SBB to Make Large Portfolio Divestment

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed letter of intent regarding the sale of three property portfolios with an agreed property value of approximately SEK 2 billion.

SBB Makes Large Investment in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — SBB has made the company's largest investment to date in Uppsala through the acquisition of police station.

SBB Acquires School and LSS Properties in the Copenhagen Region

Denmark Denmark — SBB acquires a school in the Copenhagen region and 5 LSS properties with an average lease duration of more than 15 years.

SBB Acquires in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires an elderly care home from Trelleborgshem.

SBB Makes Major Divestment to Oscar Properties

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement, subject to financing, with Oscar Properties to sell a property portfolio for SEK 1.4bn. The sale includes two office buildings directly owned by SBB and the remainder consists of SBB’s 50 per cent joint venture Valerum.

SBB Sells in Sweden and Norway

Nordic — SBB sells 22 properties through various transactions at an agreed property value of MSEK 817.

SBB Acquires Educational Properties from Turako

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires a portfolio of newly constructed educational properties in Greater Stockholm from Turako for an agreed property value of SEK 283 million.