Christina Hambäck appointed new CEO of Qarlbo Property: "The company should grow"

Sweden Sweden — Qarlbo Property recruites Christina Hambäck as new CEO. She tells Nordic Property News about her new position, her view of the company she is joining, the goals for Qarlbo Property and how she will benefit from her long career in the property industry when she settles into the CEO's chair.

August was the strongest month on the housing market

Finland Finland — According to Jukka Rantanen, CEO of the real estate brokerage chain Sb-Hem, consumers have returned to the housing market in Finland after the quiet month of July. Rantanen shares his take to Nordic Property News, concerning the positive development.

Winners and losers on the Nordic stock markets in August

Nordic — It was mostly a bleak month for the listed Nordic real estate companies during August, with the exception of Eastnine which rallied heavily after the sale of Russian company MFG. Here Nordic Property News presents a list of the companies' performance during the eighth month of the year.

Patrick Gylling comments the CEO change at Cibus: "The financial carries a lot of weight"

Nordic — Sverker Källgården leaves Cibus as CEO after four years. Cibus' chairman of the board, Patrick Gylling, explains why the decision is coming now and what they are looking for in a future CEO.

Sverker Källgården on his time with and exit from Cibus

Nordic — Cibus is making a change at the very top. Sverker Källgården is stepping down as CEO and a successor is to be recruited. After the announcement, Sverker Källgården tells Nordic Property News about his feelings about leaving the company, how he views his time as CEO and how he views Cibus' status today, as well as his thoughts on his own future.

The top ten Nordic logistics transactions so far in 2023

Nordic — So far in 2023 the top ten logistics transactions in the Nordics have reached a total volume of approximately EUR 1.3 billion, making up about half the totalt transaction volume for logistics as a whole in the region so far this year. Nordic Property News presents the key figures behind the ten largest logistics deals up until July 2023.

Dramatic drop for logistics transactions in the Nordics

Nordic — Logistics has been the third largest segment in Europe and the Nordics for the past three years, but transaction volume for logistics in the Nordics has plummeted so far in 2023, down 75 percent compared to 2022 according to the latest figures from Colliers. Here Nordic Property News dives in to the Nordic logistics market with the help of Colliers' latest figures and outlooks for the growing segment.

The Nordic top buyers and sellers during H1

Nordic — The Nordic transaction market has been cool during the first half of the year and this is reflected when Nordic Property News compiles a list of which property companies that have bought and sold the most during the first six months of the year. More than a dozen companies have been completely inactive on the transaction side.

The next step for Klövern under the new CEO

Sweden Sweden — With Nrep as the new main owner, changes are being made to the CEO's chair in Klövern. The new CEO Rickard Langerfors tells Nordic Property News about the new position, the ambitious goals for Klövern and the accompanying challenges, in which markets the company wants to grow and about the possibility of new acquisitions.

Rising yields expected in Sweden’s largest markets

Sweden Sweden — Here are the yield development expectancies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, according to SEPREF’s Q3 consensus forecast.

"Foreign investors are waiting for more price adjustments"

Sweden Sweden — Savills' Head of Research Maryrose David sees that to a large extent the foreign investors are still waiting for a further price adjustment to take place in the Swedish transaction market before they start to get involved in deals. In addition, she explains why Sweden and Germany are the European countries most affected by dramatic losses in transaction volumes so far this year.

Discounts dominate among the Nordic real estate shares

Nordic — The listed Nordic real estate companies have now all submitted their reports for the first half of the year and it can still be concluded that according to the net asset values reported, almost all companies are traded at a discount on the stock exchange. Here Nordic Property News presents an updated list after the companies' Q2 reports.

How Areim wants to gear up in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — After the key recruitment – Peter Frische, Head of Areim Denmark, on the current state on the Danish market, and investment targets ahead for Areim.

Heimstaden's early vision for the classic Eon house

Sweden Sweden — Eon's old headquarters near the landmark property Kronprinsen in Malmö is to be converted into housing, commerce and offices. Now Heimstaden's vision for the building is starting to take shape and here you can see the first illustrations and read more about the content of the major investment.

Patrizia launches new Nordic logistics platform – these are the assets they are looking to acquire

Nordic — Patrizia launches a new Nordic logistics platform and makes its inaugural acquisition from Alta Fastigheter. Dan Valenzano, Patrizia Managing Director, Transactions, tells Nordic Property News about the new platform, the timing for the launch, the acquisition from Alta and what kind of logistics acquisitions Patrizia is looking to make going forward.

Milestone reached for Karlatornet – long interview with Ola Serneke and Erik Selin

Sweden Sweden — The time has come for the first people to move into Karlatornet, the Gothenburg skyskraper that is the tallest building in the Nordics. For some, the wait has been long – especially for Ola Serneke. Nordic Property News was present when a tour of the entrance and the viewing apartment on the 25th floor was given. Balder's CEO Erik Selin was also in the apartment, who, like Ola Serneke, gave his view on the situation going forward.

"We should be a growth company that make the shareholders rich"

Sweden Sweden — Fastator makes a familiar change at the top when founder and largest owner Joachim Kuylenstierna steps in and takes over as CEO. Kuylenstierna told Nordic Property News about the return to the CEO chair, Fastator's status, how the company should develop, about the misconceptions surrounding consolidation and why he does not want to make general statements about the market.

Historic low transaction levels affect Catella on all fronts

Nordic — Transaction market on record low levels and large gaps between buyers and sellers is affecting Catella on all fronts. CEO Christoffer Abramson shares his analysis of the situation going forward and how he views the Swedish and Danish markets regarding their own projects.

Major stock drop for SBB: "A dysfunctional company given the interest rates"

Sweden Sweden — SBB's B share plummeted over 16 percent on Monday and continued to drop slightly during Tuesdays early trading. On Monday evening the credit rating institute Fitch announced that it has lowered SBB's credit rating another five notches, down to B- from the previous BB+. Aktiespararnas analyst Robert Andersson says that SBB in its current form is a dysfunctional company given today's interest rates. "Either the company has to change or it will go under," he tells Nordic Property News.

Swedish police agency wants to terminate lease agreement with SBB and K2A

Sweden Sweden — The police authority wants to leave the agreement regarding the construction of the new police station in Västerås, and the reason stated is that the costs have dragged on, something that the local newspaper VLT was the first to report on. The construction is run by the company Slaggborn, which is owned 50/50 by K2A and SBB, but from the contractor's side they put a lid on the situation and the company's project manager Per Högdin leaves only one comment to Nordic Property News.

Full focus on interest hedging in John Mattson

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson sees conditions to be able to make more transactions if needed CEO Per Nilsson says. Beside making a number of divestments during the year, the company has now put forward a plan to reduce the amount of electricity purchased in order to lower the cost and at the same time increase the property value.

The founder leaves Genesta – for the last time

Nordic — Genesta is an independent property fund company with a focus on commercial properties in the Nordics. It is also the company that Anders Palmgren co-founded almost exactly 20 years ago. Close to the anniversary, however, it is clear that the partner and senior director with a focus on transactions and capital raising will leave his post. Nordic Property News had a conversation with him about why he came to the decision.

Kojamo could lay off up to 80 employees

Finland Finland — In yesterdays Q2 report, Kojamo announced that they are launching a savings program with the aim of maintaining the company’s profitability. During the presentation of the report, CEO Jani Nieminen said among other things that the measures could lead to a maximum of 80 employees being laid off from the company.

Obos' CEO: "The market is not completely dark – but demanding"

Nordic — We have more tools and greater flexibility than most," says Obos CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj to Nordic Property News after the second quarterly report. The company reported a profit before tax in the second quarter of SEK 1,218 million, an increase from SEK 542 million from the year before. However, housing sales have more than halved.

Skanska envisions twelve tough months ahead

Nordic — During the last week of July, Skanska presented its second interim report for the year. Although building/construction reaches record levels, times are tough especially in housing development. Magnus Persson, CFO said that despite the increasing number of unsold homes is expected to increase and no projects being started, there are glimmers of light.