Malin Axland Is Appointed Head of Legal at Amasten

Sweden Sweden — After Ylva Sarby Westman was appointed as CEO and Maria Strandberg as CFO, Amasten strengthens its team with another former Kungsleden profile when Malin Axland is appointed Head of Legal.

Maria Strandberg Appointed CFO at Amasten

Sweden Sweden — SBB's Amasten makes another executive recruitment. After appointing Ylva Sarby Westman as CEO last week, the company now adds Maria Strandberg to the position of CFO.

Ylva Sarby Westman Signs on as CEO – Here Are the Plans for SBB's New Residential Company

Sweden Sweden — Ylva Sarby Westman steps back into the industry as the new CEO of SBB's subsidiary Amasten – which will change its name before the spring IPO. Ylva Sarby Westman tells Nordic Property News about what attracted her to the new role, how the new residential company will be designed and how to assert herself on the housing market in economically vulnerable times.

Ylva Sarby Westman Appointed CEO of SBB’s Subsidiary Amasten

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden’s subsidiary, Amasten Fastighets AB, has appointed Ylva Sarby Westman as CEO and she takes up her position effective immediately.

SBB Appoints Head of Investor Relations to Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Johan Bergman has been appointed as Head of Investor Relations. He will take up his position today. Johan has previously worked with preparing Amasten for a listing change to Nasdaq's main list and has extensive IR experience, including as Head of Investor Relations at NCC AB.

Amasten Applies for Delisting of Shares

Sweden Sweden — SBB controls 97.5 percent of the shares in Amasten and extends the acceptance period for the mandatory offer.

SBB Owns 92.9 Percent of Amasten

Sweden Sweden — SBB’s mandatory offer to the shareholders of Amasten – the acceptance rate, including shares controlled by SBB, amounts to 92.9 percent of the votes.

SBB Has Completed Amasten Transaction: Owns 46.3 Percent of the Shares

Sweden Sweden — SBB announces completed acquisitions of approximately 46 percent of the shares and votes in Amasten.

SBB Acquires Additional Shares in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — SBB today announces that SBB has entered into additional agreements to acquire in total 81,909,488 ordinary shares of class A in Amasten at a corresponding price per ordinary share of class A.

SBB Acquires 35 Percent of the Shares and Votes in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement with ICA-handlarnas Förbund Finans to acquire ICA-handlarnas Förbund Finans’ 246,000,000 ordinary shares of class A in Amasten, corresponding to 32.71 percent of the shares and 32.74 percent of the votes in Amasten.

Amasten Makes Karlstad Purchase

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has signed an agreement to buy the housing project Kasernhöjden in central Karlstad from Albér Fastigheter. The project includes three houses with a total of 302 rental apartments.

Amasten Makes Eskilstuna Purchase

Sweden Sweden — Amasten continues to grow in Eskilstuna and has signed an agreement to acquire ten properties. The transaction is carried out in the form of a company and is based on an underlying property value of SEK 465 million.

“Market Rents Will Not Affect the Market”

Sweden Sweden — Mikael Rånes, CEO of Amasten, on the political chaos in Sweden, due to a future housing reform.

Mikael Rånes Named CEO in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Mikael Rånes, who has been acting CEO since Jan-Erik Höjvall retired in 2020, has been named permanent CEO of Amasten.

The Board of SSM Recommend to Accept Amasten's Public Offer

Sweden Sweden — The independent board members in SSM unanimously recommend the shareholders in SSM to accept the public offer from Amasten.

Mikael Rånes Appointed Acting CEO at Amasten

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Amasten announces that Mikael Rånes has been appointed Acting CEO, in connection with Jan-Erik Höjvall now retiring.

Benefits of Making SSM and Amasten into One Company

Sweden Sweden — Amasten’s CEO Jan-Erik Höjvall tells Nordic Property News about the public offer to the shareholders in SSM Holding, the future plans of the major residential company, and how Amasten as a company will change after this deal.

SSM Receives a Public Offer from Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has today announced a public offer to the shareholders in SSM Holding. The offer includes the tendering of all outstanding shares in SSM for a consideration of 1.20 new ordinary shares in Amasten for each existing share in SSM, corresponding to 6 new ordinary shares in Amasten for 5 existing shares in SSM.

Why Höjvall Steps Down as Amasten CEO

Sweden Sweden — Jan-Erik Höjvall tells Nordic Property News about the highlights during his three years spell at Amasten and what he will do, going forward. “It has been an amazing journey.”

Jan-Erik Höjvall Steps Down as CEO of Amasten During 2020

Sweden Sweden — After three years Jan-Erik Höjvall, CEO of Amasten, has informed the Board that he will end his employment as CEO of Amasten in 2020. He will continue in his current role for the time being.

Höjvall on the Release of Batljan: “A Positive Sign”

Sweden Sweden — Amasten’s CEO Jan-Erik Höjvall on the allegations against his business partner and friend Ilija Batljan, how to make deals in difficult times and differences between the corona crisis and the financial crisis back in the 1990s.

Amasten Makes Large Acquisition from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) sells a large residential portfolio with 1,259 apartments to Amasten for SEK 1,500M.

Amasten Becomes Major Owner in SSM

Sweden Sweden — Amasten has entered into an agreement with Eurodevelopment AG on the acquisition of 11,600,000 ordinary shares in SSM Holding.

SBB's CEO: "A Natural Step for Us"

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan, CEO and founder of SBB, tells Nordic Property News why the company buys 20 percent of the shares in the listed residential company Amasten, the relationship with the CEO Jan-Erik Höjvall and whether similar deals can emerge in the future.

SBB Becomes Major Owner in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan's SBB acquires 20.02 percent of the shares and 20.05 percent of the votes in Amasten. At the same time SBB enters into an agreement with Nordika for the rights to purchase an additional 10 percent in Amasten.