Finnish giant predicts a sharp fall in house prices

Finland Finland — Finnish housing company Kojamo's total revenue landed at 112 million euros in the third quarter, which is an increase of 5.7 percent, while net rental income increased by 6.3 percent to 83.1 million euros compared to the same period last year, when the figure was 78 ,2. "Our business has developed as expected and our results are stable," says the company's CEO, Jani Nieminen.

Castellum yearns for the European bond market

Sweden Sweden — Castellum continues to feel strong, the company announces during its Q3 presentation – not least because despite the CPI indexing of rents, it has not yet given the tenants hiccups. But one thing that has become clear over the past year is that there are different groups of property companies on the bond market – there are winners and losers.

Global giant increases significantly in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Global giant increases Castellum holding by 65,7 percent – rises in the list of owners.

Specialfastigheter's new CEO: Many large requests to expect

Sweden Sweden — Major demand for Specialfastigheter in the hot segment. The newly appointed CEO Alexandra Laurén on how to manage the demand, the challenges, and what's in the company's pipeline.

Hard times for Nordic real estate stocks in October

Nordic — There were somber tones for the Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchanges in October. Almost all of the shares dipped with a few exceptions. Nordic Property News presents a list of the companies' performance during the tenth month of the year.

CA Fastigheter's CEO steps down

Sweden Sweden — After 2.5 years with Andreas von Hedenberg at the helm, CA Fastigheter will in the future have to look for a new CEO since von Hedenberg announced that he will leave the company. Andreas von Hedenberg tells Nordic Property News about the decision to leave the company and Johan Damne, chairman of the board of CA Fastigheter, tells what qualities and skills are being looked for in the next CEO.

After the Telegrafen purchase – Norwegian Property ready for new acquisitions

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property keeps building its Oslo CBD portfolio – this time through the acquisition of Telegrafen. CEO Bent Oustad tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition, what kind of new acquisitions Norwegian Property looks for, the growth ambitions in Oslo CBD and shares his view of transaction market at the moment.

Here's why the listed property companies will continue to struggle

Sweden Sweden — JLL Sweden's Head of Research Niclas Höglund on the dark month of October for det Swedish listed real estate companies and when we will see a much brighter trend, going forward.

The heavyweights' different views on Entra holdings – Balder sees no need for a write-down

Nordic — Entra's two largest owners, Castellum and Balder, both submitted their Q3 reports on Friday, and there it appeared that they have different views on their holdings in the Norwegian real estate company. Castellum has chosen to make a write-down of close to SEK 0.5 billion, while Balder has chosen to leave the value unchanged. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments on Balder's view of the Entra holding and shares his view of the bond market.

Corem's Rutger Arnhult: "The stars have aligned"

Nordic — Corem's CEO Rutger Arnhult answered questions when the company's interim report was presented yesterday. Among other things, he talked about the possible continued sale of the portfolio and about the net operating margin, which has improved compared to the previous year.

Eastnine ready to go against the grain: 'Exciting times ahead'

Nordic — Eastnine has a very stable financial position following the sale of the holding in Russian Melon Fashion Group and the redemption of Eastnine's only bond at the beginning of October. CEO Kestutis Sasnauskas summarizes a historic quarter for the company, which now aims to do the opposite of most other real estate companies and actually go on the offensive in the market. Here he explains more about how it could be done.

JM has never seen such low margins

Nordic — JM has already seen a tough start to the year where the number of homes sold has more than halved, and as a result they had to give the staff a notice. If they don't increase sales during this last quarter, more notice may be required, says the CEO. Despite that, they believe in coming transactions and construction starts in the near future.

Exclusive with the global investor – these are Abrdn's aims for the Nordics

Nordic — In the spring the global investment company Abrdn appointed long time employee Anne Breen as its new head of real estate. In an exclusive interview with Nordic Property News she reveals what the transactions strategy looks like under her helm, how they view real estate in the Nordics and what opportunities they see in a market that has plenty of sellers.

Vasakronan appoints new Head of Investments and Projects: "Sweden's leading real estate company"

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan is strengthening its management team with Martin Kron, who in the spring of 2024 will step up as Head of Investments and Projects. Martin Kron tells Nordic Property News about leaving Skanska after 15 years, how he views Vasakronan and the role he will get there, about lessons the Swedish real estate industry can learn from the Finnish one and about the last time at Skanska.

Heimstaden's massive divestment plan

Nordic — In a new major plan, Heimstaden Bostad will turn its focus to the privatization of housing in five markets. The goal is to establish the BBB rating and pay off debts. When Christian Fladeland, Deputy CEO made his first presentation at the third quarterly report, the privatization was the big question and how this sale will affect the company.

The largest owners in the Nordic listed companies

Nordic — Since the summer there have been some movements in the ownership list of the listed Nordic real estate companies. Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at who owns most of the capital in the companies.

John Fredriksen increases Fabege ownership

Nordic — John Fredriksen makes new investments in Fabege – passes threshold.

New player sees possible transactions opening up with indebt companies

Sweden Sweden — With several real estate companies struggling with debt situations, new transactions could open up for smaller entrepreneurial companies like Liljebo. Founder Omid Noghabai tells Nordic Property News about the plans for Liljebo.

Sven-Olof Johansson: "A first interest rate cut from the Fed will come in Q1 2024 at the latest"

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner's CEO, Sven-Olof Johansson, believes that the economic situation in the USA will soon have an effect in Sweden. “The next interest rate change will be a reduction, which will immediately have a positive effect on our results,” he says.

The largest real estate companies on the Nordic stock exchanges

Nordic — Property stocks continue to struggle on the stock market and with report season having begun Nordic Property News has taken a look at the companies' market capitalization to see how much they are now worth.

Dahlbo: Next indexation will probably be tougher for some tenants

Sweden Sweden — Fabege delivered a stable Q3 when the results were revealed on Thursday, but the net rental was negative and the value of the properties continues to be written down, this time by almost SEK 1.6 billion. CEO Stefan Dahlbo expects the indexed rent increase for 2024 to land around six percent, and he believes that this increase may be tougher for more tenants to cope with compared to the one for 2023.

Emilshus turns its eyes to Östergötland and Halland

Sweden Sweden — Emilshus’ financial report for the third quarter of 2023 shows, among other things, a high dividend yield, strong cash flows and a high occupancy rate. “Emilshus is a stable property company, partly because we have long leases and stable property values ​​of seven billion,” says CEO Jakob Fyrberg.

Entra struggling on the stock market – cancels dividend for H1

Norway Norway — Norway's largest real estate company Entra is owned by almost three quarters of Balder and Castellum, an investment that has dropped in value since they started investing in the company almost three years ago. The share is now down to levels for which it was last traded in January 2017. Wednesday's Q3 report did not have any significant impact in any direction, but the company's CEO Sonja Horn emphasizes that the company still focuses on strengthening the balance sheet and continues with its divestment program, but they will not sell properties at any discounts.

Despite slow transaction climate – Byggvesta believes in good returns

Sweden Sweden — During 2023, Byggvesta has made three divestments – two in central Gothenburg and one in near Stockholm. According to acting CEO Catarina Fritz, they are now done with the divestments that were needed to continue developing Byggvesta's operations.

Mipim MD: “We need to learn from the Nordics and others need to mature”

Nordic — Mipim's Managing Director Nicolas Kozubek is on his way to Oslo and Stockholm, where he will meet the industry under the topic of sustainability. It is in part a response to that ESG have gone from a theme at the real estate fair in Cannes, to become a part of its DNA.