Two heavyweight increases SLP-holdings

Nordic — Two giants increased their holdings in SLP substantially in the fourth quarter.

The hotel giant is establishing itself in Sweden – here are their plans for the market

Nordic — Recently it became clear that the hotel giant IHG Hotel & Resorts together with Revelop as property owner will open the doors to their first hotel in Sweden. Miguel Martins, Head of Development, Northern Europe at IHG Hotels & Resorts, explain more about their upcoming plans.

They send the most Danish participants to Mipim

Denmark Denmark — Mipim starts in three weeks and Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at which Nordic companies sends the most participants to the real estate fair. Last out are the participants from Denmark.

They send the most Finnish participants to Mipim

Finland Finland — Mipim starts in three weeks and Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at which Nordic companies sends the most participants to the real estate fair. Today the participants from Finland are presented.

"We will probably sell for another EUR 85–170 million in 2024"

Nordic — During the fourth quarter of 2023, Corem continued on the same track they had during the whole year with sales of properties at a rate that can hardly be compared with any other company on the Swedish market. CEO Rutger Arnhult describes one of these deals as the worst in his entire life. At the same time, he predicts that sales will continue in the billions range.

They send the most Norwegian participants to Mipim

Norway Norway — Mipim starts in three weeks and Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at which Nordic companies sends the most participants to the real estate fair. Today the turn has come to the participants from Norway.

Oscar Properties' CEO on the turmoil: "Forced to shrink to survive"

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties' outgoing CEO Carl Janglin tells Nordic Property News why he is leaving the company, what the pressure has been like in recent months and why his short time at the company did not turn out as he had imagined.

Roger Akelius on the aborted Academedia deal and future real estate investments

Sweden Sweden — The real estate profile tells Nordic Property News about the rapid development of events behind the decision not to implement the major deal in Swedish education company Academedia, the view on possible real estate investments and the emerging attractiveness of the real estate market.

They send the most Swedish participants to Mipim

Sweden Sweden — Mipim starts in three weeks and Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at which Nordic companies sends the most participants to the real estate fair. First are the participants from Sweden.

JLL's expert: "Very positive on the bond market right now"

Sweden Sweden — The beginning of the year has meant some setbacks for the short and long interest rates and as late as the other day there were bad inflation figures from the USA which affected the listed part of the real estate sector in a negative way. But Mattias Baggfelt, head of Debt & Financial Advisory at JLL, still believes in a 2024 where the interest rate situation in Sweden will gradually improve and where a first reduction will come sometime around May/June.

"Will have interesting discussions next quarter linked to acquisitions"

Sweden Sweden — 2023 has been a gap year for Klarabo, due to the turbulence experienced by the market and the outside world. The company already started measures in 2022 to get through the concern that has spread around the world. Klarabo has put growth on hold and basically paused all new production in favor of working with organic growth, through investments in its own stock. Andreas Morfiadakis, CEO of Klarabo, is satisfied with the financial results.

The advisory duo's verdict on the office and housing markets

Sweden Sweden — Adam Tyrcha, Head of Research, Newsec Advisory and Anders Elvinsson, Head of Valuation and Strategic Advisory, Cushman & Wakefield looked, among other things, at the office and housing markets when they participated in a panel debate on the market situation organized by MSCI's Property Intel earlier this week. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the segments and what investor appetite looks like.

How Storsala looks to increase its property value from EUR 155 to 455 million

Sweden Sweden — With the acquisition of the Kyrkan centrum in Täby, Storsala continues its investment in expanding the portfolio. CEO Orlando Villacrez tells Nordic Property News about the latest acquisition, how to take the property value from SEK 1.7 to 5 billion (EUR 155 to 455 million) within three years and how the first year with the Storsala investment was.

Sees increased vacancy rate in 2024: "Had a ketchup effect with redundancies"

Sweden Sweden — Castellum experienced a volatile net rental during 2023 which landed at minus 67 million, the majority of which is attributed to Q4 when there were several major relocations. Bankruptcies are also increasing in Castellum's portfolio, and CEO Joacim Sjöberg does not think it is unlikely that the vacancy rate for the company will further increase in 2024.

Ulrika Hallengren: "Proximity to the market is crucial"

Nordic — The end of 2023 was a fairly active period for Wihlborgs, with a record high value of newly signed leases during the fourth quarter. The company also had large redundancies but also a positive net rental in the quarter. On Tuesday morning, Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, had to present a financial statement that contains both highs and lows. "It has been a period of major changes."

Major Swedish project destroyed by fire: "A terrible sight"

Sweden Sweden — On Monday, a major fire broke out at NCC's Oceana project in Gothenburg. The fire started at a water attraction on the outside of the building and later spread to the rest of the building. A person who worked for the amusement park Liseberg on the project is still missing. Niklas Sparw, business area manager NCC Building Sweden, comments to Nordic Property News what it was like to see the devastation in a project he has visited many times, at what stage the construction was and the hope that there are certain parts that can be saved.

"Gratifying to see a consensus between tenants and property owners on sustainability issues"

Nordic — CBRE grows from within as Christer Farstad is appointed Head of Occupier Advisory & Transaction Services in the Nordics. He tells Nordic Property News about his new position, his view on the Occupier Service market, and the most important tasks within the segment in 2024 for CBRE.

How Nordisk Renting will continue to build after the change in CEO

Nordic — Nordisk Renting has appointed Caroline Bertlin's successor as CEO and decided on Anna Hallsten. Chairman of the board Niklas Johansson tells Nordic Property News why Anna Hallsten was the right person to take over, about the possibilities for more recruitments and what will be the most important tasks for Nordisk Renting in 2024.

Erik Selin on Balder's 2024: "Net sales of building rights – maybe some investments"

Sweden Sweden — Balder's CEO Erik Selin predicts a quiet 2024 for the company, which in many ways will be similar to their 2023. There are no project starts planned during the year, and he also does not see much activity ahead of him in the transaction market, although he believes that as a whole the market will thaw more during the course of the year.

"It will be easier to navigate this universe"

Nordic — Eastnine has had a rollercoaster year. Even so, they are reporting the best year yet operationally. CEO Kestutis Sasnauskas says that they are now in several discussions for future transactions.

January 2024: The Nordic top transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Nordic property market in January, 2024.

Rost's plans after final year with Diös: "I love this company"

Sweden Sweden — Diös outgoing CEO tells Nordic Property News about the future after he leaves the company at the turn of the year, how he views his decade as CEO, the biggest challenges and the great pride in what he and his employees have built together since 2014.

Swiss Life Asset Managers' plans for the Nordic markets after the Wilfast acquisition

Nordic — Swiss Life Asset Managers increases its presence in the Nordics through the acquisition of Wilfast. Christian Ness, CEO of Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic, tells Nordic Property News why Wilfast is the right partner for Swiss Life, the possibility of growing further in the Nordics through company acquisitions and about the future plans for the Nordic markets.

This is where Slättö sees the best opportunities within the hotel segment

Nordic — Slättö continues to invest in hotels. After the latest acquisition in Helsinki, Erik Möller, Head of Hotels at Slättö, tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition, the possibilities of conversions, where to look for new acquisitions and gives his view on the hotel market in 2024.

"Couldn't decline being CEO of Jernhusen"

Sweden Sweden — A recruitment firm contacted Biljana Pehrsson about the CEO assignment in Jernhusen, an offer she simply could not refuse, she tells Nordic Property News. Here she also talks about the short but challenging time at Nordr and why the top job at Jernhusen attracts her so much.