Wallenstam Reaches Milestone – After Construction Start in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — The construction of Wallenstam’s 10,000th apartment since the turn of the millennium has started. The production rate of apartments has gradually increased since the company resumed its new construction operations. The magic number of 10,000 apartment construction starts has been passed through the Kompositören project in Rosendal, Uppsala.

Wallenstam's Concerns over the Attractive Area in Central Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Comments possible development plans in the attractive location in Sweden’s number two: “It is not easy to make everyone happy.”

Wallenstam Invests in Klarna

Sweden Sweden — Klarna is carrying out a new issue in which Wallenstam is investing SEK 125 million.

SBB Acquires Two Community Service Properties from Wallenstam

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires two centrally located community service properties let to school operators from Wallenstam for an agreed total property value of MSEK 380.

Wallenstam Has Reached 10,000 Rental Apartments Under Management

Sweden Sweden — Wallenstam now has 10,000 rental apartments under management. The tenant Dennis Furlan and his family are moving into Wallenstam’s 10,000th apartment in the new production in Elisedal, Gothenburg.

Wallenstam Launches New Climate Targets

Sweden Sweden — As a part of Wallenstam’s sustainability work, four climate targets are now being introduced. The aim of the targets is to further reduce the carbon footprint from the building operations and from the properties’ energy consumption and residual waste. In addition, all business trips shall be carried out in a carbon-neutral way.

Hans Wallenstam: "This Is Worse Than Any Other Crisis"

Sweden Sweden — One of Sweden’s most profiled real estate CEOs, Hans Wallenstam, compares the current Covid-19 crisis, with the big financial crisis back in the 90s, and he also tells Nordic Property News how the giant company has acted towards the tenants, during the pandemic.

Wallenstam Sells Newly Constructed Residential Property to Länsförsäkringar

Sweden Sweden — An agreement has been signed on the sale of Wallenstam's new construction project in the New York block at Gärdet in Stockholm. The buyers are 14 companies within the Länsförsäkringar Group, which are scheduled to take possession of the property when it is completed on December 15, 2020.

This Is the Biggest Challenge for the Real Estate Heavyweight

Sweden Sweden — Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam: ”We need to find solutions, so that our tenants survive the crisis.”

They Control the Listed Real Estate Giants

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest owners of the listed real estate companies in the Nordic region.

The Investment Focus of the Real Estate Profiles

Nordic — Erik Selin, CEO at Balder, and Hans Wallenstam, CEO at Wallenstam, on new investment opportunities in the UK and Germany, which housing reforms are needed and whether residential developers risk going bankrupt.

Wallenstam Makes Gothenburg Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Wallenstam acquires a property in Gothenburg CBD from SEB Trygg Liv for MSEK 375 (EUR 36M).

"This Will Trigger the Next Financial Crisis"

Nordic — September 15 2008 the figurative bomb exploded on Wall Street when Lehman Brothers folded and set off the financial crisis. Now that a decade has pasted Nordic Property News rehashes the events of the crisis, the effect it had on the Swedish real estate market and see into the future as to what will set off the next crisis with Erik Selin, CEO of Balder, Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam, and Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner.

Why Wallenstam Believes a Housing Crash is Coming

Sweden Sweden — CEO Hans Wallenstam tells Nordic Property News why he believes a crash in the housing market is coming – and when.