ABG Fastena reaches threshold – here is its new targets for the hot segment

Sweden Sweden — ABG Fastena continues its acquisition journey with two new stores in southern Sweden, and thus the company's business leg grocery stores/discount store properties reaches SEK 1 billion in real estate value. Philip Söderqvist, Founding Partner and Head of Investments, tells Nordic Property News about the company's view of the current transaction market, the future in low-price/groceries, the weighting of the portfolio, a possible entry into the Finnish market and about the general future plans for the company.

The largest Danish transactions in H1 2023

Denmark Denmark — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Danish property market in the first half of 2023.

Balder's CEO is considering fragmenting

Nordic — Building housing is only favorable in certain locations and certain countries, says Balder's CEO Erik Selin when he participates in the capital market days in Båstad. At the same time, he stressed the importance of seeing that the "crisis" that many people think they see is only a blip in an otherwise upward curve. "It's just a matter of parrying that blip," he says. But that Balder will remain in its current form is far from obvious if the CEO himself is to be believed.

The largest Swedish transactions in H1 2023

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Swedish property market in the first half of 2023.

"We expect to see a lot more product coming to the market"

Finland Finland — After joining Advium as Head of Real Estate in early 2023, Henrik Calton tells Nordic Property News about his first months with the company, his view of the Finnish market and how he believes it will develop in the second half of 2023.

The largest Norwegian transactions in H1 2023

Norway Norway — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Norwegian property market in the first half of 2023.

Sagax makes new large investment in Nyfosa

Sweden Sweden — Sagax continues to increase their holdings in Nyfosa.

Lowest volume in a decade – here’s what to expect on the Nordic transaction market

Nordic — Mikael Söderlundh, Head of Research and Partner at Colliers Nordics, on the weak transaction volume during the first half of 2023, predictions for H2, and why Sweden is under extra pressure on the transaction market.

June 2023: The Nordic top transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in the Nordics during June, 2023.

"The fundamental housing shortage is a national concern"

Sweden Sweden — When the market for housing developers is at its most challenging, Areim chooses to step in and buy the remaining shares in the housing developer Magnolia Bostad from Holmströmgruppen and Holmström Fastigheter. Erika Olsén, Partner, Investments at Areim, tells Nordic Property News about the decision, the market situation for housing developers and where the focus will lie going forward.

Founder of Bockasjö: "I've never been better than I am now"

Sweden Sweden — 20 years after Joakim Hedin helped start Bockasjö, he has made the decision to sell the company to Catena in a deal worth just under half a billion SEK. For Nordic Property News, he talks about the road to the big agreement, how he feels that the logistics market has changed in recent decades and what his continued investments will look like when the Bockasjö era ends in October.

Matilda Vinje new CEO of Schage Eiendom: "The company is in an exciting phase"

Norway Norway — Schage Eiendom has appointed Matilda Vinje as new CEO. She tells Nordic Property News what attracted her about joining Schage, the plans for the company and shares her view of the real estate market.

Verdion to triple its platform in the Nordics over the next five years

Nordic — Peter Michael Tetzlaff, Head of Investment, Nordics, at Verdion tells Nordic Property News about the Nordic recruitment, speculatively development of logistics in Sweden, and the expansion plans in the Nordic region.

Arnhult: "Corem probably needs to sell for another SEK 4–5 billion"

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult has been given a new lease of life since he returned to Corem as the new CEO in mid-June. In an out spoken interview with Nordic Property News he talks about what Corem's continued transactional work will look like, why the office market is not at all "stone dead" and he also gives a sober analysis of the low interest rates that created the bond problem that many real estate companies are now grappling with.

Panattoni establishes itself in Gothenburg – will continue expansion in strategic locations

Sweden Sweden — Panattoni has acquired a property from Företagsparken with the possibility of building a logistics facility of approx. 14,300 square meters. Through the purchase, Panattoni strengthens its establishment in the Gothenburg region. Nordic Property News had a chat with Panattoni's Sweden CEO, Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell, about the investment and the plans going forward.

New capital-strong owner in place – this is the next step for Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Nrep are the capital-strong owners that Klövern sought after a tough start when, among other things, Corem was in a process of shedding off the housing segment, according to chairman Patrik Essehorn. At the same time, Corem, as one of the major owners, has been hit hard by extensive borrowing and high interest rates. Rutger Arnhult, Corem's CEO since a few weeks ago, tells Nordic Property News that Klövern will now be able to accelerate much faster than the company would otherwise have been able to do.

Nrep wants to change the industry through the purchase of Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Nrep flexes its muscles in the housing market by buying 51 percent of Klövern for SEK 2.5 billion. Now Nrep wants to turn the tide that housing construction has found itself in by making Klövern one of the largest housing companies in Sweden, Nrep's head of housing Rickard Langerfors says to Nordic Property News.

Mixed fortunes in June for Nordic real estate stocks

Nordic — June was a mixed month for the Nordic listed real estate companies, although it was more red than green. Here Nordic Property News presents a list of the companies' performance on the stock exchange during the sixth month of the year.

Nordic Top Recruitments in Q2

Nordic — As several top positions on the Nordic real estate market has gotten filled, Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the hottest Nordic recruitments in Q2.

The dividend yields among the Nordic stocks

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents which of the listed Nordic construction and real estate companies that have the best yields. Here is the complete list.

How NCC is constructing buildings with high safety levels

Norway Norway — Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of NCC Building Nordics, on the major order in Bærum, the work along with the authorities, and why NCC will succeed in a complex process.

Region Skåne wants to buy back properties from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Primary care, public dental care, psychiatry Simrishamn hospital are some of the activities that Region Skåne has in SBB's properties. Now comes a proposal from the Social Democrats in Region Skåne to buy off the properties. Henrik Fritzon (S) believes that the crisis in SBB focuses on a weakness in Scania's healthcare.

Trevian: “We will be well prepared for better times”

Finland Finland — Kim Särs, Trevian's Business Director of Residential real estate, on the residential development in Helsinki CBD, the housing need in Finland and upcoming investment opportunities in the challenging market.

Strongest transaction month in 2023

Nordic — Colliers’ latest monthly report shows that May was the best transaction month so far this year on the Nordic market. Deals were made for close EUR 1.8 billion. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the figures.

How the foundation wants to eliminate homelessness in Finland

Finland Finland — Juha Niskanen, Property Manager at Y-Säätiö, tells Nordic Property News about the recent acquisition from VVO, the company’s housing vision, and future investment priorities.