SBB Sells to Genova

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells properties in Sweden to Genova for approximately SEK 150 million.

SBB Extends Leases with the Swedish Police

Sweden Sweden — SBB extends lease agreements with existing community service property tenants to an annual rental value of approximately MSEK 39.

SBB and K2A Secure 42,000 sqm Rental Agreements

Sweden Sweden — SBB and K2A have jointly signed rental agreements with the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to let a total of approximately 42,500 square metres in Västerås. The total annual rental value of the agreements is just over MSEK 95 with a contract term of 20 years.

SBB Sells Building Rights in Falkenberg

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells 18,500 sqm of building rights to a consortium led by local entrepreneurs and the local construction company Peterson and Hansson. The price for the building rights is SEK 5,250 per sqm at the time of completion and an additional SEK 2,000 per sqm in connection with the construction being completed.

SBB and K-Fastigheter in Swap Deal

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights to and acquires preschools and an LSS property from K-Fastigheter.

Major Owners Make News Investments in SBB

Nordic — Several major shareholders have increased their holdings in SBB since the turn of the year, while some others have reduced their ownership. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the updated list of SBB's largest owners.

SBB Sells Properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Nordic — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling seven properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden for an agreed property value of SEK 2,500m.

SBB to Start Construction of Residential Units Across Sweden

Sweden Sweden — SBB starts construction of 228 apartments in Motala, Karlskrona and Oskarshamn. The houses are built in a factory with a solid wooden frame and with half the energy use of the requirements in Boverket’s Building Regulations.

SBB Signs Large Lease Agreements in Gothenburg and Borås

Sweden Sweden — SBB signs new lease agreements with tenants in Gothenburg and Borås at an annual rental value of approximately SEK 39 million.

SBB to Invest in Infrastructure for Electric Car Charging

Sweden Sweden — SBB has now begun establishing and expanding networks and infrastructure for electric car charging.

SBB Builds in Skellefteå

Sweden Sweden — Two zoning plans for a total of about 26,000 sqm of building rights gain legal force.

SBB Acquires Care Units in Finland

Finland Finland — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires five properties in Finland with a focus on the Helsinki metropolitan area with locations in Espoo and Vantaa.

SBB Proposes Contribution of MSEK 50 to Ukraine

Sweden Sweden — The Board of SBB proposes that the AGM resolves on a contribution of MSEK 50 for UNHCR's work in Ukraine. The contribution does not affect the ordinary dividend for SBB's ordinary shareholders.

Here Is SBB’s Massive JV and Development Collaborations Portfolio

Nordic — SBB has been growing rapidly through acquisitions since the day 1. But the rise has also in large part been through JVs and collaborations. In total SBB has ten large joint ventures and associated companies. 20 major development collaborations – a total of 860,000 square meters. Here are SBB's all major collaborations right now.

Ilija Batljan Fires Back: “We Will Never Let Criminals Affect Our Company”

Nordic — After the commotion surrounding the short-seller report from Viceroy Research regarding SBB, CEO Ilija Batljan addressed the situation with strong words.

The Hedge Fund on SBB: “Un-Investable“

Sweden Sweden — Viceroy Research is short Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) and listed debt instruments. SBB is a debt-fueled rollup of rent-controlled assets, the research group claims. CEO Ilija Batljan strikes back: “Rubbish.“

SBB Starts a New Company with the Aim of Building Sports Halls

Sweden Sweden — SBB starts a new company focusing on building sports halls for sports associations and schools. SBB Idrott för alla AB (Eng. “SBB Sports for All") will be led by Tommy Ohlström, with a background in sports associations.

SBB's Gardermoen Hospital Recieves Certification Breeam in Use – Outstanding

Norway Norway — SBB's hospital at Gardermoen in Norway - first hospital in the world to achieve the environmental certification Breeam in Use – Outstanding.

SBB Sells Three Properties to JV for SEK 2.7 Billion

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells three properties to SMB (JV owned 50/50 between SBB and Kåpan Pensioner) based on a value at completion of SEK 2.7 billion.

The Opportunities for Odalen under SBB's Ownership

Sweden Sweden — SBB continues to strengthen its investment in community properties - now by acquiring Odalen Fastigheter. The CEO of the new subsidiary, Alex Mabäcker, tells Nordic Property News about the deal, the future of Odalen and the opportunities that open up with SBB as owner.

SBB Acquires Odalen Fastigheter

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 100 percent of the shares in Odalen Fastigheter AB for a purchase price of SEK 510 million. The transaction is financed through the issue of 3,000,000 Class B shares in SBB at a subscription price of SEK 70 per share.

Goes Against the M&A Trend – Why Mergers Will Not Be an Option for Fastpartner

Sweden Sweden — The trend of M&A deals has grown rapidly on the Nordic markets in the last years – but it will not be an option for Fastpartner. CEO Sven-Olof Johansson explains why M&A is not for Fastpartner but an important factor for SBB, where he is on the Board.

SBB Issues EUR 700M Floating Rate Notes in Social Format

Nordic — SBB successfully issues its first EUR 700 million social floating rate notes with a negative yield at issuance.

Amasten Applies for Delisting of Shares

Sweden Sweden — SBB controls 97.5 percent of the shares in Amasten and extends the acceptance period for the mandatory offer.

Swedish Juggernaut Adds Key Player

Nordic — SBB continues to shape their team – adds new key player.