The properties in Vårberg were built as condominiums, but when the market became sluggish, the properties were converted to rental properties. The properties are sold via a limited company transaction. The purchase price for the shares is based on an underlying property value of SEK 725 million (EUR 62 million).

"We are happy to have contributed to the development in Vårberg by building these pleasant rental homes. Svenska Bostäder, with extensive experience in creating attractive and safe areas, is the perfect actor to now take over. Through the deal, we and Åke Sundvall will still get better conditions to focus on our future joint major development projects," says Patrik Emanuelsson, CEO of Heba Fastighets AB.

"Developing and building houses with the vision of creating the city's most popular areas means that every decision and detail is carefully considered, which we see realized in Vårberg. After the sale to Svenska Bostäder, we at Åke Sundvall now look forward to continuing together with Heba develop and build more neighborhoods with beautiful, functional and sustainable houses where people and businesses develop," says Martin Sundvall, CEO of Åke Sundvall AB.


The properties include 300 apartments in Vårberg with a total of 5,310 square meters of living space and 7,097 square meters of living space, for a total of 12,407 square meters of living space.