“It feels really great to be able to make an acquisition from Handelsbanken, which we have had close cooperation with for a long time. It is a stable property in the heart of Gothenburg,” says Hans Wallenstam, CEO.

“We are now buying a really excellent property. It contains a large amount of concentrated office space and complements our other holdings in the city, where our commercial portfolio is centered,” says Marina Fritsche, Regional Director Gothenburg and Vice CEO of Wallenstam.

The property Göteborg Inom Vallgraven 15:13 with the address Östra Hamngatan 23-27/Södra Hamngatan 33-35/Drottninggatan 34-36 comprises about 12,000 sq m, of which about 75 percent consists of offices and 20 percent of retail space. The major tenants include Handelsbanken, Naturkompaniet, H&M, and Randstad. The property was built in 1979 and was renovated during 2005-2006.

The property is being sold by Handelsbanken Fastigheter AB through a company transaction for an agreed property value of SEK 1,125 million. Wallenstam will take possession of the property on February 1, 2022.