Krister Karlsson Named New COO at SBB

Sweden Sweden — Krister Karlsson has been appointed as the new chief operating officer, COO, at Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget in Norden. He succeeds Oscar Lekander, who is leaving the management team and who will continue to work on completing transactions and special projects.

SBB Divests Properties in Borås and Kalmar

Sweden Sweden — SBB divests properties in Borås and Kalmar for a total agreed property value of SEK 233 million.

Nyfosa Acquires Property Portfolio from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired a portfolio consisting of eight properties with warehouse and light industry located in Kalmar. The acquisition price amounts to MSEK 340, before deduction for deferred tax of MSEK 20. The seller is Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.

SBB Divests Residential Property in Örebro

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling the residential property Gasugnen 24 in Örebro to Husherren at an agreed property value of SEK 400 million.

SBB Divests Three Project Properties in Sweden and an Office Property in Norway

Nordic — SBB is selling three project properties for community services in Sweden to Hemsö, whereby Hemsö will take over responsibility for financing the projects and an office property in Norway with partly public tenants that is sold to local investors.

SBB Sells in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells an office property in Umeå for SEK 300 million.

SBB Sells in Halmstad and Landskrona

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells office and industrial properties in Halmstad and Landskrona for SEK 436 million.

SBB Sells to Genova

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells properties in Sweden to Genova for approximately SEK 150 million.

SBB and K-Fastigheter in Swap Deal

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights to and acquires preschools and an LSS property from K-Fastigheter.

SBB Sells Properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Nordic — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling seven properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden for an agreed property value of SEK 2,500m.

SBB Acquires Care Units in Finland

Finland Finland — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires five properties in Finland with a focus on the Helsinki metropolitan area with locations in Espoo and Vantaa.

SBB Buys Schools in Stockholm for SEK 1.46 Billion

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires seven school properties in Stockholm with a total lettable area of ​​39,400 square meters from the municipal company SISAB. The total rental income amounts to SEK 59 million, 90 per cent of the revenues are generated from primary schools and ten per cent from preschools. SBB will offer existing tenants lease extensions of ten years.

SBB Sells Eight Properties for SEK 400 Million

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into a binding agreement to divest eight non-strategic properties with commercial tenants for approximately SEK 400 million.

SBB Makes Divestment for SEK 570 Million

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into a binding agreement regarding the divestment of 36 properties located in Hörby, Mark, Osby, Höör, Mullsjö, Gislaved, Gnesta, Mölndal, Enköping, Mörbylånga, Täby, Lilla Edet, Ale, Vallentuna and Lerum for an agreed property value of SEK 570 million.

SBB Buys Large Portfolio from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires community service properties and rent regulated residentials in Stockholm, Västerås and Helsingborg for an agreed property value of a total of SEK 1.25 billion.

SBB Makes Major Divestment

Norway Norway — SBB sells public offices and judicial properties in Norway for approximately NOK 1.2 billion.

SBB Secures Long Leases

Sweden Sweden — SBB secures an additional MSEK 94 in rental income with an average lease length of 18.5 years, of which MSEK 63 from elderly care homes and MSEK 31 from educational facilities.

SBB Acquires Elderly Care Homes and Apartments – and Sells Non-Strategic Properties

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement to acquire six elderly care homes in Greater Stockholm as well as rental apartments and two nursing homes in Helsingborg to a value of approximately SEK 2.5 billion. The acquisitions comprise a total area of ​​approximately 70,000 sq.m. with a rental value of approximately SEK 107 million generating a net operating income of approximately SEK 95 million.

After the Major Deals: SBB to Gear Up Even More in Finland

Finland Finland — Oscar Lekander, Head of Business Development at SBB: “We are already one of the largest property owners in Finland.”

SBB Acquires Community Service Properties in Finland and Residential in Sweden

Nordic — SBB acquires a portfolio of nine properties in the educational and care segment from WasaGroup Funds Oy, three additional care properties in Finland through supplementary acquisitions and a portfolio in the Malmö / Lund region consisting of mainly residential properties, a total of 99 apartments.

SBB to Make Large Portfolio Divestment

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed letter of intent regarding the sale of three property portfolios with an agreed property value of approximately SEK 2 billion.

SBB Makes Large Investment in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — SBB has made the company's largest investment to date in Uppsala through the acquisition of police station.

SBB Acquires School and LSS Properties in the Copenhagen Region

Denmark Denmark — SBB acquires a school in the Copenhagen region and 5 LSS properties with an average lease duration of more than 15 years.

SBB Acquires in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires an elderly care home from Trelleborgshem.

SBB Makes Major Divestment to Oscar Properties

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement, subject to financing, with Oscar Properties to sell a property portfolio for SEK 1.4bn. The sale includes two office buildings directly owned by SBB and the remainder consists of SBB’s 50 per cent joint venture Valerum.