Heba and Åke Sundvall divest in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Heba and Åke Sundvall have, through their JV company VBT Utvecklings AB, signed an agreement for the transfer of two properties in Vårberg. The buyer is AB Svenska Bostäder. The deal is carried out as two company deals and the accessions are tentatively September 1, 2024 and June 1, 2025 respectively. The deal is subject to a conditional decision by AB Svenska Bostäder's board, Stockholms Stadshus AB's board and the Stockholm City Council.

Heba adapts the financial goals

Sweden Sweden — Heba Fastighets AB has reviewed the company's long-term financial goals and adapted them to the near term, in the years 2023-2025. This is to be clear to the market in times characterized by interest rate increases as well as the company's new conditions through the sale of properties earlier this year.

Heba sells five properties

Sweden Sweden — Heba sells five properties to Fastighets AB Senator, Jan Fredegård and Tage Liljedahl Fastighets AB.

Heba Signs LOI to Buy Minus Emissions in Stockholm Exergi's Future Bio-CCS Facility

Sweden Sweden — Heba is the first to sign a letter of intent with Stockholm Exergi to purchase negative emissions from the company's future bio-CCS plant. The purchase of negative emissions also contributes to the financing of the plant, which is planned to be in operation in 2026.

Heba Divests to Arbetarebostadsfonden

Sweden Sweden — Heba has today signed an agreement on the divestment of Isdubben 1 and Störtloppet 2 in Västertorp, as well as of Reversen 2 in Hägersten. The buyer is Arbetarebostadsfonden. The transaction will be carried out as a company transaction with planned access on September 1, 2021.

SBB New Major Owner in Heba

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires B shares in Heba Fastighets AB and now owns 20.6 percent of the capital and 11 percent of the votes in the listed residential company.

Heba Acquires from Slättö

Sweden Sweden — Heba has signed an agreement with Slättö VI AB regarding the acquisition of rental housing in Norrtälje harbor.

The Nordic Listed Companies’ LTV in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how high the loan-to-value ratio the listed companies have, according to their Q2 results.

Magnolia Bostad Sells Two Projects to Heba

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad has signed an agreement to sell 227 residencies in Norrtälje and Åkersberga to Heba Fastighets AB. The properties estimated value at completion will amount to about MSEK 670.

Heba Sells for EUR 44M

Sweden Sweden — Heba sells four properties in the Stockholm region to three different buyers. The total divestment amounts to MSEK 465 (EUR 44M).

Heba Open for More after Largest Acquisition in Company History

Sweden Sweden — Heba made their largest ever acquisition by purchasing apartments and land in Täby, Stockholm, for MSEK 449 (EUR 44M). Patrik Emanuelsson, CEO of Heba, tells Nordic Property News of the possibility of more acquisitions.

Largest Rental Income Growth in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — How was the rental income evolve for the listed Swedish real estate companies in 2017? Nordic Property News presents a list of the rental income development.