Höjvall on the Release of Batljan: “A Positive Sign”

Sweden Sweden — Amasten’s CEO Jan-Erik Höjvall on the allegations against his business partner and friend Ilija Batljan, how to make deals in difficult times and differences between the corona crisis and the financial crisis back in the 1990s.

Amasten Makes Large Acquisition from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) sells a large residential portfolio with 1,259 apartments to Amasten for SEK 1,500M.

Amasten Becomes Major Owner in SSM

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has entered into an agreement with Eurodevelopment AG on the acquisition of 11,600,000 ordinary shares in SSM Holding.

SBB's CEO: "A Natural Step for Us"

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan, CEO and founder of SBB, tells Nordic Property News why the company buys 20 percent of the shares in the listed residential company Amasten, the relationship with the CEO Jan-Erik Höjvall and whether similar deals can emerge in the future.

SBB Becomes Major Owner in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan's SBB acquires 20.02 percent of the shares and 20.05 percent of the votes in Amasten. At the same time SBB enters into an agreement with Nordika for the rights to purchase an additional 10 percent in Amasten.

SBB and Amasten in Large Transaction

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 1 560 apartments and sells 50 000 sqm building rights to JV with Amasten.

H1: The Best Performing Stocks in the Nordics…

Nordic — Here are the Nordic listed real estate and construction companies’ development on the stock exchange – from January until June.

Amasten Acquires Urbano - Gets New Majority Owner

Sweden Sweden — Amasten acquires Urbano. Ica-handlarnas Förbund Finans becomes new majority owner in Amasten.

Amasten Purchases from Sterner Stenhus

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has agreed to buy eleven residential properties and a plot in Köping. The transaction takes place in a corporate form and is based on an underlying property value of MSEK 216. The properties are expected to be taken on September 2 and sellers are Sterner Stenhus Fastigheter.

Amasten and Drakstaden in Property Swap

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has agreed on an exchange transaction with Drakstaden Förvaltning. The swap transaction means that Amasten acquires eleven properties in central Sundsvall, at the same time divesting seven properties in Essvik and Matfors.

Why Nordika Replaces Finland with Sweden

Nordic — Nordika recently became the largest shareholder in the Swedish housing company Amasten. Nordika's CEO Jonas Grandér tells Nordic Property News about the appeal of housing and why they have temporarily stopped acquiring in Finland and have again set their sights on Sweden.

Nordika New Main Owner in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — After previously only being presented as an anonymous 'strong real estate player', Amasten now announces that it is Nordika that transfers the company MSEK 175 in equity through a directed new share issue.

Amasten Sells to Fastator and Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — Amasten sells twelve commercial properties to Fastator and Offentliga Hus.

Amasten on the Hunt for More

Sweden Sweden — Amasten's Jan-Erik Höjvall tells Nordic Property News about the company's largest transaction of all time - and the plans for new business areas.