SBB Sells a Residential Portfolio to Kuststaden

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells a portfolio 545 rental apartments in southern Sweden to Kuststaden for SEK 469.5M. The agreed property value exceeds the most recent external valuation.

Nyfosa to Postpone Acquisition of Portfolios from SBB

Sweden Sweden — On January 17 Nyfosa signed a letter of intent with SBB regarding the acquisition of property portfolios with a total value of approximately SEK 8 billion. Nyfosa has decided to postpone this acquisition until further notice due to the changes in market conditions.

SBB's Ambition to Sell Properties for SEK 11 billion Remains

Sweden Sweden — SBB's ambition to sell properties totalling SEK 11 billion during the year remains despite Nyfosa awaiting with its acquisition of SBB properties.

SBB Sells a Property to Alecta for MSEK 460

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB) sells the property Mimer 7 in Stockholm to Alecta for MSEK 460, corresponding to a square meter price of SEK 67,597. The property contains 6,805 square meters of premises with a rental income of MSEK 14.6 and an estimated net operating income of MSEK 13.7.

SBB Has Bought Back Bonds in both SBB and Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — SBB has bought back most of the four senior unsecured bonds issued by SBB and its subsidiary Hemfosa maturing until May 2021.

SBB New Major Owner in SSM

Sweden Sweden — SBB has, via a subsidiary, entered into an agreement with Eurodevelopment AG to acquire 11,600,000 common shares in SSM Holding.

SBB’s Plans for Further Growth in the Nordics

Nordic — CEO Ilija Batljan: “We are probably among the largest players in this segment in Europe.”

SBB in First Acquisition with a Danish Municipality

Denmark Denmark — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires a school property just outside central Copenhagen from Høje-Taastrup municipality, containing approx. 10,000 sqm lettable area fully let to the municipality and private public funded education providers.

Nyfosa to Acquire Properties for SEK 8 Billion from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed a letter of intent with SBB regarding acquisition of property portfolios with a total property value of approximately SEK 8 billion. SBB is currently conducting negotiations regarding the sale of several properties and property portfolios for a total value of approximately SEK 11 billion. The properties are mainly offices in Sweden.

SBB Controls 91.2 Percent of the Shares in Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — On 15 November 2019, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) announced a recommended public offer to the shareholders of Hemfosa Fastigheter. On 23 December 2019, SBB announced that it controlled 87.8 percent of the shares in Hemfosa after the initial acceptance period and that it extended the acceptance period in the Offer. Now, SBB declares that it controls approximately 91.2 percent of the shares in Hemfosa.

SBB Makes Two Acquisitions in Jutland

Denmark Denmark — SBB has made two Danish acquisitions: Nørregade 1,5 & 7 in Randers, Jutland, and 6. Julivej in Fredericia located in the triangle area in Jutland.

SBB Sells 46 Properties for SEK 1 Billion

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into agreements for the sale of 46 properties, mainly within office, LSS and HVB segments, located foremost in the mid- and southern part of Sweden.

SBB Receives Competition Clearance for the Acquisition of Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — SBB has now received clearance from the Swedish Competition Authority (Sw. Konkurrensverket) to acquire Hemfosa. As a result, completion of the Offer is no longer conditional upon receipt of regulatory clearances, but remains subject to other conditions as set out in the offer document regarding the Offer.

SBB Makes EUR 2.19 billion Bid for Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan's Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) announces a recommended public offer to the shareholders of Hemfosa to acquire all the common shares and preference shares. The common shares and preference shares in Hemfosa are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap. SBB’s Class B common shares and Class D common shares are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap.

Hemfosa’s Chairman: ”Of Course I Was Surprised”

Sweden Sweden — After SBB’s EUR 2.19 billion bid on the listed community service property company Hemfosa: Bengt Kjell, Chairman of the Board at Hemfosa, shares his view on the bid.

SBB Acquires Social Infrastructure Properties in Sweden and Finland

Nordic — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden continues to grow its portfolio of social infrastructure properties through an acquisition in three different portfolios, where the sellers remain as tenants in the acquired properties. The portfolio contains LSS and group housing for people with special needs, with an average contract length of 16 years.

SBB Becomes Major Owner in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan's SBB acquires 20.02 percent of the shares and 20.05 percent of the votes in Amasten. At the same time SBB enters into an agreement with Nordika for the rights to purchase an additional 10 percent in Amasten.

SBB and Amasten in Large Transaction

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 1 560 apartments and sells 50 000 sqm building rights to JV with Amasten.

SBB Presents New Financial and Operational Targets

Nordic — After Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden, SBB, B- and D-shares have been admitted to trading on the main market at Nasdaq Stockholm, the company presents new financial and operational goals together with a new dividend policy adopted by the Board of Directors.

Winners and Losers on the Stock Market in July and August

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange the last two months.

SBB Secures All Loans at a Fixed Interest Rate

Sweden Sweden — SBB now has 100 per cent of its loans with a fixed interest rate through the entering into of swap agreements totaling SEK 2 billion with maturities of six years (SEK 1 billion) and 10 years (SEK 1 billion).

SBB Acquires 37 Social Infrastructure Properties

Nordic — SBB continues to grow its portfolio of social infrastructure properties through an acquisition from Humana, which remains as a tenant in the acquired properties.

SBB Appoints New Head of Denmark from Victoria Park

Denmark Denmark — Victoria Park’s current COO, Ola Svensson, has chosen to leave the company of his own accord to pursue a new assignment in SBB. Ola’s final day with the company will be in 30 September 2019.

SBB Acquires in Several Nordic Cities

Nordic — SBB continues to grow within social infrastructure through a number of acquisitions of community properties in the Nordic metropolitan regions comprising a total of approximately 47,000 square meters of lettable space. The properties are located in the Stockholm region (Täby and Strängnäs), the Copenhagen region (Glostrup and Slagelse), the Oslo region (Kongsvinger) and the Aarhus region (Randers).

SBB Acquires Portfolio in Boden

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) continues to grow its portfolio of social infrastructure properties through the purchase of seven elderly care homes in Boden.