Roger Akelius Critical of Castellum: "Needs to Stop Dividends"

Sweden Sweden — Akelius recently became the largest owner in Castellum when it bought 12.2 percent of the shares from the former largest owner and current CEO Rutger Arnhult. In an interview with Göteborgs-Posten, Akelius' founder, Roger Akelius, sharply criticizes both Arnhult and Castellum and believes that the company must scrap its dividends to shareholders.

Roger Akelius on the Blockbuster Acquisition in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Akelius is back on the Swedish market through the giant acquisition of 12.2 percent shares in Castellum from Rutger Arnhult. Roger Akelius shares his thoughts on the transaction with Nordic Property News.

Roger Akelius on the New Strategy for the Global Residential Company

Sweden Sweden — Akelius' business concept has for many years been to acquire properties in need of renovation, in order to renovate apartment by apartment as they become vacant. This concept will now change. Founder Roger Akelius on the future for the residential giant.

Pål Ahlsén Resigns as CEO of Akelius

Sweden Sweden — After 16 years at the company, CEO Pål Ahlsén has decided to leave Akelius.

The New CEO to Be Announced: “We Already Have a Candidate”

Sweden Sweden — Akelius Residential Property's Chairman Anders Lindskog on the quick process to find Pål Ahlsén's successor.

Raises All Salaries by 20 Percent

Sweden Sweden — Yesterday marked Roger Akelius’ – founder of Akelius Residential Property – 70th birthday. His way of celebrating: All 475 employees at Akelius get a 20 percent salary raise.