How Sweden's Real Estate King Wants to Grow in Oslo

Norway Norway — Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News on his interest for the attractive Oslo plot that is for sale and the expansion plans in Norway.

Pangea Hires Five Analysts to Oslo Office

Norway Norway — "They will make the organization in Oslo younger and even more dynamic and exciting," says Pangea Property Partners' CEO Bård Bjølgerud.

The Residential Challenges in Norway and Denmark

Nordic — Kristina Olsen, Bonava’s new Business Unit President of Bonava Denmark-Norway, tells Nordic Property News about her new role in Bonava, the importance of the Urbanium purchase and how much the residential developer want to grow in Denmark and Norway, going forward.

Norwegian Property: ”There Is Still Great Demand for Offices”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on the rental market in central Oslo and which segments that have stagnated this summer.

Why the Norwegian Heavyweight Succeeds in Sweden

Nordic — Obos' CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj tells Nordic Property News how the Norwegian and Swedish residential markets differ and the challenges in both countries.

Trends on the Norwegian Investment Market

Norway Norway — Ragnar Eggen, Head of Research at Akershus Eiendom, on which segments that are the most attractive for investors in Norway and why the vacancy rates are expected to continue to decrease.

The Lowest Housing Rental Yields in 40 Years: “Rents Will Continue to Rise”

Nordic — Professor Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella, on the yields in the Nordic cities, which Nordic capital that has experienced the strongest percentage rental growth since 2015 and why the European yields will continue to fall.

“A Great Housing Need in the Major Cities”

Norway Norway — Rolf Thorsen, CEO of the residential giant Selvaag Bolig, on the company's Q3 result, why sales are going up and the challenges on the Norwegian housing market.

Bonava on the Oslo Entry: "A Golden Opportunity"

Norway Norway — Louise Tjeder, Head of Investor Relations at Bonava, on why the acquisition of Urbanium was attractive and the prospects on the Norwegian housing market.

Veidekke: “We Work Hard Every Day to Get New Contracts”

Norway Norway — The construction giant Veidekke’s CEO Jimmy Bengtsson on the need for housing in Oslo and the great interest in the largest residential project ever in Norway.

"Too Few Homes Are Being Built in Relation to the Need"

Norway Norway — Executive Vice President at Obos, Arne Baumann, on the record project in Oslo and the housing market in the Norwegian capital.

Veidekke Signs Biggest Residential Contract Ever

Norway Norway — Veidekke has signed a contract with M17 Utvikling to build the Middelthunet housing project with 329 apartments at Majorstua in Oslo. The contract is worth around NOK 1 billion excluding VAT.

Skanska Signs Agreement with Obos – Builds Apartments in Oslo

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed an agreement with Obos to build 168 apartments in Oslo, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 344 million which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the third quarter 2019.

Areim’s Head of Norway: “The Norwegian Market Is Performing Well”

Norway Norway — Petter Falck, who will lead Areim's operations in Norway, tells Nordic Property News about the future investment opportunities and how his background from the Norwegian Oil Fund can be useful for Areim.

Why Nordanö Is Investing in Norway

Nordic — Real estate adviser Nordanö’s Partner Sven Dahlin tells Nordic Property News why the company is opening an office in Norway and which Nordic market is the hottest among global investors at the moment.

Nordanö Opens Office in Oslo

Norway Norway — International interest for Norwegian real estate is growing and the pan-Nordic advisory firm for property related transactions – Nordanö – now opens an office in Oslo. Nordanö is now present in all four Nordic countries.

After the Major Deal in Norway: Here Are Pareto’s Next Investment Targets

Nordic — Stefan Gattberg, Head of Investment Banking and Project Finance at Pareto Securities, on which country they prefer to invest in, the availability of capital and when the next big deal is happening.

NCC Sells Office Properties in Oslo to Pareto Company

Norway Norway — NCC is selling the Valle Wood and Valle View office projects, including the remaining development rights in the Helsfyr area of Oslo, to Valle Eiendom Holding AS, a newly formed property company established by Pareto Securities, for nearly SEK 2 billion.

Why the Norwegian Housing Giant Invests in Stockholm

Nordic — Selvaag Bolig's CEO Rolf Thorsen on the potential of the Stockholm market and why they appointed Britta Blaxhult as CEO in Sweden.

"What Is Happening in Retail Is Easily Over-Dramatized"

Norway Norway — Håvard Bjorå, Head of Research Nordics at Cushman & Wakefield, tells Nordic Property News about the decision to join J.B. Ugland, his view on the differences between the Oslo and Stockholm markets and how well-equipped the real estate companies are for the challenges in the various segments of the market.

The Main Challenges on the Norwegian Residential Market

Norway Norway — Listed company Selvaag Bolig's CEO Rolf Thorsen on the H1 result, the housing shortage in Oslo and what needs to be done from the politicians to increase the construction pace.

Haavind Enters Into an Agreement with Storebrand on a Lease in Oslo

Norway Norway — The law firm Haavind and Storebrand Eiendom have signed a lease for Haakon VII Gate 10, and in the summer of 2022 the law firm moves into the iconic building.

Why Tristan Divested Major Portfolio

Norway Norway — Anne-Jan Jager, Director, and Jean-Philippe Blangy, Head of Asset Management at Tristan Capital Partners, on their view on the Norwegian real estate market and why the timing for a major retail divestment was right.

The Construction Giant: ”The Market Has Been Solid During Several Years”

Norway Norway — Vidar Stokkeland, Managing Director at Skanska Commercial Development Norway, tells Nordic Property News how large interest in the company's various office projects is and about the new office building which is in progress in Oslo.

"Many Want to Invest in Commercial Real Estate"

Norway Norway — DNB Næringseiendom's CEO Gro Boge on the latest major acquisition and the situation on the office market in Oslo.