital Group has made a public cash offer to the shareholders of Swedish listed residential company Victoria Park. Owners of 31.5 percent share of the votes – including main owner Greg Dingizian and Balder CEO Erik Selin – have accepted the offer. Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News why and his thoughts on the process.

Why Corpus Sireo Starts in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Corpus Sireo looks to make a push towards for all the Nordic markets. Manuel Böcher, Head of International Investment, tells Nordic Property News why they are looking to start with Finland.

Criticized Abu Dhabi Project in Stockholm CBD Risk Further Delay

Sweden Sweden — The stranded conversion plans are fixed on remittal and now decisions may not be made until after the election.

German Investor Targets the Nordics

Nordic — German Corpus Sireo, part of Swiss Life Asset Managers, has appointed Manuel Böcher as new Head of International Investment and targets the Nordic countries. Manuel Böcher tells Nordic Property News of the Scandinavian focus and where they look to make acquisitions.

New Financial Laws for Swedish Companies

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish government presented a proposal where the company tax is reduced to 20.6 percent and the introduction of a general limitation of interest deductions in the general sector. The proposal that has previously been out has received a lot of harsh criticism from the real estate industry in particular, where companies are often highly loaned.

…But ADIA is Not Worried

Sweden Sweden — ADIA’s development organization in Sweden refute criticism regarding the paused plans for Nya Stureplan.

Massive Interest for First Stockholm CBD Land Sale in Ten Years

Sweden Sweden — International and larger Swedish real estate owners in the hunt for the 20,000 sqm land sale in Stockholm CBD.

Quickness Required on the Helsinki Office Market

Finland Finland — The Finnish economy has really picked up and the real estate market is doing very well. So well that if you are looking to invest in prime offices in Helsinki you better act quick, according to Deutsche Asset Management.

Blackstone MD on the Company's Investments and Future in the Nordics

Nordic — In 2015, Blackstone re-entered the Nordic market and today controls properties with over EUR 8 billion of value – with the expectation that more will come. Michael Swank, Managing Director in Blackstone's Real Estate Group, tells Nordic Property News about the Nordic re-entry, the possibility of entering more listed companies, the CEO change at D Carnegie and their Nordic future.

What's Next for Halted Swedish Transaction?

Sweden Sweden — Niam's EUR 230M acquisition of Old Karolinska Hospital is subject to approval by the Stockholm County Council by June 30th. Despite the clock ticking, no date has been set for when the re-issued case will resume. County Commissioner Paul Lindquist tells Nordic Property News what his view is of the situation.