Unexpected Interest in the CEO Position in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has come some way in the search for a new permanent CEO, but for the moment they have chosen to appoint board member Joacim Sjöberg as acting CEO. Board chairman Per Berggren tells Nordic Property News about why a temporary solution was chosen, how the process of finding a new CEO continues and about an unexpected interest that has appeared so far during the process.

Rutger Arnhult Steps Down Immediately as Castellum CEO – Replaced by Board Member

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Castellum has appointed Joacim Sjöberg as acting CEO of Castellum AB during the ongoing recruitment process.

Castellum Sells in Borås

Sweden Sweden — Castellum sells property in central Borås.

Castellum Signs LOI for Portfolio Divestment

Sweden Sweden — Castellum divests a commercial property portfolio with 5 properties. The sales price, which is in line with the book value, amounts to approximately SEK 219 M with a market deduction for deferred tax. In addition, there are conditional agreements and letters of intent signed for a further SEK 1.8 billion.

Castellum Divests Properties in Stockholm for MSEK 962

Sweden Sweden — Castellum divest the properties Marievik 27 and Marievik 30 to AMF Fastigheter for SEK 962 million, of which SEK 80 million will be paid when the new detailed development plan becomes legally binding. Underlying property value which is in line with book value, amounts to MSEK 962 with a market deduction for deferred tax.

Castellum Divests New Production in Jönköping

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is divesting a soon-to-be-completed property with the Swedish National Courts Administration as the sole tenant. The building will house the Göta Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping. The underlying property value witch is in line with book to value, amounts to SEK 510 M with a market-based deduction for deferred taxes.

Castellum's Chairman on Arnhult's Departure: "Had No Such Signals"

Sweden Sweden — Castellum's board was surprised when Rutger Arnhult informed them that he was stepping down as CEO. Chairman Per Berggren tells Nordic Property News how they want to replace him and how they view the fact that the major company has now lost two CEOs within the space of a year.

Rutger Arnhult Resigns as Castellum CEO

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult has informed the Board of Directors of Castellum that he has decided to leave his position as CEO of the company. The Board is now initiating a process to appoint a new CEO.

Blackstone Acquires Swedish Portfolio from Corem for SEK 5.35 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Today, Corem Property Group signed an agreement to divest a portfolio of 47 properties from a subsidiary to an entity owned by funds advised by an affiliate of The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP.

Roger Akelius on Arnhult's Resignation and What Qualities He Wants in a Successor

Nordic — Major news in Nordic Giant Castellum as Rutger Arnhult is stepping down as CEO. Roger Akelius, founder of Castellum's largest owner Akelius, tells Nordic Property News about his reaction to Arnhult's announcement, what qualities he would like to see in the next CEO and about the possibilities of Akelius continuing to increase its ownership in Castellum.

Rutger Arnhult Continues to Sell Castellum Shares – Akelius Not the Buyer

Sweden Sweden — After having sold 40 million shares in Castellum in October, corresponding to 12.2 percent of the company, for SEK 4.6 billion to Akelius, Rutger Arnhult now continues to sell Castellum shares via M2 Asset Management. This time he is selling 2.3 million shares, corresponding to approximately 0.7 percent of the company, for SEK 303 million. The buyer this time, however, was not Akelius, Roger Akelius tells DI.

The Next Step for Castellum's Major Gothenburg Project

Sweden Sweden — The detailed plan for Castellum's extensive investment at the old Säve airport, Gateway Säve, will now go out for consultation. The plans for the old airport include a mixed business area with, for example, airport, industry, logistics, offices and aviation museum with a total of 700,000 square meters of premises.

Castellum's CFO Steps Down

Sweden Sweden — Maria Strandberg has announced that she has decided to step down from her role as CFO at Castellum for new opportunities.

The Board of Directors of Castellum Proposes That Dividends Are Paused

Sweden Sweden — Recently, Roger Akelius, the founder of Castellum's largest owner Akelius, called for Castellum to cancel dividends. Now, the Board does just that. The Board of Directors of Castellum observes that the bond market is still closed with no signs of recovery in the near future. In order to safeguard the company's credit rating, the Board of Directors has resolved to adopt a stricter financial policy and a savings program with a reduced investment scope for 2023 in order to strengthen the company's balance sheet. Furthermore, the Board of Directors will not propose that the upcoming Annual General Meeting resolves to pay any dividends.

Castellum to Create New Police Station in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — The construction of Hisingen’s new police station on Exportgatan has now begun. Castellum is creating purpose-built premises on the site where the old printing office for the Swedish daily Göteborgs-Posten once stood.

Roger Akelius Critical of Castellum: "Needs to Stop Dividends"

Sweden Sweden — Akelius recently became the largest owner in Castellum when it bought 12.2 percent of the shares from the former largest owner and current CEO Rutger Arnhult. In an interview with Göteborgs-Posten, Akelius' founder, Roger Akelius, sharply criticizes both Arnhult and Castellum and believes that the company must scrap its dividends to shareholders.

Castellum Ready for Big Shift in its Transaction Strategy

Sweden Sweden — Castellum's CEO Rutger Arnhult announces that Castellum has recently changed its transaction strategy and will start taking steps that it "normally doesn't do". Here he tells more about the assets that may be sold, the view on the holding in Entra and if he can see himself increasing his holdings in Castellum in the future.

Akelius Opens Up for More Nordic Investments: "It's Likely"

Nordic — On Thursday last week, Akelius bought 40 million shares in Castellum from M2 Asset Management for SEK 4.6 billion, a deal that corresponds to 12.2 percent of the total number of shares in Castellum. The transaction makes Akelius the largest owner in Castellum, while the sale means that Rutger Arnhult reduces his ownership to 6.1 percent and becomes the second largest owner. Akelius CEO Ralf Spann tells Nordic Property News about the thinking behind the big purchase, what the ambition looks like with the holding and what other types of investment they are looking at.

Roger Akelius on the Blockbuster Acquisition in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Akelius is back on the Swedish market through the giant acquisition of 12.2 percent shares in Castellum from Rutger Arnhult. Roger Akelius shares his thoughts on the transaction with Nordic Property News.

CEO Rutger Arnhult Divests Castellum Shares for EUR 424 Million to Akelius

Sweden Sweden — Castellum permits M2 Asset Management AB to proceed with a sale of shares during the currently ongoing closed period.

Castellum Builds for Bravida in Örebro

Sweden Sweden — Castellum will build a new office building on Aspholmen with Bravida as tenant.

Castellum Receives Green Equity Designation from Nasdaq

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has met all the conditions for securing the Green Equity Designation on Nasdaq Stockholm and has now become the first large property company in the Nordics to be approved and classified as such.

Castellum Recruits Ulrika Bexell from TAM Group

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is recruiting Ulrika Bexell, who will join Castellum in Stockholm and take the role as business developer. She joins from TAM Group where she worked with office development within the Sturekvarteret in Stockholm city.

Here Is Castellum's Major Project Portfolio

Sweden Sweden — As Castellum looks to grow more project development, Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the company's major project portfolio.

Castellum Company Makes Change in CEO

Sweden Sweden — Castellum's coworking company United Spaces will make a change in CEO this fall. Retiring CEO Yvonne Sörensen Björud tells Nordic Property News about the decision to leave, about the time in the company and about her future plans.