Castellum's CEO and board member Rutger Arnhult and M2 Asset Management AB have submitted a written request to Castellum for the purpose of obtaining Castellum's permission to proceed with an immediate sale of shares in Castellum held by M2 concurrently with the ongoing closed period, which extends up until 20 October 2022 when Castellum announces its interim financial report for the period January - September 2022.Akelius Residential Property AB buys 40 million shares in Castellum AB from M2 Asset Management AB.

This corresponds to 12.2 percent of the total number of shares in Castellum AB excluding shares held by the company. Purchase price is SEK 115 per share, in total SEK 4.6 billion, or EUR 424 million.

Ralf Spann, CEO of Akelius, comments:

"Akelius recognizes Castellum’s strong and diversified position in the Swedish commercial real estate market as well as its growing presence in other Nordic markets."

The purchase of shares in Castellum is a financial investment that offers diversification as well as a good dividend yield.

Further, Akelius shares Castellum’s ambition to be a frontrunner in sustainability. Being one of the Nordic region’s most sustainable property companies, Castellum’s sustainability work is a positive contribution to Akelius’ efforts in the field.

Akelius can support Castellum’s ambition to keep an investment grade rating.

Castellum's announcement on the deal:

It is Castellum's assessment that the circumstances that have led to M2's need to sell the shares have been exceptional due to the extremely urgent, unforeseeable and compelling nature of the circumstances and that M2 has had no control of the occurrence of the circumstances. Castellum has, when examining whether the circumstances described in the written request are exceptional, taken into account that a sale of M2's shares in Castellum cannot be delayed but is the only possible means for M2 to satisfy the financial claims placed upon M2. Castellum has therefore, in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation Article 19.12, resolved to permit Rutger Arnhult, through M2, to sell shares during the currently ongoing closed period.