SBB Acquires Community Service Properties and Building Rights in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires a portfolio of 40,000 sq.m. and building rights of approximately 20,000 sq.m. BTA in Umedalen, Umeå from Balticgruppen and Gazette.

SBB Signs Major Lease with the Swedish Police

Sweden Sweden — On 9 September 2021, SBB signed a 15-year lease agreement with the Police, regarding the new police station in Örnsköldsvik.

SBB’s Swedish Plans for the Norwegian Residential Player

Sweden Sweden — SBB moves forward with residential projects for the Norwegian listed company Solon Eiendom – in Sweden. Hugo Dammert at Solon in Sweden on what the focus will be in the neighboring country.

SBB and Alive Creates Apartments with Lower Rents

Sweden Sweden — SBB and the concept company Alive Bostad AB are building 162 homes aimed at young adults. SBB will be the long-term owner of the homes. Through the Alive concept, the rent will be approximately 30 percent lower.

SBB and Newsec Extend Partnership

Nordic — The extended agreement between SBB and Newsec covers a five-year period in Sweden and three years in Finland.

SBB Signs Agreement with Sizes – Will Build 1,000 Apartments per Year

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement with the industrial apartment building manufacturer Sizes Works and the goal is for the volume from 2023 to amount to 1,000 apartments per year, 346 apartments have already been ordered.

SBB Buys Large Portfolio from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires community service properties and rent regulated residentials in Stockholm, Västerås and Helsingborg for an agreed property value of a total of SEK 1.25 billion.

SBB Acquires 70 percent of the Shares in Unobo

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 70 per cent of the shares in the rent regulated residentials company Unobo from Riksbyggen for an agreed share price of SEK 2.064 billion.

SBB in JV Project in Mölnlycke

Sweden Sweden — SBB, Kålltorps Projektutveckling and Development Partner signed an agreement on 10 June 2021 to develop part of Mölnlyckes Haga in expansive Härryda Municipality in a JV.

Castellum Acquires SBB's Entra Stake for NOK 3.14 billion: "Interesting Opportunity"

Norway Norway — After the unsuccessful bidding war last winter, Castellum continues to take a new step in Entra and buys SBB's share in the company for NOK 3.14 billion. CEO Henrik Saxborn tells Nordic Property News about the deal and gives his view on Entra's status.

SBB Makes Major Divestment

Norway Norway — SBB sells public offices and judicial properties in Norway for approximately NOK 1.2 billion.

Reasons Behind Obos' Divestment of JM Shares to SBB

Sweden Sweden — Ingunn Andersen Randa, Executive Vice President at Obos, on the sale to SBB.

SBB Acquires 20 Percent of the Shares in JM

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden has acquired 13,975,000 shares in JM at a price of SEK 326.30 per share from OBOS, corresponding to SEK 4.56 billion.

After the JM Acquisition – Here Is SBB's Extensive Real Estate Network

Sweden Sweden — SBB increases its real estate network by acquiring 20 percent of JM. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.

SBB Secures Long Leases

Sweden Sweden — SBB secures an additional MSEK 94 in rental income with an average lease length of 18.5 years, of which MSEK 63 from elderly care homes and MSEK 31 from educational facilities.

SBB Acquires Elderly Care Homes and Apartments – and Sells Non-Strategic Properties

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement to acquire six elderly care homes in Greater Stockholm as well as rental apartments and two nursing homes in Helsingborg to a value of approximately SEK 2.5 billion. The acquisitions comprise a total area of ​​approximately 70,000 sq.m. with a rental value of approximately SEK 107 million generating a net operating income of approximately SEK 95 million.

SBB to Double their Volume in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — SBB keeps increasing their position in the Nordics. Going forward they will grow their smalls market, Denmark, significantly. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News of SBB’s future plans for the Danish market.

After the Major Deals: SBB to Gear Up Even More in Finland

Finland Finland — Oscar Lekander, Head of Business Development at SBB: “We are already one of the largest property owners in Finland.”

How SBB Became One of Finland’s Leading Property Companies

Finland Finland — Ilija Batljan and his creation SBB entered Finland three years ago. Here is the Swedish giant’s Finnish journey.

SBB Acquires Community Service Properties in Finland and Residential in Sweden

Nordic — SBB acquires a portfolio of nine properties in the educational and care segment from WasaGroup Funds Oy, three additional care properties in Finland through supplementary acquisitions and a portfolio in the Malmö / Lund region consisting of mainly residential properties, a total of 99 apartments.

SBB Controls Almost 97 Percent of the Shares in Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — SBB extends the acceptance period for the mandatory public offer for the Swedish listed company.

SBB’s Nordic Real Estate Network

Nordic — Earlier this month SBB added a new real estate company holding to their portfolio with the acquisition of 20 percent in Heba. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.

SBB and Kåpan Pensioner Form JV

Sweden Sweden — SBB and Kåpan Pensioner form JV and invest in Hemvist to increase housing construction and continue to work for sustainable housing development.

SBB Makes Large Investment in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — SBB has made the company's largest investment to date in Uppsala through the acquisition of police station.

SBB New Major Owner in Heba

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires B shares in Heba Fastighets AB and now owns 20.6 percent of the capital and 11 percent of the votes in the listed residential company.