Entra signs new lease contract in Bergen

Norway Norway — Entra signs new lease with the Norwegian Court Administration.

How the major Trondheim deal came up

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the EUR 570 million deal: “We have never put the Trondheim portfolio up for sale, but…”

Major deal ahead: Entra signs LOI for Trondheim portfolio divestment

Norway Norway — Entra has signed a letter of intent regarding the sale of its Trondheim portfolio to E C Dahls Eiendom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reitan Eiendom AS.

Entra appoints Ole Anton Gulsvik as new CFO

Norway Norway — Entra appoints Ole Anton Gulsvik as new finance director, CFO. He will take office no later than August 1 this year.

Entra renews lease with tax authority

Norway Norway — The Norwegian real estate company Entra has renewed the lease with the Norwegian tax authority.

Entra renews lease contract in central Oslo

Norway Norway — Renewed and extended lease contract for 8,400 sqm in Biskop Gunnerus gate 14 in Oslo.

The heavyweights' different views on Entra holdings – Balder sees no need for a write-down

Nordic — Entra's two largest owners, Castellum and Balder, both submitted their Q3 reports on Friday, and there it appeared that they have different views on their holdings in the Norwegian real estate company. Castellum has chosen to make a write-down of close to SEK 0.5 billion, while Balder has chosen to leave the value unchanged. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments on Balder's view of the Entra holding and shares his view of the bond market.

Entra extends lease contract in Oslo

Norway Norway — Entra has renewed a lease contract for 5,500 sqm in Schweigaardsgate 6-14 (Galleri Oslo) with Galleri Akershus AS.

Entra struggling on the stock market – cancels dividend for H1

Norway Norway — Norway's largest real estate company Entra is owned by almost three quarters of Balder and Castellum, an investment that has dropped in value since they started investing in the company almost three years ago. The share is now down to levels for which it was last traded in January 2017. Wednesday's Q3 report did not have any significant impact in any direction, but the company's CEO Sonja Horn emphasizes that the company still focuses on strengthening the balance sheet and continues with its divestment program, but they will not sell properties at any discounts.

Entra's CFO Anders Olstad resigns

Norway Norway — CFO Anders Olstad has today informed that he will resign from his position with effect from May 1, 2024. Olstad joined Entra in October 2015 as CFO, and he has had an instrumental role in Entra’s management team and development since then.

Entra Discussing Divestment Target after Credit Downgrade

Norway Norway — Yesterday Entra's credit rating was lowered by Moody's by one step from Baa1 to Baa2. The new rating also has a negative outlook, similar to the previous one. Entra's CFO Anders Olstad tells Nordic Property News that the downgrade has resulted in the company discussing its divestment target.

Entra Downgraded by Moody's with Negative Outlook

Norway Norway — Entra's credit rating is lowered by Moody's by one step from Baa1 to Baa2. The new rating also has a negative outlook, similar to the previous one. The company's share price dropped during early trading.

Erik Selin: "Buying Entra Is too Dangerous Right Now"

Nordic — Balder has no plans to change its ownership in Entra, and CEO Erik Selin sees it as too dangerous to buy up the entire company, although he believes that the company's stock is "extremely cheap" right now. Here he also tells how he sees the future of the company's rating from S&P, which in 2022 wrote down the outlook for the company's BBB rating to negative.

Out with the Old and the New in Entra's latest Major Divestment

Norway Norway — Entra has sold two properties in Oslo for almost NOK 1.5 billion. The buyer is NREP and the disposals were made at approximately one percent below book value according to Entra. For Nordic Property News, Entra's CFO Anders Olstad talks more about the background to the deal, why the property were sold below book value and what the ambition for their assets looks like going forward.

Entra Divests Two Properties for NOK 1.5 billion

Norway Norway — Entra has sold the properties Akersgata 51 and Tordenskioldsgate 6 in Oslo for a total transaction value of NOK 1.473 billion, which is approximately one per cent below book values as of 31 March 2023.

Entra Aims for Further Sales Despite the Slow Market

Norway Norway — Entra, where Balder and Castellum are major owners, has now sold properties for SEK 2.3 billion, a little more than a third of the sales target of SEK 5.5 to 6 billion. In connection with the presentation of the Q1 report, CEO Sonja Horn commented more on how the divestment work is going in the challenging transaction market and explained why the vacancy rate increased during the first quarter.

Castellum Will Be Net Sellers in 2023

Sweden Sweden — When the Q4 report was released, it was unclear from Castellum's side whether they would be net sellers or net buyers in 2023 – but after the Q1 report released on Wednesday, it is now clear that they will be net sellers. The Entra holding is not for sale according to the company, and CEO Joacim Sjöberg tells Nordic Property News how they see the sales potential in the rest of their extensive portfolio.

Entra Signs Lease Contract with Oslo Municipality

Norway Norway — Entra has signed a new lease contract with the Municipality of Oslo.

Entra Divests Property in Drammen

Norway Norway — Entra has sold the property Grønland 32 in Drammen for NOK 335 million, which is approximately 18 percent above book values.

Entra Signs New Lease with NRK

Norway Norway — Entra has signed a lease contract with NRK for new media house in new-build project in Trondheim.

How Entra Will Act After the NOK 1.9 Billion Divestment

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn: “The changing market conditions have also made us more cautious and focused on strengthening our balance sheet.”

Capman Acquires a Centrally Located Office Property in Oslo from Entra

Norway Norway — The Capman Nordic Real Estate III Fund has agreed to acquire Sørkedalsveien 6, an office property located in Majorstuen, Oslo city centre from Entra. The property, immediately located in the second largest public transport hub in the area, has altogether 19,300 sqm of space spread over 18 floors above ground and two below.

Castellum Ready for Big Shift in its Transaction Strategy

Sweden Sweden — Castellum's CEO Rutger Arnhult announces that Castellum has recently changed its transaction strategy and will start taking steps that it "normally doesn't do". Here he tells more about the assets that may be sold, the view on the holding in Entra and if he can see himself increasing his holdings in Castellum in the future.

“In the Short Term Entra Is Fully Invested”

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn tells Nordic Property News about the Norwegian investment market, why we see a limited number of transactions in Q3, and reasons behind the strong rental income figures.

Sonja Horn: "The Rental Market is Very Strong"

Norway Norway — The CEO of Entra tells Nordic Property News how she views the company's performance so far this year and what we can expect from them during the second part of 2022.