Birch Gets New Global Owner: “A Professional Hands-on Investor”

Denmark Denmark — The UK investor Aermont Capital has agreed to acquire a majority interest in Birch Ejendomme. Thomas Bertelsen, Birch’s CEO, tells Nordic Property News on why they have decided to sell now, why Aermont is the optimal buyer, and whether it will be business as usual, going forward.

Birch Ejendomme Divests to Niam

Denmark Denmark — Niam has acquired 121 high-quality units to their Danish residential portfolio, focusing on offering affordable homes for everyone. The properties are located in Silkeborg.

Key Factors of Divesting Assets with Perfect Timing

Denmark Denmark — Thomas Bertelsen, Partner at Birch Ejendomme, on the residential sale to US giant Goldman Sachs and Rubik Properties, the hot residential market in Denmark, and Birch’s current pipeline.

Goldman Sachs and Rubik in Another Residential Deal

Denmark Denmark — Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Rubik Properties contracts to acquire yet another residential project from Birch Ejendomme.

“The Number of Investors Looking for Residential Projects Are Still Growing”

Denmark Denmark — David Loft, Assistant Director at Birch Ejendomme, on the collaboration with US giant Goldman Sachs, the residential developer's bright pipeline, and the demand on the Danish residential market.

Goldman Sachs Makes Residential Investment from Birch Ejendomme

Denmark Denmark — Goldman Sachs has reached an agreement to acquire three residential projects together with Rubik Properties from the residential developer Birch Ejendomme.

Niam and Birch in Major Residential Deal

Denmark Denmark — Niam acquires 782 rental homes in Denmark from Birch Ejendomme.

Goldman Sachs Acquires Residential Properties from Birch Ejendomme

Denmark Denmark — In a real estate transaction, Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division has just acquired seven residential properties together with Rubik Properties from the property developer Birch Ejendomme.

BoStad in Residential Deal with Birch Ejendomme

Denmark Denmark — BoStad has through its wholly-owned subsidiary BoStad Holding ApS, entered into four share transfer agreements regarding acquisition of 100 percent of the share capital in four companies.