SBB Sells for MSEK 186

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is divesting seven properties in different Swedish municipalities in three different transactions. The sale price amounts to approximately SEK 186 million after deductions for overheads and deferred tax of a total of approximately SEK 11 million.

Krister Karlsson Named New COO at SBB

Sweden Sweden — Krister Karlsson has been appointed as the new chief operating officer, COO, at Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget in Norden. He succeeds Oscar Lekander, who is leaving the management team and who will continue to work on completing transactions and special projects.

SBB's Sales Rally Set to Continue: "Best for Our Shareholders"

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold for more than SEK 15 billion so far in 2022 and the time for divestments is not yet over. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News about the company's latest major sale, what the cash injection will be used for and how he views the financing market right now.

SBB Signs LOI Regarding a SEK 9 Billion Divestment

Nordic — SBB has signed a letter of intent to divest a property portfolio at an agreed property value of approximately SEK 9 billion. The buyer is an institutional investor.

SBB Signs a 25-year Municipal Lease for a Preschool in the Municipality of Säter

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed a 25-year lease with the Municipality of Säter regarding a new preschool in Skönvik for 120 children. This is the starting point for community development in Skönvik with housing and community services, the preschool is expected to be completed in 2024.

Sizes Declare Bankruptcy after SBB's Stopped Projects

Sweden Sweden — The developer Sizes, which has SBB on the owner list with around 26 percent, has declared bankruptcy.

SBB Has Reduced Its Exposure to Floating Interest Rates

Sweden Sweden — SBB has reduced its exposure to floating interest rates from 35 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2022 to 25 percent as at today's date.

SBB has Sold its Entire Holding in Stenhus

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold its entire holding in Stenhus Fastigheter, CEO Ilija Batljan wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Why it Is Important for SBB to Keep the High Divestment Rate

Nordic — Despite the divestments: SBB's loan-to-value ratio increased in the second quarter. Ilija Batljan, CEO, explains why, and how the strategy work going forward is affected by the increased inflation and interest rates.

SBB Makes Large Divestment to Northern Horizon

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells elderly care homes and project property at an agreed property value upon completion of SEK 1,382 million to Northern Horizon.

SBB's Massive Divestment Streak Continues

Nordic — After being fully focused on growth since the start, SBB has recently changed its course and has since the end of April completed sales of SEK 9 billion. Noridc Property News takes a closer look at the company's explosive divestment trip.

SBB Divests Properties in Borås and Kalmar

Sweden Sweden — SBB divests properties in Borås and Kalmar for a total agreed property value of SEK 233 million.

Nyfosa Acquires Property Portfolio from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired a portfolio consisting of eight properties with warehouse and light industry located in Kalmar. The acquisition price amounts to MSEK 340, before deduction for deferred tax of MSEK 20. The seller is Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.

SBB Divests Residential Property in Örebro

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling the residential property Gasugnen 24 in Örebro to Husherren at an agreed property value of SEK 400 million.

SBB Divests Three Project Properties in Sweden and an Office Property in Norway

Nordic — SBB is selling three project properties for community services in Sweden to Hemsö, whereby Hemsö will take over responsibility for financing the projects and an office property in Norway with partly public tenants that is sold to local investors.

SBB Sells in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells an office property in Umeå for SEK 300 million.

SBB to Exit JV with Kåpan

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold equity linked loans for SEK 1,465 million with the intention of selling its JV share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB to Kåpan Pensioner.

SBB Sells in Halmstad and Landskrona

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells office and industrial properties in Halmstad and Landskrona for SEK 436 million.

SBB Conducts a Strategic Review of its Holding in JM

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden through its development and transaction team, in collaboration with an internationally renowned valuation firm and leading Nordic real estate consultants, has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the value of its associated company JM. The value assessment shows that the value of JM's assets preliminary amounts to approximately SEK 36 billion. In light of this assessment, SBB has decided to carry out a strategic review of its holding in JM.

SBB Sells a Development Property

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells a development property for approximately SEK 55 million to Järngrinden.

SBB Sells to Genova

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells properties in Sweden to Genova for approximately SEK 150 million.

SBB Extends Leases with the Swedish Police

Sweden Sweden — SBB extends lease agreements with existing community service property tenants to an annual rental value of approximately MSEK 39.

SBB and K2A Secure 42,000 sqm Rental Agreements

Sweden Sweden — SBB and K2A have jointly signed rental agreements with the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to let a total of approximately 42,500 square metres in Västerås. The total annual rental value of the agreements is just over MSEK 95 with a contract term of 20 years.

SBB Sells Building Rights in Falkenberg

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells 18,500 sqm of building rights to a consortium led by local entrepreneurs and the local construction company Peterson and Hansson. The price for the building rights is SEK 5,250 per sqm at the time of completion and an additional SEK 2,000 per sqm in connection with the construction being completed.

SBB and K-Fastigheter in Swap Deal

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights to and acquires preschools and an LSS property from K-Fastigheter.