At the same time, the index-regulated lease of 25 years, which was signed in 2021, expires.

"SBB is currently selling some of its properties and we see this as a good opportunity to secure the municipality's finances in the future. In the situation we find ourselves in today, we see that in the long term it is more beneficial to own than to rent the properties. Both contain newly renovated and functional office premises in buildings that form important parts of Fagersta's history," says the chair of the Municipal Board Åsa-Märta Sjöström (S).


The buildings cover a total of approximately 5,200 square meters of surface area. In total, there are approximately 120 workplaces in the new municipal building and 26 in the northern station.


The change of ownership is expected to take place at the end of November.


During the process, Svefa has assisted Fagersta municipality as an advisor.