"The market for this type of payment service will expand in the future and now being able to participate as an investor in Klarna can create interesting opportunities for Wallenstam. Klarna is the dominant player for these services, which also Wallenstam will use," says Hans Wallenstam, CEO.

Wallenstam has gradually sold its shareholding in the solar cell developer Exeger AB. The investment in Exeger was made in light of Wallenstam's hope to be able to use the solar cells in the new construction of apartments. However, Exeger has changed strategy and is now concentrating on the consumer level. The proceeds from the sale of the shares are now being used for the investment in Klarna.

Wallenstam currently has participating interests in a number of companies, which all have a close connection to Wallenstam's operations. Wallenstam became a joint owner of the coworking company Convendum in 2018, and today is one of the main owners with 34.6 percent of the shares. In Colive AB, which offers coliving housing, Wallenstam became a joint owner of 25 percent during 2020. In collaboration with the property tech company Tmpl, Wallenstam has created and further developed an App for providing information to and among tenants. Wallenstam has been a joint owner since 2019 and owns 7.2 percent of the shares in the company.