The labor market conflict in Finland has a negative impact on housing trade

Finland Finland — The forecast pointed steadily upwards in Finland during the autumn. But now the real estate agent Sb-Hem's managing director Jukka Rantanen believes that the labor market conflict, the disagreement between the government and the unions and the ongoing strikes are slowing down the recovery of the housing trade in Finland. "The recovery in the housing market is delayed by the weakening of consumer confidence and the weakening of employment due to the conflict in the labor market," says Jukka Rantanen to Nordic Property News.

The figures showing the housing segment's falling returns

Nordic — For the second year in a row, housing was the weakest segment in Sweden in 2023 and for the first time in the last two decades, the segment has had a negative total return two years in a row, this did not happen even after the weak year of the financial crisis in 2008 when the recovery was faster. To get the facts behind the numbers, MSCI has presented its housing index for 2023 which, among other things, shows that we have now had six negative quarters in a row with a negative total return in Sweden.

Thomas Erséus: "More rotation of AMF's properties in the future"

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News reporter on site in Cannes had a conversation with AMF Fastigheter's CEO Thomas Erséus about the state of the market, the status of the profile projects and what can await the company in the future, which may contain selling more properties.

After the Fastator deal – here is where the new JV is looking for more acquisition opportunities

Sweden Sweden — A newly formed joint venture company between R2 Fastigheter and Alhem Fastigheter buys a property in Nacka from Fastator. After the deal, Douglas Axelson, CEO of R2 Fastigheter, and Jacob Hallberg, CEO of Alhem Fastigheter, talk about the purchase in Nacka, how they want to develop the new joint company, the growth goals and where to look for new business.

The highest LTVs in the Nordics

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how high the loan-to-value ratio the listed companies had in 2023.

SLP's ambitions for the hot logstics market in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — SLP enters a new market with its first acquisition in Gothenburg – a deal that means the company achieves a series of milestones. CEO Tommy Åstrand tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition and how they want to grow in Gothenburg, as well as his view of the Gothenburg market and the milestones reached.

The companies with the highest ICRs

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list over the Nordic listed companies with the highest Interest Coverage Ratios for 2023.

Top sellers in 2023

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list of the top sellers among the listed Nordic companies in 2023.

Wihlborgs set to buy property from the city of Malmö

Sweden Sweden — The Galoppen 1 property near Jägersro's race track was previously supposed to be assigned to Sagax, but now it is instead Wihlborgs who are close to buying the plot from the city of Malmö. The future tenant of the site is so far unknown, but it is reportedly a Nordic operator that is part of a global group. Nordic Property News reveals more about the upcoming transaction.

“There certainly is more activity and sense of optimism"

Denmark Denmark — Brunswick Real Estate and Pictet Alternative Advisors recently announced the divestment of the JV company Lindu Ejendomme to Blackstone. Anthony Romano, Country Head Denmark at Brunswick, tells Nordic Property News about the divestment, the work done on the Lindu portfolio, Brunswick’s plans for the Danish market going forward, the collaboration with Pictet and about his view on the state of the Danish market.

The most valuable real estate companies on the stock exchange

Nordic — A real estate year filled with worries and shaky future prospects, that is how 2023 can be summed up. Nordic Property News has taken a look at the companies' market capitalization after the flood of reports to see how much they are now worth on the stock exchange, and it is notable that a giant has regained first place and that a logistics heavyweight has made a jump up the list.

"Competition has decreased significantly"

Nordic — Magnus Berglund, Partner at CapMan Real Estate, sees that their funds will be able to make several acquisitions in a number of different segments in the future. At Mipim however, the image of the market is divided, but that does not necessarily have to be negative for their opportunities going forward.

CEO leaves JLL

Finland Finland — JLL Finland’s CEO exits the company after 18 years.

Newsec launches new Capital Markets advisory setup in Finland

Finland Finland — Newsec launches a new Capital Markets advisory setup in Finland. Amos Larinkoski, Vice Head of Capital Markets, tells Nordic Property News about the new organization, the Cross-Nordic platform, the appetite for Finnish real estate from non-Nordic foreign investors and about the market situation in Finland.

The top buyers in 2023

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list of the top buyers among the listed Nordic companies in 2023.

Industry survey: "How was this year's Mipim?"

Nordic — This year's edition of Mipim is over for this time. What was it really like, what was the highlight, what did you miss and will you come back next year? A large group of property profiles provide the answers in Nordic Property News' large survey from Cannes.

After the offensive rights issue – Catena sees big Danish potential

Nordic — After a recent new share issue, Catena now has fresh capital of a little over SEK 2 billion which it hopes to spread over the next six to twelve months. For Nordic Property News, Catena's CEO Jörgen Eriksson talks about the ambitions with the new capital, how and where the company prefers to see the money invested and in which geographies he sees the greatest potential right now.

Henrica Ginström appointed new CEO of Citycon: "Our strategy is a winning concept"

Nordic — Citycon gets a new CEO when Henrica Ginström, the company's current COO, takes the helm in April. She gives her view of taking over as CEO, how she is as a leader, what will be most important for Citycon in 2024 and how she sees the retail market going forward.

Daniel Gorosch: "It's not like money is being thrown into the market"

Nordic — Daniel Gorosch visits Mipim for the first time as CEO of Catella. For Nordic Property News he talks about the willingness to invest, his view of the market and how international investors see the changing image of Sweden.

"Equipped to seize opportunities in the market going forward"

Norway Norway — Schage Eiendom completes its largest divestment ever and the largest Norwegian single-property transaction since 2020 with the divestment of Stortorvet 7 in Oslo to KLP. CEO Matilda Vinje tells Nordic Property News about the sale and what it means to Schage, how the money will be used and about the possibility of new acquisitions and divestments going forward.

"Usually some surprise appears at Mipim"

Nordic — Mipim 2024 is in its second day and the biggest property fair of the year is characterized by sunshine. One of those who took the suitcase to Cannes is Daniel Andersson, Head of Acquisitions Niam, who is on a trend scouting mission.

"The transaction market has the full color scale"

Nordic — Intense days lie ahead for CBRE's Patrik Kallenvret during Mipim. The calendar is simply fully booked. For Nordic Property News he talks about the capital and the transactions that can become the real estate industry's great highlight.

Pareto urges investors to "stay away" from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Pareto Securities repeats its sell recommendation for SBB and lowers the target price to SEK 2.5 from SEK 3.0. This is evident from an analysis that Nordic Property News has taken part in, where the analysis house writes, among other things, that "we continue to recommend investors to stay away and repeat our sell rating"

Mipim’s MD on this year's event: “You need to listen to do the right business"

Nordic — Mipim 2024 will be slightly different. Under the shade of economic and geopolitical uncertainties in the Cannes sun more focus will be one the dialog. Mipim’s Managing Director Nicolas Kozubek says that it’s clearly visible in how those attending are approaching this years edition of the show.

After the Helsinki acquisitions – this is how Elo wants to develop its real estate holdings

Finland Finland — Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company continues to increase its real estate holdings through the acquisition of two residential properties in Helsinki. Tatu Pakarinen, Senior Portfolio Manager at Elo, tells Nordic Property News about the acquisitions, how Elo wants to develop its real estate portfolio going forward and about his view on real estate as an investment area.