M2 leaves Denmark – this is the strategy going forward

Denmark Denmark — After the sale of a residential property in Copenhagen, Rutger Arnhult's company M2 Asset Management has now left Denmark completely and only has properties left on Swedish soil. CEO Jakob Mörndal tells Nordic Property News about the strategy going forward and the work to be able to pay the next bond maturity in January 2025.

How the major Trondheim deal came up

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the EUR 570 million deal: “We have never put the Trondheim portfolio up for sale, but…”

Winners and losers on the stock market in January

Nordic — The listed Nordic real estate companies have had a mixed start to the stock market year 2024. Nordic Property News summarizes how the companies performed in January.

This is how the merger will make new Besqab market leading in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad and Besqab are to be merged. The vision for the new company, which will be named Besqab, is to become a leading housing developer in Greater Stockholm and Uppsala. "I am proud to have received the question," says new Besqab's future CEO Magnus Andersson. But what happens to the current CEO, Carola Lavén, is still unclear.

Why the Slättö CEO sees advantages on the transaction market

Sweden Sweden — Johan Karlsson on how the company was lucky, how he thinks the transaction market will look in 2024 and the internal discussions regarding the plans with the major investment of the Estea portfolio.

"You have to catch the falling knife at some point"

Nordic — Navigating through 2024 may not prove to be easy as, according to Colliers, there is a labyrinth of different opportunities and paths to choose from, but the bottom line is that the outlook is still gradually positive with the sights set on a normalized market in 2025. Colliers' Nordic CEO Bård Bjølgerud talks more about the conditions for 2024, the challenges, the growth opportunities and the potential pitfalls.

Newsec: "New international investors in the logistics segment in 2024"

Nordic — 2023 was characterized by an overall weakness in the transaction market. In warehouse, logistics and industrial properties, however, we have seen a significant driving force. With a share of 27 percent of the total transaction volume, this segment has proved to be the most robust and prominent in the last year. Max Barclay, head of advisory operations at Newsec predicts will see in 2024 in the logistics market.

"We couldn't have asked for a better owner"

Nordic — Wilfast gets an external owner in Swiss Life Asset Managers. CEO Mattias Wilson tells Nordic Property News about the decision to sell, about bringing in Swiss Life as a new owner and about the future plans for the company.

More transactions and greater migration flows – this is what the office market will look like in 2024

Sweden Sweden — In the office rental market, a clear slowdown is observed with extended rental periods and increased discounts. This development can be partly attributed to increasing uncertainty among potential tenants, as well as a gradually rising vacancy rate. Newsec and Colliers summarize 2023 and predict what lies ahead in 2024.

Platzer CEO reveals their future plans

Sweden Sweden — Platzer sums up the year with the highest operating surplus in the company's history. At the same time, 2023 will be remembered by the large unrealized negative value changes. Now CEO Johanna Hult Rentsch is looking towards future projects.

Newsec: Residential transactions will accelerate 2024

Sweden Sweden — Transactions within the housing segment have declined significantly during 2023 in Sweden. Despite this, there is a great deal of interest in the real estate sector, not least from foreign investors, says Newsec's head of Swedish advisory operations, Johanna Hessius.

More acquisitions on the horizon for Nivika

Sweden Sweden — Nivika’s CEO Niclas Bergman tells Nordic Property News about what lies ahead for the company in 2024.

New report on Swedish construction: "Cities today are built by lawyers"

Sweden Sweden — This summer, Kristina Alvendal was commissioned by the Productivity Commission appointed by the government to write an expert report on how today's urban construction works with current laws, regulations, working methods and governance. The report has now been submitted and is ready, and it contains 113 proposals for measures, including a constitutional amendment and several other legislative amendments as well as proposals for faster processes linked to urban planning. Kristina Alvendal talks to Nordic Property News in more detail about her conclusions and proposals.

The highest valued properties in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the top ten highest valued properties in Sweden.

Report season just around the corner – the analyst duo's best insights

Nordic — Tomorrow starts a new reporting period for the property companies as Nivika and Jernhusen are the first to release their Q4 reports. Ahead of the flood of reports, Nordic Property News spoke with Arctic Securities analyst Michal Johansson and Handelsbanken's analyst Johan Edberg about what they expect from the companies' reports and what will happen to the property values.

Weak office market in the US weighs on Skanska: "Difficult rental market"

Sweden Sweden — The American portfolio is Skanska's weakest market at the moment and drives the large write-downs in value announced by the company. CEO Anders Danielsson and CFO Magnus Persson expand on the difficulties in valuing the stock and the major challenges in the US that slow down Skanska's development in the US market.

Framtiden's CEO on the major acquisition in Karlastaden: "Careful agreement"

Sweden Sweden — On Monday, a dialogue lasting several months between public municipally owned AB Framtiden and Doxa, Balder and Serneke resulted in an agreement on a transaction in Karlastaden in Gothenburg. The deal is in the SEK 1 billion range (approximately EUR 86 million) and for Framtiden it means the opportunity to build between 300 and 400 homes. CEO Terje Johansson reveals more about their reasoning behind seeking out the troika in Karlastaden. He also comments on the turmoil in the municipally owned company Poseidon at the beginning of the year.

Hines enters Sweden: "Committed to growing our presence"

Sweden Sweden — Hines enters the Swedish market through an acquisition in Jönköping. James Robson, Country Head – Nordics at Hines, tells Nordic Property News about the inaugural acquisition, the plans for Swedish expansion, what locations and segments they look for new investments in.

Ola Serneke's unexpected new dream project: "Really big"

Sweden Sweden — Heart and brain, these are two qualities that have been driving forces for Ola Serneke in the big investment he made in growing Serneke into the company it is today. Now that it is getting close to the year after the Doxa deal, he talks about what plans and dreams he has going forward.

"We don't want to buy anything until prices are adjusted to the right level – don't think we're there yet"

Sweden Sweden — After a 2023 with a pending transaction market, Stena Fastigheter's CEO Cecilia Fasth hopes for more within a certain segment in 2024 – but does not see the market as ripe for that yet.

The most shorted Nordic real estate shares

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list of what the short-selling situation looks like in the property sector as a whole at the beginning of 2024.

NCC's new office plans in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — 13,000 square meters of offices and a covering of the subway are on the cards when NCC's plans in Västberga in Stockholm begins to take shape. Nordic Property News reveals more about the project.

The most equal Board of Directors among the listed Nordic companies

Nordic — The real estate industry is prominent as the industry with the most women in the management team of listed companies. At the same time, only six out of 48 companies have a female members in the Board of Director. Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at the listed large- and mid-cap companies to see how the composition of the Boards looks like.

After the NCC divestments – this is what Nordstjernan's future investment strategy looks like

Sweden Sweden — Nordstjernan, owned by the Swedish investment giant Ax:son Johnson, continues to reduce its holdings in construction and real estate with the sale of six million shares, corresponding to 6.1 percent of the capital, in NCC to Obos at the end of 2023. The company's CEO Peter Hofvenstam tells Nordic Property News why they chose to reduce exposure to construction and real estate and where they see future investments.

The most equal management teams among the listed Nordic companies

Nordic — The real estate industry has long held the lead in terms of the largest proportion of women in the management group of listed companies. At the same time, only eight out of 46 companies have a female CEO. Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at the listed large- and mid-cap companies to see what the composition of the management teams looks like.