Where the Property Developer Look for Future Opportunities

Norway Norway — Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom's CEO Peder Chr. Løvenskiold on the latest sale of Vulkan to Aspelin Ramm, what the company is aiming for now and his views on the Norwegian real estate market.

The Real Estate Giants: "The Transaction Market Cannot Be Hotter"

Sweden Sweden — Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner, Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden and Bo Wikare, Vice President of Hufvudstaden, on which investment opportunities are available outside Stockholm and why more and more foreign investors are looking at Sweden.

Where the Profiles Look for the Next Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Peter Strand, chairman of the newly started logistics property company SLP, tells Nordic Property News about the latest major purchase in Sweden and where the company wants to expand in the future.

"Greater Oslo Is the Most Important Area"

Norway Norway — Housing company Selvaag Bolig's CFO Sverre Molvik about the rise in sales, their main targets and the recent competition on the Norwegian market.

The Largest Nordic Companies on the Stock Exchange

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the market capitalization among the Nordic construction and real estate companies on the stock exchange.

The Highest Paid Board Members

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the average fees of the board members in the largest Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange.

Why Some International Investors Have Not Succeeded in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Rubik Properties' CEO Jacob Smergel-Krog tells Nordic Property News about Rubik’s role in the partnership with Ilija Batljan, how large the international interest is for Denmark and where the company’s current pipeline is primarily exposed towards.

"Denmark Is Not an Easy Market"

Denmark Denmark — SBB's CEO Ilija Batljan explains why the entry into the Danish market has taken so long and which segment that does not attract the company in the country.

The Challenges with Acquisitions in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Capman’s Investment Director Sampsa Apajalahti comments on their latest purchase and why it is hard to make further similar deals in Helsinki.

Why the Danish Grocery Store Chain Leaves Sweden

Denmark Denmark — “Sweden has proved challenging for us,” says Mads Hvitved Grand, VP and responsible for Communication & Reputation.

They Have Increased Their Profit the Most in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed Nordic companies’ profit before tax during Q1. How has the development been?

Purchasing Swedish Care Homes – Here Are the Benefits for the British Giant

Sweden Sweden — Thorsten Slytå, Director in the Nordic region at M&G Real Estate, on the opportunities in the struggling care sector, which Nordic targets M&G has and whether more deals are coming up.

Why the Nordic Investment Boom Continues

Nordic — Professor Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella, tells Nordic Property News about the latest investment trends in the Nordics and explains why there is a shifting from the commercial to the residential sector and what can become an obstacle for investors in the future.

“Competition on New Acquisitions Is Getting Harder”

Finland Finland — Antilooppi’s CIO Antti Savilampi on the latest purchase in Espoo, the booming competition and why he thinks that there still are many interesting investment opportunities around in Finland.

The Trends on the Finnish Real Estate Market

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on how developers need to tackle the urbanization, the future trends in Finland and the company’s new financial plan.

They Invested Most in Their Own Portfolio in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest investments from the listed companies in the Nordics during Q1 – in their own portfolios.

"Full Speed Ahead in the Norwegian Construction Industry"

Norway Norway — Building giant Veidekke's CEO Arne Giske on the Q1 result, why they are doing well in Norway but see slower progress in Sweden and in which segment he expects great growth going forward.

Last Month’s Largest Nordic Transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest Nordic transactions in April. "An active month on the Nordic transaction market," says Mikael Söderlundh, analyst and partner at Pangea Property Partners.

The Most Attractive Areas for the Building Giant

Finland Finland — Lehto Group’s CFO Veli-Pekka Paloranta on the major divestment to German DWS and where Lehto’s main focus is.

The Companies with the Lowest Vacancies in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list of the first quarter’s vacancy rates among the listed Nordic real estate companies.

Here Is Tristan's Next Nordic Acquisition

Nordic — Anne-Jan Jager, Director at Tristan Capital Partners, tells Nordic Property News why office tenant demands will increase in Norway and where Tristan’s next major investment is.

They Have Increased Their Rental Incomes the Most in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed property companies' rental income for the first quarter of 2019. Who are the winners?

“It Is More Difficult to Do Deals”

Nordic — European commercial real estate investments dipped to the lowest level in six years. Senior Director, EMEA Analytics at Real Capital Analytics, Tom Leahy tells Nordic Property News which Nordic countries that have performed well, whether the market is in trouble and how large the international interest has been.

After the Key Recruitment – This is Cibus' Main Focus

Finland Finland — The Finnish property owner Cibus Nordic Real Estate’s new CEO Sverker Källgården on the early days at the helm, how much the company will grow this year and which other Nordic country they are closest to enter.

Why Citycon Believes in Successful Shopping Centers

Nordic — Citycon’s CEO F. Scott Ball tells Nordic Property News about the most important tasks for the new CDO and why he sees a great number of opportunities within the existing portfolio.