Sven-Olof Johansson: "Every day that goes by without interest rate cuts, the situation worsens"

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner's Q1 report shows increased rental income by 4.1 percent and an operating net that increased by 2.3 percent. However, the management profit decreased significantly, by 25.2 percent, and CEO Sven-Olof Johansson is now calling for lower interest rates immediately.

Panattoni breaks ground on Gothenburg project: "One of Sweden's best logistics locations"

Sweden Sweden — Panattoni has started the construction of its first project in Gothenburg. Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell, Managing Director at Panattoni Sweden, tells Nordic Property News about the development in Gothenburg, how to view the Gothenburg market, the growth plans in Sweden, the possibility of taking on more brownfield projects and about the start for Panattoni in Denmark.

Carola Lavén takes the helm at Ikano Bostad: "An exciting company"

Sweden Sweden — Carola Lavén is back in the limelight. After leaving Besqab, she is – as of the autumn – ready as the new CEO of Ikano Bostad. She tells Nordic Property News about her new position, how she views the company she is joining and about the exit from Besqab and what she will do with the time until she takes up her new position.

New player on the Swedish market – this is how they want to grow

Sweden Sweden — The brand new company Muro Invest got off to a flying start during its entry into the market by making a SEK 1.1 billion acquisition from M2 Gruppen in Jönköping. CEO Philip Sjöbring tells Nordic Property News about the company's offensive start and what the ambitions look like going forward.

American investor climbs on Platzer's ownership list

Sweden Sweden — Increases its own share by 13.5 percent and climbs upwards on the list of owners.

New Besqab ready to start more housing projects

Sweden Sweden — The recent merger with Aros Bostad means that Besqab now has great readiness to start more housing projects as the market recovers, according to CEO Magnus Andersson.

New Swedish player on the hunt for more acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — The high-profile trio Bengt Kjell, Lars Thagesson and Oscar Lekander's company Hagabacken has come out of the starting blocks with acquisitions and capital raising. After the successful investment round, Bengt Kjell, working chairman of the board, tells Nordic Property News about the interest in the company, the first acquisitions, what is being looked at for properties in the future and how the company will grow.

Savills' Head of Research: "We are only seeing the beginning of a positive change"

Sweden Sweden — The transaction advisor Savills notices a different transaction market today compared to six months ago and the company's Head of Research Maryrose David believes that the turnaround in the market is close – if it is not already here. For Nordic Property News, she and Savills colleague Lena Sylvén tell us more about what has stood out so far in the market, what the conditions look like going forward and what the effects will be once the interest rate starts to be lowered.

Key-player leaves Blackstone's Mileway for new CEO position

Sweden Sweden — Exits Blackstone's Mileway after four years to take on a new CEO position within the Green Group sphere.

Slow rental market: "Dialogues from before Christmas are still ongoing"

Sweden Sweden — On the positive side Atrium Ljungberg reported an increased management result during the first quarter of the year, but CEO Annica Ånäs is dissatisfied with the negative net rental of SEK -13 million, a direct effect of Polestar's terminated major contract at Lindholmen. At the same time, the CEO testifies that the rental processes are taking longer and longer.

Schroders lists interesting segments ahead

Nordic — Johan Bråkenhielm Nordic Head of Schroders Capital, Real Estate, sees a market where long-term capital can do well. He comments on which segments attract the German capital and how the most important relationships in the industry shape the way forward.

Sharam Rahi about the journey from Iran to Balder

Nordic — Balder's Deputy CEO, Sharam Rahi, participated in Nordic Property News event Stora Kontorsdagen Gothenburg. There he talked about his family's flight from Iran, when he first came in contact with the real estate industry and how he and Erik Selin came to lay the foundation for one of Sweden's largest real estate companies over coffee and cigarettes.

Catella on the market forecast

Nordic — Nordic Property News reporter had a unique opportunity to sit down with Catella's CEO Christoffer Abramson for a conversation about the health forecast for the property market in general, how Catella is preparing for the future and how he wants their project portfolio to develop going forward. “We must follow and lead the development,” he says.

How Logicor wants to grow on the Nordic logistics markets

Sweden Sweden — Logicor continues to expand its Swedish portfolio. After new land acquisitions in Staffanstorp and Nykvarn, Christoffer Walljaeger, Director Asset Management at Logicor Sweden, tells Nordic Property News about the plans for the newly acquired properties, how Logicor wants to continue growing in Sweden and shares his view on the logistics market.

“Logistics has a strong future in Sweden"

Sweden Sweden — Verdion has strengthened its Nordics business with the appointment of Anders Johansson as Head of Leasing – Sweden. He tells Nordic Property News about his new position, Verdion’s rental business in Sweden going forward, the possibility of continued collaboration with rental advisors, and shares his view on Verdion’s Nordic position and the logistics market in Sweden.

Times of waiting in the industry: "Could put pressure on several players"

Nordic — A wait-and-see first quarter that was nevertheless a clear improvement compared to the corresponding period in 2023 - that's how you can summarize Q1 on the transaction market. According to Colliers' Head of Research John Petersson, there is one thing above all that many of the industry's players are waiting for in order for the transaction market to get started in earnest. What can it possibly look like when it does? You will find answers to that and much more here.

This is why Union Investment leaves Stockholm CBD

Sweden Sweden — Just over a week ago, it became clear that German Union Investment is making its second sale in a short time in Stockholm's CBD. Kubilay Özbisikletci, Senior Investment Manager Nordics at Union Investment, now shares how he sees the Stockholm market and other investments in the Nordics now.

Nordic top appointments in Q1

Nordic — A number of key positions on the Nordic real estate market got filled during the first quarter of 2024. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the hottest Nordic recruitments in Q1.

New international player focuses on Sweden

Nordic — Michael Abel, former Equity Partner of TPG Capital, an American multinational venture capital company that, among other things, invests in real estate and financial services, is now launching his new company, Greykite. Nordic Property News has spoken to Michael Abel about the new company, which will focus on real estate investments - with Sweden as a key market.

Top analyst: The segment with the biggest upside when the interest rate is lowered

Sweden Sweden — The indication from the Riksbank is that a first interest rate cut may take place in May or June, which is confirmed by the latest meeting protocol that was released on Thursday last week. For Nordic Property News, Arctic Securities analyst Michael Johansson provides a forward-looking analysis of the impact on the real estate sector and which pressured segment that enjoys the greatest upside from interest rate cuts.

Prologis on the fallout in supply and logistics scarcity to come

Nordic — The logistics giant Prologis has seen a major shift in the attitude to logistics property. At the same time, there is still a large deficit of the asset type in Europe. Prologis Head of Capital Deployment Europe, Sander Breugelmans, comments on the supply shortage ahead and what is causing that time needed for new construction has more than tripled.

March 2024: The Nordic top transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Nordic property market in March, 2024.

"The Nordic office market will continue to prioritize sustainability and flexibility"

Nordic — This Wednesday, Colliers announced that it is hiring Sven Moller as Head of Workplace Advisory, to review the company's office and workplace solutions. Nordic Property News had a chat with both the new employee Moller and with Martin Lindgren, Head of Occupier Services Colliers Nordics & Partner, partly to talk about Sven Moller's new assignment - but also to sneak a little insight into Colliers' general way forward with regard to the offices.

"A segment which has taken market shares for several years"

Nordic — Bonnier Fastigheter broadens its operations towards the low-price retail segment when, via a deal in Kungens kurva in Stockholm, it becomes the owner of Prisma Properties. Bonnier Fastigheter's CEO Tomas Hermansson shares his view on the segment's potential, the investment in Prisma Properties and the possibility for Bonnier Fastigheter to enter other segments via indirect investments.

Top ten transactions during the first quarter of 2024

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News compiles a list of the largest transactions made on the Swedish market during the first quarter of 2024.