Another Attractive CBD Plot for Sale in Oslo

Norway Norway — Expectations for a divestment worth more than NOK 1 billion. Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property’s adviser Olav Magnus Moen tells about the process, and potential interested investors.

Five Year Rent and Yield Development in the Nordic Capitals

Nordic — The office market worldwide is put through big challenges. But how has the rent and yield development been the last five years in the Nordic capitals? Nordic Property News lists the development in the office market.

The Transaction Market to Bounce Back in the Nordics

Nordic — Mikael Söderlundh, Head of Research at Pangea Property Partners, tells about the development on the Nordic transaction market; the corona effects, new trends and which Nordic countries that global investors are aiming for to make investments. ”Many deals have a deadline before the summer.”

How the Global Interest for Norway Has Increased

Norway Norway — The interest for investments in the Norwegian real estate market is higher now, than before the corona crisis. Pangea Property Partners’ CEO Bård Bjølgerud gives the reasons for a possible investment boom in Norway, going forward.

Despite the Crisis – the Global Interest for the Nordics Remains

Nordic — Sven Dahlin, Partner at the property adviser Nordanö: ”There is a large interest from Korean Investors.”

How the Government Has Supported the Norwegian Business Sector

Norway Norway — Nordic Property News has taken a look on how the Nordic governments support the business sector in general, and the real estate business in particular, day by day since the corona outbreak. Today: Norway.

The Pandemic Effects: Why Entra’s Property Value Has Not Increased

Norway Norway — Office investor Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on why they still see a strong demand for the development pipeline, and the effects on their markets due to the oil crisis and coronavirus.

“We Have One of the Strongest Property Portfolios in Northern Europe”

Nordic — SBB’s CEO and Founder Ilija Batljan on the corona crisis, why the company still stands solid and he also comments on the legal dispute of NOK 640 million in Oslo.

“The Corona Crisis Will Give Us Attractive Opportunities”

Norway Norway — SPG’s Managing Partner Knut Holte on the latest deal outside Oslo and the important actions in challenging times.

SPG Divests Property to Union Core Real Estate Fund

Norway Norway — Scandinavian Property Group (SPG) has sold the Fyrstikkalléen 19 property located in Ensjø, Oslo. The property is approximately 2,000 square meters and with a long lease to the preschool operator Ulna AS.

Akershus Eiendom: “Most Companies Are Facing a Cash Flow Problem”

Norway Norway — Knut Berget, Partner Transactions at Akershus Eiendom, on the current status of the Norwegian real estate market, how the property owners are handling this situation and how the falling oil prices are linked to a historic weak currency.

Entra: “Some of Our Tenants Are Struggling”

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of the office investor Entra, tells Nordic Property News on the company’s view on the ongoing corona crisis, how it affects their business and how Entra was prepared for this extreme scenario.

“There Will Be Both Positive and Negative Effects on the Norwegian Property Market”

Norway Norway — Bent Oustad, CEO of the listed real estate company Norwegian Property, tells Nordic Property News on the office investor’s actions during the crisis and which effects he sees among their tenants.

The Newly Formed Real Estate Company's Nordic Targets

Nordic — Building giant Peab's newly formed real estate company Annehem Fastigheter has appointed Jörgen Lundgren as CEO. He tells Nordic Property News about the challenges in the corona crisis and shares his view on the Oslo and Helsinki markets.

Allianz Is Waiting for the Right Investment Opportunity: “We Are Not in a Hurry”

Nordic — Almost a year ago, Jenny Lindholm was appointed to the German giant Allianz Real Estate, as Head of Operations in the Nordic market. She tells Nordic Property News what attracted her to the company, why Finland has an advantage in the Nordics and future investment targets.

The Property Benefits in a Growing Oslo City Center

Norway Norway — Obos Eiendom’s CEO Nils Morten Bøhler on the NOK 1.6 billion divestment in the Lillestrøm area in Oslo; what to do with the income, why the sell was not as expected and future development projects.

Another Wework Director Leaves the Coworking Heavyweight

Nordic — The Senior Director of Real Estate at Wework tells Nordic Property News: ”The conditions have changed.”

Obos Eiendom Sells Portalen in Lillestrøm for NOK 1.6 Billion

Norway Norway — A company organized by Arctic Securities AS buys Portalen Kontor AS, Portalen Forretning AS and Tærudparken AS. Storebrand Eiendomsfond Norge KS buys Portalen Hotell AS. The total property value for the sale is NOK 1.6 billion. The shares will be transferred tomorrow, March 6.

Skanska Builds Oslo City Emergency Center for NOK 1.5 Billion

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed a contract with Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF to build Oslo City Emergency Center, Norway. The contract is worth about NOK 1.5 billion, about SEK 1.6 billion, which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the first quarter 2020.

This Is the Hotspot for Logistics in Norway

Norway Norway — Jørgen Bråten Nordby, Commercial Manager of Logicenters Norway, tells Nordic Property News about the great development potential, going forward, for the logistics area. ”A very hot logistics area with great location.”

Selvaag Bolig’s CEO: This Will Lead to Great Price Growth in Oslo

Norway Norway — Rolf Thorsen, CEO of Selvaag Bolig, tells Nordic Property News about their edge in Sweden and which challenges he sees, going forward, on the Oslo residential market.

The Evolution of Aker Brygge: ”Many New Concepts”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on how they tackle the e-commerce threat, the Oslo focus areas and why the company is about to leave Stavanger.

How Entra Increased the Rental Income – Without Acquiring

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of Entra: “We have signed contracts on the highest level ever.”

Skanska Invests NOK 470 M in the Sixth Phase of Residential Project

Norway Norway — Skanska invests NOK 470 M, about SEK 500 M, in the sixth phase of the residential project Ensjø Torg in Oslo, Norway. The construction contract is worth NOK 372 M, about SEK 400 M.

The Real Estate Profile: “The Oslo Market Will Get More Attractive”

Norway Norway — Eiendomsspar’s CEO Christian Ringnes on the conditions in the recent hotel divestment and why the Oslo real estate market has not showed its full capacity yet.