”It Is One of the Fastest Developing Seaside Areas”

Finland Finland — Antti Aarnio, Executive Vice President of Sato, tells Nordic Property News about why Sompasaari is one of the most exciting areas in Helsinki and the impact of the Swedish real estate king and main owner Erik Selin.

The Newcomer on the Stock Exchange: “The Share Price Is Irrelevant”

Sweden Sweden — A week ago, another Swedish real estate company was listed on the stock exchange, with a rocketing share price as a result. Jacob Karlsson, the 33-year-old CEO of K-Fastigheter, tells Nordic Property News about the start of the journey as a listed company, the uniqueness of K-Fastigheter and Sweden's real estate king Erik Selin's part in the success.

How Sweden's Real Estate King Wants to Grow in Oslo

Norway Norway — Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News on his interest for the attractive Oslo plot that is for sale and the expansion plans in Norway.

Erik Selin: "It Is Easy to Make Great Deals"

Finland Finland — The Swedish real estate profile and Balder's CEO Erik Selin on the journey with Finland's largest housing developer Sato since the entry four years ago, why his close colleague Sharam Rahi takes the CEO position in the company and his view on the Finnish residential market.

Where the Profiles Look for the Next Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Peter Strand, chairman of the newly started logistics property company SLP, tells Nordic Property News about the latest major purchase in Sweden and where the company wants to expand in the future.

The Investment Focus of the Real Estate Profiles

Nordic — Erik Selin, CEO at Balder, and Hans Wallenstam, CEO at Wallenstam, on new investment opportunities in the UK and Germany, which housing reforms are needed and whether residential developers risk going bankrupt.

First Purchase for SLP

Sweden Sweden — Swedish Logistic Property, founded by Swedish real estate profiles Peter Strand, Greg Dingizian and Erik Selin, completed their first transaction with the acquisition of two logistics properties in the Malmö area.

Jensen on the two CEO positions – and Targets in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Balder Denmark has a new CEO. Flemming Joseph Jensen tells Nordic Property News about his long partnership with Erik Selin, what his main tasks in Denmark are and whether he needs to double up his work or not.

Balder Denmark Appoints Flemming Joseph Jensen as CEO

Denmark Denmark — Starting from 1 April 2019, Flemming Joseph Jensen will take over as CEO of Balder Denmark. Flemming Joseph Jensen will retain his current position as CEO of Sjaelsö Management and will divide his working time between the two businesses.

“London is the Capital of Europe”

Sweden Sweden — Erik Selin tells more about what caused Balder to hit in England – and why he doesn’t fear Brexit.

Swedish Hotshots on their New Company

Sweden Sweden — Swedish real estate hotshots Erik Selin, Greg Dingizian and Peter Strand has formed a new company focusing on logistics. Chairman Peter Strand tells Nordic Property News of the the structure of the company and why the chose to focus on logistics.

Forms New Logistics Company

Sweden Sweden — Erik Selin, Greg Dingizian, Peter Strand and Mikael Hofmann initiates a warehouse and logistics venture – Swedish Logistics Property.

Off to the Races – Balder Acquires Building Rights by Horse Race Track

Sweden Sweden — In an agreement with Stockholms Travsällskap as selling parts Balder has acquired future building rights of some about 83 000 sqm, corresponding to six blocks of housing and commercial premises for both commerce and local service.

"This Will Trigger the Next Financial Crisis"

Nordic — September 15 2008 the figurative bomb exploded on Wall Street when Lehman Brothers folded and set off the financial crisis. Now that a decade has pasted Nordic Property News rehashes the events of the crisis, the effect it had on the Swedish real estate market and see into the future as to what will set off the next crisis with Erik Selin, CEO of Balder, Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam, and Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner.

Balder acquires property at Backaplan, Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — As a part in Balder’s investment in Backaplan, one of the big urban development areas in Gothenburg, they have now acquired a commercial property consisting of 9,000 sqm of existing space and future office construction rights of approximately 21,000 sqm.

Balder in New Hotel Investment

Sweden Sweden — Balder, together with Folkets Hus and the hotel operator Nordic Choice, has entered into an agreement to develop, construct and operate the new hotel at Järntorget in Gothenburg.    

Balder an Important Partner in Väsby Entré

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder will be a so-called anchor partner in the work on Väsby Entré in Upplands Väsby, and will develop more than half of the project.

Why Balder has Strong Faith in the Nordic Markets

Nordic — Earlier this spring Sweden's largest listed real estate company, Balder, made its first acquisition in Norway as well as several acquisitions in the other Nordic markets. For Nordic Property News, CEO Erik Selin gives his views on the Nordic region's future development.

Balder Sees Possibilities on Declining Housing Market

Sweden Sweden — Swedish real estate giant Balder keeps showing strong numbers. CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News what possibilities the company sees on the declining housing market.

Swedish Giant On New Oslo Purchase

Norway Norway — Swedish giant Balder conitinues to invest in Norway. This time by acquiring a EUR 38M property in Oslo from Skanska. CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News what sparked this expansion out west.

Starwood Makes Offer for Listed Swedish Company

Sweden Sweden — Starwood Capital Group has made a public cash offer to the shareholders of Swedish listed residential company Victoria Park. Owners of 31.5 percent share of the votes – including main owner Greg Dingizian and Balder CEO Erik Selin – have accepted the offer. Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News why and his thoughts on the process.

Balder Makes New Big Hotel Splash

Sweden Sweden — Swedish giant Balder makes new big hotel investment. The company's CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News on the importance of the hotel portfolio, entering a new market region and the collaboration with Norwegian hotel mogul Petter Stordalen.

Swedish Giant Makes First Retail Investment

Sweden Sweden — Balder has made their first large retail property ever by paying close to MSEK 795 (EUR 81M) for 421 in Gothenburg. Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News more about the fast deal – and open up for more purchases in the new segment.

Balder Acquires Properties For More Than SEK 4 billion

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder has entered into an agreement to acquire all the properties in the I.A Hedin Fastighet AB group from Anders Hedin Invest AB. The agreed value of the properties will amount to SEK 4.150 billion (EUR 434M) after completion of ongoing new and re-constructions. Balder also completes a directed issue of 3 million Class B ordinary shares, raising proceeds of approximately MSEK 690 (EUR 68M).

Skandrenting Purchases in Täby

Sweden Sweden — Skandrenting, owned by Erik Selin, has purchased the electronics company Mycronic’s headquarters in Täby.