"Denmark Is Not an Easy Market"

Denmark Denmark — SBB's CEO Ilija Batljan explains why the entry into the Danish market has taken so long and which segment that does not attract the company in the country.

SBB Makes First Acquisition in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) has signed letters of intent for the acquisition of community service properties in Denmark for a property value of approximately MSEK 540 (EUR 50M).

Last Month’s Largest Nordic Transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest Nordic transactions in April. "An active month on the Nordic transaction market," says Mikael Söderlundh, analyst and partner at Pangea Property Partners.

Why Housing Outside Sweden Is Excluded for SBB

Nordic — SBB's CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News about the benefits of growing in Finland and why they will never invest in housing on any other market than the Swedish.

Batljan's Nordic Transactions This Past Year

Nordic — Ilija Batljan's company SBB has been involved in several Nordic deals over the past year. Nordic Property News presents a list of SBB's major transactions.

SBB Acquires Finnish Portfolio for EUR 142M

Finland Finland — Swedish Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget acquires the second largest healthcare portfolio in Finland ever. The portfolio comprises 48 properties and the transaction prices is EUR 142M. The seller is EQ.

SBB Has Successfully Issued a EUR 300M Perpetual Bond

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden has successfully issued a EUR 300M perpetual hybrid bond in the European debt capital markets.

SBB Has Been Assigned BBB Rating

Sweden Sweden — Fitch Ratings has announced that Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB) has been assigned a BBB- rating with stable outlook.

SBB Sells DNB Bank's HQ for EUR 468M

Norway Norway — SBB enters into agreement for the sale of DNB Bank's head office in Oslo to DNB Liv to an agreed net property value of SEK 4.897 billion (EUR 468M).

SBB Updates Its LTV Target

Nordic — SBB's Board of Directors has decided to update the financial target regarding LTV from below 55 percent to below 50 percent.

SBB Buys from Höganäshem

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires the properties Olympia 14 and Olympia 15 – containing 122 apartments – in Höganäs.

SBB Acquires 367 Apartments in the Stockholm Region

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) acquires through two deals 367 apartments, of which 257 are located in Rinkeby/Tensta, and 48 apartments in Vallentuna, The deal also includes an LSS property in Täby and two residential properties in Eskilstuna.

SBB forms JV with Martin Mæland

Norway Norway — SBB and Obos' former CEO Martin Mæland are starting a cooperation. SBB sells a development property in central Kristiansand to a new JV company created by SBB and Mæland, for MNOK 200 (EUR 20M).

SBB Ends Rating by Moody’s

Sweden Sweden — SBB has decided to end its rating by Moody’s Investors Service.

SBB in Major Transactions

Nordic — SBB carries out several major stores, both acquisitions and sales, in Sweden and Norway. At the same time, the company is conducting targeted issues of D shares.

SBB Acquires Saab Kockum's HQ

Sweden Sweden — SBB has acquired Saab Kockum's HQ in Karlskrona. SBB are looking to turn the office building into a school.

SBB Acquires from Jefast

Sweden Sweden — SBB continues to grow in Höganäs through the purchase of two community properties and eight residential properties from Jefast.

"It Is a Win-Win for Both!"

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells a portfolio of 39 properties for SEK 1.153 billion (EUR 111M) and simultaneously creates a JV with the buyer Property AD – to divest the portfolio. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News about cooperation with Property AD, why they are looking to divest the portfolio and SBB's focus going forward.

Swedish Big-Spender on the Hunt for More

Sweden Sweden — After making big investment in several Nordic countries over the last year. Ilija Batljan’s SBB adds a new major piece to the portfolio. With the latest acquisition in hand Batljan tells Nordic Property News of the new acquisitions on the horizon.

SBB Acquires from Bouwfonds

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires 135 apartments in Stockholm from Bouwfonds European Residential. The portfolio is divided into six residential properties, including three leasehold properties.

Fast-Growing Swedes Looking for Danish Expansion

Denmark Denmark — SBB has taken strong positions within the social property market in both Sweden and Norway and has recently entered Finland. Now the fast-growing company is looking for a Danish expansion. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News of the future plans and the value of adding a new market.

SBB Makes New Finnish Acquisition

Finland Finland — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) continues to expand in Finland through the acquisition of an elderly care property in Helsinki.

SBB Sells Building Rights to Klarabo

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights for construction of rent regulated residential housing to a development company jointly owned with Klarabo. After completion, Klarabo will acquire the properties at market value.

SBB Purchases in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden purchases the leasehold of the Stockholm Vårholmen 6 property in Vårberg city center - newly produced apartments and a preschool adjacent to Vårberg subway station.

Swedish Company Sells School Property to Instill Courage in Shareholders

Norway Norway — SBB made a large divestment in Norway when they sold a school property for MNOK 415.5 (EUR 43M) to British Aviva Investors. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News why the sale of the building – that granted a MNOK 83 (EUR 8.6M) return on equity since acquired by SBB just ten months prior – had important symbolic value.