Joacim Sjöberg: "We sell because we want to – not because we have to"

Sweden Sweden — When Castellum's CEO, Joacim Sjöberg, presents this year's first quarterly report for the company, he can state with satisfaction that Castellum delivers an increased management result compared to the same period last year. He also says that the company may well consider starting to buy again. "There are, of course, strategic areas in which we want to grow."

Castellum sells properties for EUR 85 million

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is selling ten properties for SEK 934 million (EUR 85 million) less deferred tax and overheads totalling approximately SEK 25 million (EUR 2.3 million). The sale price confirms the carrying amount.

Castellum to sell car dealerships in Stockholm to Nordisk Renting

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is selling the Visiret 2 property in the Smista district, in southern Stockholm, to Nordisk Renting. The total sale price is SEK 347 million (EUR 31.6 million) less overheads and deferred tax totalling approximately SEK 13 million (EUR 1.2 million). The sale price confirms the carrying amount.

Castellum signs new lease in central Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has signed a lease with the cyber security company Omegapoint for 1,255 square meters, at Östra hamngatan 16, in central Gothenburg. Access is planned for December 2024.

Sees increased vacancy rate in 2024: "Had a ketchup effect with redundancies"

Sweden Sweden — Castellum experienced a volatile net rental during 2023 which landed at minus 67 million, the majority of which is attributed to Q4 when there were several major relocations. Bankruptcies are also increasing in Castellum's portfolio, and CEO Joacim Sjöberg does not think it is unlikely that the vacancy rate for the company will further increase in 2024.

Castellum yearns for the European bond market

Sweden Sweden — Castellum continues to feel strong, the company announces during its Q3 presentation – not least because despite the CPI indexing of rents, it has not yet given the tenants hiccups. But one thing that has become clear over the past year is that there are different groups of property companies on the bond market – there are winners and losers.

Global giant increases significantly in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Global giant increases Castellum holding by 65,7 percent – rises in the list of owners.

The heavyweights' different views on Entra holdings – Balder sees no need for a write-down

Nordic — Entra's two largest owners, Castellum and Balder, both submitted their Q3 reports on Friday, and there it appeared that they have different views on their holdings in the Norwegian real estate company. Castellum has chosen to make a write-down of close to SEK 0.5 billion, while Balder has chosen to leave the value unchanged. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments on Balder's view of the Entra holding and shares his view of the bond market.

Entra struggling on the stock market – cancels dividend for H1

Norway Norway — Norway's largest real estate company Entra is owned by almost three quarters of Balder and Castellum, an investment that has dropped in value since they started investing in the company almost three years ago. The share is now down to levels for which it was last traded in January 2017. Wednesday's Q3 report did not have any significant impact in any direction, but the company's CEO Sonja Horn emphasizes that the company still focuses on strengthening the balance sheet and continues with its divestment program, but they will not sell properties at any discounts.

Castellum sells properties for approximately EUR 78 million

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is selling five properties for a total of approximately SEK 900 million (EUR 77.8 million), in line with the carrying amounts. The properties comprise a portfolio of four retail properties in Nyköping, Jönköping and Linköping that are being sold for approximately SEK 600 milllion (EUR 51.7 million). In addition, an industrial property in Västerås is being divested for approximately SEK 300 million (EUR 25.9 million).

They could join Doxa – the arenas proposed to be dedicated for Eurovision

Sweden Sweden — Malmö Arena will host the heats and the final of next year's Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö. But more premises are needed for such a huge event to be carried out, and the city office will therefore be tasked with negotiating venue agreements for the two other main arenas for the event. Nordic Property News gives you more details about the proposed arenas and the property owners.

Castellum creates Hitachi Energy's new Swedish HQ

Sweden Sweden — Castellum and Hitachi Energy have signed a LOI to build Hitachi Energy's new Swedish headquarters of up to 25,000 square meters on Finnslätten in Västerås.

Castellum divests properties in four cities

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has divested eight properties as part of four transactions in the areas of Haninge, Linköping, Malmö and Uddevalla. The sales prices totalled approximately SEK 430 million (EUR 39.2 million) less overheads and deferred tax of a total of SEK 25 million (EUR 2.27 million).

Christoffer Strömbäck appointed Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance at Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Christoffer Strömbäck will assume his new role as Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance at Castellum in February at the latest. He joins Castellum from Fastator where he has been CFO.

Castellum Wants to Postpone Access in Major Office Project

Sweden Sweden — The company cites the current market situation and difficulties in paying the purchase price as reasons for wanting to postpone their access to one of the two properties that make up the SEK 1.7 billion investment Infinity in Hagastaden. Nordic Property News has more details about the matter.

Former Castellum Head Returns to Nordic Giant

Nordic — Returns to an old acquaintance after more than 20 years to focus on the trade segment. Nordic Property News tells more.

Castellum Announces Divestments of SEK 2.3 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is divesting two properties to its tenant, Axis Communications, In addition, 18 smaller properties were divested during the year. The total sale prices is SEK 2.3 billion.

Castellum Resolves New Share Issue of SEK 10 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Castellum resolves on a fully underwritten rights issue of approximately SEK 10 billion and announces terms.

Rutger Arnhult on His Return as CEO of Corem

Sweden Sweden — More than ten years after he handed over CEO responsibility to Eva Landén, Rutger Arnhult returns as CEO of Corem - with Eva Landén as deputy CEO. For Nordic Property News, the industry veteran talks about his return, how he will lead the company and how he, as by far the largest owner, views his future holdings in the company.

Castellum Will Be Net Sellers in 2023

Sweden Sweden — When the Q4 report was released, it was unclear from Castellum's side whether they would be net sellers or net buyers in 2023 – but after the Q1 report released on Wednesday, it is now clear that they will be net sellers. The Entra holding is not for sale according to the company, and CEO Joacim Sjöberg tells Nordic Property News how they see the sales potential in the rest of their extensive portfolio.

Increased NOI but Lowered Valuations for Castellum

Nordic — Castellum increased its Net Operating Income by 9.3 percent and rental income in comparable stock by 10.7 percent during Q1 – at the same time property valuations decreased by approximately SEK 6 billion.

Arnhult's Private Company Divests Big Volume in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult's ownership company M2 Asset Management has repaid a securities loan of just under SEK 3 billion regarding shares in Castellum. After the transaction M2's ownership in Castellum amounts to approximately 1 percent of capital and votes.

Castellum's Plans for Western Sweden – under the New Regional CEO

Sweden Sweden — Last week, Castellum appointed Joacim Sjöberg as the new CEO for the company – now they have also found the successor to Mariette Hilmersson as CEO for Castellum West. The incoming CEO for Castellum West, Örjan Rystedt, tells Nordic Property News about the new role, the project development and the strategy for Western Sweden.

Akelius Increases Ownership in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — On Friday last week, Akelius bought two million shares in Castellum for approximately SEK 224 million. It is the first time since October 2022 that Akelius has increased its holding in Castellum and now the ownership amounts to 12.73 percent of the capital.

Örjan Rystedt is appointed new Regional MD for Castellum West

Sweden Sweden — Castellum’s current Project Development Manager Örjan Rystedt will succeed Mariette Hilmersson as Regional Managing Director for Region West, and will be stationed in Gothenburg. He will take office on 1 May 2023.