In a few months, Pål Ahlsén will leave Akelius on his own request. Formalities for assigning new CEO is underway.

Pål Ahlsén has during sixteen years built up the company to a value of thirteen billion euro. He has increased staff from a hundred to 1,500 and built the company in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Copenhagen and overseas in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston and Washington.

"The appointment of Pål to CEO ten years ago was a hit. Pål’s contribution to the company has been invaluable," says Akelius founder Roger Akelius.

"I gave Akelius my heart and soul, energy and time. It’s been an honour and a privilege to work with Roger and all skilful colleagues. Now, I look forward to some recreation before I assume any new challenges," says Pål Ahlsén.