"This Is the Best Way for Us to Grow"

Sweden Sweden — As Castellum continues to grow the company's large project portfolio plays a big part. CEO Rutger Arnhult shares his view of the importance of project development and the affects rising costs could have on the industry.

“We Are Not Done with the Sell-offs”

Sweden Sweden — Castellum still have non-core assets to divest – yet the company will not be a net-seller in the coming year. CEO Rutger Arnhult comments on Castellum’s possible divestments and acquisitions going forward.

Rutger Arnhult Increases Position in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Castellum’s largest owner and CEO, Rutger Arnhult, increases his holdings in the company.

Arnhult Makes Small Divestment in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — CEO and largest owner, Rutger Arnhult, makes a small decrease of his holdings in Castellum.

Regio Acquires Castellum Portfolio for SEK 2.3 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is divesting 12 properties in Gävle to Fastighets AB Regio. The sale price is approximately SEK 2.3 billion less overheads and deferred tax totalling approximately MSEK 130.

Castellum's Growth Plans in Copenhagen and Helsinki

Nordic — Castellum will have an increased focus on growing in Helsinki and Copenhagen going forward. Rutger Arnhult talks about the growth plans in the Nordic region, the company's future in Entra and about the possibility of entering new markets.

She Is the New CFO of Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Maria Strandberg has been appointed the new CFO at Castellum AB. She will take office on 1 March.

This Is Castellum’s New Management Team

Sweden Sweden — Castellum’s newly appointed CEO Rutger Arnhult presents the company’s new management team and organisation. The company will have an Executive Management Group comprising 12 people and recruits a Head of Finance and a Chief Legal Officer from Corem Property Group.

More Turbulence at Castellum – Deputy CEO and CFO Also Leaves the Company

Sweden Sweden — On Monday, it was announced that CEO Biljana Pehrsson would leave Castellum and be replaced by the company's largest owner and then Chairman Rutger Arnhult. Now the turbulence in the company continues as Deputy CEO and CFO Ylva Sarby Westman also leaves Castellum. She tells Nordic Property News about the decision.

Castellum’s New Chairman: “Very Sad that it Turned Out like this”

Sweden Sweden — New Castellum Chairman Per Berggren tells Nordic Property News about the schism behind the change in CEO, the chairmanship of Castellum and the view of Rutger Arnhult's various roles and ownership interests.

Biljana Pehrsson Resigns as Castellum CEO – Rutger Arnhult Takes the Helm

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Castellum has appointed its current Chairman Rutger Arnhult as CEO of Castellum, taking office and replacing Biljana Pehrsson with immediate effect.

Rutger Arnhult: ”This Was Not My Original Plan”

Sweden Sweden — Castellum’s former Chairman and new CEO Rutger Arnhult on the new assignment.

Castellum Completes the Offer to the Shareholders of Kungsleden

Sweden Sweden — All conditions for completion of the offer have been fulfilled. Accordingly, the offer is declared unconditional in all respects and Castellum will complete the acquisition of the shares.

Castellum Sells Portfolio to Oscar Properties

Sweden Sweden — Castellum sells a property portfolio to Oscar Properties for approximately SEK 1.7 billion.

The Entra CEO’s Reaction on Castellum’s Increased Holding

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of Entra: “Both major shareholders have to date expressed their support to Entra’s strategic priorities.”

What Attracted Castellum to Make the Major Kungsleden Bid

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News has taken a closer look on Rutger Arnhult and Castellum's main reasons behind the SEK 27 billion bid on Kungsleden.

After Saxborn’s Resignation: How the Castellum Board Moves Forward

Sweden Sweden — The main owner and Chairman of Castellum, Rutger Arnhult, on CEO Henrik Saxborn leaving Castellum: “The decision is entirely Henrik's and has only to do with what he wants to do in the future.”

After the Battle – Rutger Arnhult New Chairman of Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Castellum's largest owner Rutger Arnhult has been elected new chairman of Castellum after a being publicly opposed by parts of the nomination committee. He tells Nordic Property News about his ambitions for Castellum, the critique from his opponents, his view on Castellum's position in Entra.

Peeter Kinnunen Is Appointed Acting CEO of Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Peeter Kinnunen, Head of Transactions, has been named acting CEO of Klövern as Rutger Arnhult is leaving the company.

Arnhult’s New Move in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — The battle for the Castellum chairmanship has been a hot topic in Swedish real estate. With just two weeks left until the Annual General Meeting Rutger Arnhult, the largest owner and proposed chairman, makes a new big move in the company.

Klövern Signs the First Lease Contract in New York

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has signed a lease contract with chef Matthew Kenney for approximately 730 sq.m. of restaurant space at the ground and lower levels at 1245 Broadway in New York. The new office project is located at the corner of Broadway and 31st Street in Manhattan. The tenant is expected to open operations in the second quarter of 2022 and the lease term is ten years.

The Battle for the Castellum Chairmanship

Sweden Sweden — Tensions are rising within the Castellum board over the position as chairman. Three members – Anna-Karin Hatt, Christer Jacobson and Nina Linander – will leave the board if Rutger Arnhult gets elected chairman. At the same time Per Berggren has been suggested as a possible new chairman. Christer Jacobson and Per Berggren gives Nordic Property News their view of the situation surrounding the charirmanship.

Another Candidate Up for the Chairman Position in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has received a proposal regarding the composition of the Board of Directors from Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, the second largest shareholder in Castellum, and two members of the Election Committee, Vincent Fokke, representing Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, and Charlotte Strömberg, Chair of the Board of Castellum.

Arnhult on Taking Up the Chairman Position at Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Klövern's CEO Rutger Arnhult on the divided support from the nomination committee of Castellum, what his main tasks as Chairman will be, and the search for his successor at Klövern.

Rutger Arnhult Steps Down as Klövern CEO – to Be Chairman of Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Today, Rutger Arnhult has informed Klövern’s board of directors that he will leave his position as CEO. This is a consequence of him being positive to the proposal of Castellum’s Nomination Committee that he is appointed Chairman of the company at the upcoming annual general meeting.