Heba is a long-term and experienced property owner who develops, owns and manages housing and community service properties in the Stockholm region. The company creates value for owners and society through satisfied tenants, safer and more attractive residential areas and trusting partnerships. Heba is investing forward and working for the company to grow.

"It is positive for us that a major player like SBB appreciates what we do and believes in us as a company. That SBB becomes one of the major owners in Heba, we see as proof that we are doing a good job," says Patrik Emanuelsson, CEO of Heba.

"Heba is a very nice and stable company with fantastic assets that we feel confident in investing our excess liquidity in," says Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB.

SBB has also increased its holdings in Entra. SBB owns after this approximately 9.1 million shares, corresponding to five percent of the capital and votes in Entra.