Roger Akelius Critical of Castellum: "Needs to Stop Dividends"

Sweden Sweden — Akelius recently became the largest owner in Castellum when it bought 12.2 percent of the shares from the former largest owner and current CEO Rutger Arnhult. In an interview with Göteborgs-Posten, Akelius' founder, Roger Akelius, sharply criticizes both Arnhult and Castellum and believes that the company must scrap its dividends to shareholders.

Akelius Enters New Market – Acquires Apartments in Quebec, Canada

Sweden Sweden — Purchase price is EUR 23 million. The property is built in 1968 and the average apartment size is 71 square meters, large enough for home office.

One Year Since the Major Akelius Acquisition: "Bought at the Perfect Wrong Time"

Nordic — At the end of October 2021, Heimstaden received final approval for the acquisition of Akelius' property portfolios in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Almost a year later, Heimstaden's CEO Patrik Hall looks back on the huge 92 billion acquisition and the, in hindsight, "perfectly wrong timing" for the purchase. He also says how they view the future of the Akelius-portfolio today.

Akelius Opens Up for More Nordic Investments: "It's Likely"

Nordic — On Thursday last week, Akelius bought 40 million shares in Castellum from M2 Asset Management for SEK 4.6 billion, a deal that corresponds to 12.2 percent of the total number of shares in Castellum. The transaction makes Akelius the largest owner in Castellum, while the sale means that Rutger Arnhult reduces his ownership to 6.1 percent and becomes the second largest owner. Akelius CEO Ralf Spann tells Nordic Property News about the thinking behind the big purchase, what the ambition looks like with the holding and what other types of investment they are looking at.

Roger Akelius on the Blockbuster Acquisition in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Akelius is back on the Swedish market through the giant acquisition of 12.2 percent shares in Castellum from Rutger Arnhult. Roger Akelius shares his thoughts on the transaction with Nordic Property News.

CEO Rutger Arnhult Divests Castellum Shares for EUR 424 Million to Akelius

Sweden Sweden — Castellum permits M2 Asset Management AB to proceed with a sale of shares during the currently ongoing closed period.

Akelius Sells Akelius Technology

Sweden Sweden — Akelius Residential Property AB strengthens its focus on residential real estate and has decided to sell Akelius Technology AB which includes the Technology Department to Akelius Apartments Ltd on July 29:th.

Heimstaden Acquires Residential Portfolio from Akelius for EUR 9.1 billion

Nordic — Heimstaden subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad, buys 599 properties with 28,776 homes centrally located in Berlin (14,050), Hamburg (3,592), Stockholm (5,934), Malmö (4,107), and Copenhagen (1,093). Transaction value SEK 92.5 billion (EUR 9.1 billion) with SEK 2.8 billion in annual rental income.

Akelius Revises the Financial Policy

Sweden Sweden — Akelius revised financial policy limits the maximum loan-to-value to 45 percent. The previous limit was 40 percent.

Akelius Grows in Canada – Enters Ottawa

Sweden Sweden — Akelius has decided to enter Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Akelius' Vice President Lars Lindfors Retires

Sweden Sweden — Upon turning 62 years in April 2021, Vice President Lars Lindfors will leave Akelius for early retirement.

Roger Akelius on the New Strategy for the Global Residential Company

Sweden Sweden — Akelius' business concept has for many years been to acquire properties in need of renovation, in order to renovate apartment by apartment as they become vacant. This concept will now change. Founder Roger Akelius on the future for the residential giant.

Akelius Revises Business Model and Considers Reducing Staff

Sweden Sweden — Akelius could reduce staff by 400 people by 2022.

Akelius Presents Ten Percent Net Operating Income Growth

Sweden Sweden — Rental income was EUR 238 million, a like-for-like increase of 6.3 percent. Net operating income was EUR 128 million, up by 10.3 percent in the like-for-like portfolio.

Residential Real Estate is Safe Haven According to Akelius

Sweden Sweden — "People need somewhere to live, no matter economical situation", Akelius ceo Ralf Spann tells Nordic Property News.

Akelius Vacancy Rate Unchanged in June

Sweden Sweden — Rent collection for June was 2 percentage points lower than normal.

Ralf Spann Named New CEO of Akelius

Sweden Sweden — Ralf Spann succeeds Pål Ahlsén as new CEO. New head of Europe will be Jordan Milewicz.

Pål Ahlsén Resigns as CEO of Akelius

Sweden Sweden — After 16 years at the company, CEO Pål Ahlsén has decided to leave Akelius.

Why the CEO of Akelius Leaves the Company on His Own Request

Sweden Sweden — Pål Ahlsén tells Nordic Property News about his ten years as CEO at the residential giant; what he is most proud of, what he will do next, and which decision that has been the toughest for him to make. “It has been challenging and exciting, and sometimes difficult.”

The New CEO to Be Announced: “We Already Have a Candidate”

Sweden Sweden — Akelius Residential Property's Chairman Anders Lindskog on the quick process to find Pål Ahlsén's successor.

Change of Investment Plans for the Residential Heavyweight

Sweden Sweden — Akelius Residential Property’s CEO Pål Ahlsén reveals: “We had plans for growth this year but instead…”

Akelius' Head of Scandinavia Leaves for COO Position at Victoria Park and Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Peter Ullmark has, after nine years at Akelius, decided to leave the company to become COO of Hembla and Victoria Park. The new Head of Scandinavia at Akelius will be Sofia Aasvold.

Why the Credit Rating Is More Important than Growth for Akelius

Nordic — The residential giant Akelius' CEO Pål Ahlsén on why the company continues to divest, which Nordic markets are most interesting to invest in and how the five-year rent freeze in Berlin affects Akelius.

Akelius Sells 664 Apartments in Toronto

Sweden Sweden — The properties are located in six different districts. Sales price is CAD 186 million (EUR 130M).

Akelius Looks to Issue Class D Shares

Sweden Sweden — Akelius has commissioned Deutsche Bank, Swedbank and Avanza to investigate the market for a new series D.