Entra Is Looking Forward – with the Swedish Owners

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the Q1 results for 2021, the dialogue with the new Swedish major shareholders, and how the Norwegian transaction market is performing at the moment.

Entra Sells Stake of Stavanger Property

Norway Norway — Entra has sold 50 percent of the property Nytorget 1 in Stavanger to Hinna Park Eiendom AS for a total asset value of NOK 92 million.

Oslo Areal Sells in Stavanger

Norway Norway — Oslo Areal sells Stavanger property to Camar and Entra JV.

SBB New Major Owner in Heba

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires B shares in Heba Fastighets AB and now owns 20.6 percent of the capital and 11 percent of the votes in the listed residential company.

The Battle for Entra – From Start to Finish

Nordic — Not since Erling Braut Haaland was set to leave Red Bull Salzburg for a bigger European club has the interest been as high for a Norwegian player. A bidding war for the Entra shares broke out between Castellum and SBB – with Balder taking a corner position. After months of twists and turns both the Swedish giants withdrew their offers. Nordic Property News sets the timeline for the battle.

SBB Leaves Entra Bid – Castellum Increases Its Holding

Norway Norway — Castellum has acquired 2,298,504 shares in Entra. The other bidder, SBB, throws in the towel.

Entra in Lease Agreement in Trondheim

Norway Norway — Entra has signed new lease contracts with Volue and WSP for a total of 4,100 sqm in a new-build project in Holtermannsveg 1-13 in Trondheim.

“This Has Had an Impact on Our Organization”

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the latest events circulating the company, how they move forward now and the strong Q4 figures.

Castellum's CEO on the Withdrawn Entra Offer

Norway Norway — Henrik Saxborn on what happens now with the Entra holdings, and the next step in the giant Blackstone deal.

Castellum Withdraws Voluntary Entra Offer

Norway Norway — Castellum has not received sufficient acceptances of the offer in order for the minimum acceptance threshold pursuant to the Offer Document Section 4.12 to be met.

Why Entra Pre-Announced the Q4 Figures During the Giants' Bidding War

Norway Norway — CEO Sonja Horn: ”We found it prudent to update the market on the Q4 performance.”

During the Bidding War: Entra Presents Q4 Figures in Advance

Norway Norway — As a result of the current situation where both Castellum and SBB have put forward voluntary offers for the company’s shares, and to ensure that all shareholders have the information necessary to evaluate these offers, Entra has decided to release an update of the financial and operational performance in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“They Need to Pay Much More to Get Entra”

Norway Norway — The battle for Entra keeps going with both Castellum and SBB keen on acquiring the Norwegian jewel. But so far the bids have been rejected. Bård Bjølgerud, partner and CEO of Pangea Property Partners, explains why he is not surprised by the rejections and gives his view of why Entra is such an attractive company.

Entra Acquires Property in Stavanger Below Market Value

Norway Norway — Entra has called an option to acquire the property Lagårdsveien 6 for 126 million, while Newsec, one of Entra’s external valuers, has estimated the fair market value at 313 million.

SBB Launches Enhanced Tender Offer to Acquire Entra

Norway Norway — SBB announces the launch of its revised tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares in Entra.

Entra Receives an Improved Offer from SBB

Norway Norway — The board of directors of Entra notes that SBB has announced an intended new voluntary offer with improved terms.

Castellum Doesn't Give Up on Entra: ”Together We Can Create Something Amazing”

Norway Norway — Castellum's CEO Henrik Saxborn on the revised offer to acquire the majority of the shares in the Norwegian heavyweight Entra, and the recent blockbuster divestment to the Blackstone subsidiary.

Castellum Increases Entra Offer – and Announces Major Sale to Blackstone

Sweden Sweden — On November 26, 2020, Castellum announced the intention to launch a share exchange and cash offer to eligible Entra's shareholders. Castellum now increases the consideration in the offer by 13.9% by offering each eligible Entra shareholder 8 newly issued Castellum shares for every 13 shares in Entra and NOK 54.39 in cash per share in Entra, representing a total value of NOK 1852 per Entra share excluding synergies.

Entra's Board Recommends Shareholders Not to Accept Castellum's Offer

Norway Norway — Entra's board recommends that the company's shareholders not accept Castellum's offer for the company. However, the board is open to discussing a different approach to a deal, with Castellum or another player.

Timeline: The Battle of the Norwegian Giant

Norway Norway — SBB, Castellum or status quo? Difficult to follow the different turns in the Entra affair? Nordic Property News has pointed out some key dates during the last couple of weeks, when the Swedish property giants have fighted for a major impact in Norway’s largest listed company, Entra.

SBB Withdraws from Entra Offer due to DD Process

Norway Norway — SBB has since the offer was made undertaken work in relation to the closing conditions set out in the offer.

SBB’s CEO on Entra’s Claim to Be a Competitor: ”Nonsense”

Norway Norway — The bidding war for the Norwegian real estate company Entra took another turn on Wednesday when SBB chose to withdraw its bid. Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB, tells about, from his point of view, the unfair treatment from Entra.

After Batljan’s Disappointment: This Is Entra’s Response

Norway Norway — CEO of Entra, Sonja Horn: ”SBB was given access to the same information on Entra as other interested parties.”

Balder Acquires Five Percent of the Shares in Entra

Norway Norway — Balder has today issued a flagging announcement that they have acquired 5 percent of the shares in Entra.

Entra Largest Owner Declines Bids from Castellum and SBB

Norway Norway — The Norwegian pension fund Folketrygdfondet - which owns 11.8 percent of Entra - says no to both Castellum's and SBB's bid for the company.