"Our Team Is Stronger than Ever"

Nordic — Fredensborg's CEO Magnus Nordholm on the eventful year for the Group, the former Entra CEO Arve Regland's entry into the company and what it has been like to have two different positions at the same time.

Why Regland Surprisingly Leaves Entra…

Norway Norway — CEO Arve Regland is leaving the Norwegian listed real estate company Entra. He tells Nordic Property News about the decision, the highlights in Entra and what he wants to achieve as CFO in Ivar Tollefsen's Fredensborg. “I just had to join.”

Entra's CEO Leaves for Fredensborg

Norway Norway — CEO Arve Regland has informed Entra's board of directors that he will resign from his position in the summer 2019. Regland is leaving Entra at his own request to take up the position as CFO in Ivar Tollefsen's Fredensborg AS.

Fredensborg Acquires in Vollebekk

Norway Norway — Ivar Tollefsen's Fredensborg Bolig acquires in Vollebeck to develop housing.

Major Residential Player Makes Management Changes

Nordic — One of the leading Nordic residential players makes management adjustments. At the turn of the year Magnus Nordholm replaces Ivar Tollefsen as CEO of Fredensborg, the owner-company of Heimstaden. Magnus Nordholm tells Nordic Property News what this means for the company.

Heimstaden Refills War Chest – Makes New Danish Acquisition

Denmark Denmark — Deputy CEO Magnus Nordholm tells Nordic Property News about Heimstaden's new investment plans after receiving EUR 175M from its owner.

Heimstaden Initiates Danish Venture

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden takes the step across Öresund and purchases 129 condominiums in Copenhagen.