The agreement will meet Oslo’s need to maintain and pave the municipal road network, including roads, streets, sidewalks, foot and bicycle paths as well as select parking lots. The project will begin immediately.

“Together with the City of Oslo, we will improve accessibility and safety of the Oslo road network. The assignment is comprehensive and requires expertise as well as the ability to organize and plan operations, which NCC has,” says Ylva Lagesson, Head of NCC Industry.

During contract negotiations, the municipality emphasized sustainable solutions and took the price as well as the environment into consideration. The allotment criteria were 50% based on price, 30% on greenhouse gas emissions from asphalt production and 20% on climate-friendly vehicles and machines.

“NCC’s production methods have had lower carbon emissions than traditional asphalt production for some time. It is gratifying that Oslo has climate requirements for its suppliers and that we can help the municipality reduce its carbon emissions,” says Ylva Lagesson.

The contract will be registered in the NCC Industry business area during the third quarter of 2022.