Ralf Spann, started working for Akelius fourteen years ago. He has had the titles of Head of Berlin and Head of USA, and is presently Head of Europe. Ralf Spann is German and works from the Berlin office.

"Pål is in many ways a true role model and mentor. Pål always created an inspiring and trustworthy environment. His constant strive for improvements and his lifetime learning attitude are unique. Together we will ensure a smooth handover. I am looking forward to leading Akelius together with my team to new horizons," says Ralf Spann.

Jordan Milewicz is currently Head of Property and Business Department. He has been with Akelius since 2008 when he started as an Asset Manager in Munich and soon became Head of Southern Germany. In 2011 he moved to Canada to work for the development of Akelius' operations in Toronto and Montreal. In 2015 Jordan Milewicz became Head of US. In 2016 he moved back to Berlin as Head of Property and Business Department.

"It is time to have Jordan back in the operations. Europe will benefit from his huge experiences in North America and as Head of Property and Business Department. Europe is in good hands," says Ralf Spann.

"When I received the call, I felt honored and proud that Ralf trusts me to lead the Region that he so successfully represented for the past years. I am looking forward to contributing with my experience, both from operations and departments, to the further development of Region Europe," says Jordan Milewicz.