Why the Housing Group Acquired Properties from the Logistics Giant

Sweden Sweden — The housing company Obos purchased commercial properties from Sagax. Ulrika Liiv, Head of Communications at Obos Sweden, on the deal: "A strategic investment for us."

Nyfosa Acquires from Söderport

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement with Nyfosa's joint venture Söderport Holding AB to acquire 10 properties at a value of MSEK 214. Söderport Holding AB is equally owned by Nyfosa and Sagax.

Sagax Sells to Obos

Sweden Sweden — Sagax sells two properties in Vetlanda and Sävsjö to Obos.

The Best Yields Among the Listed Nordic Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News has listed the Nordic construction and real estate companies’ dividend yield. Here is the complete list.

Why Sagax Enters a New Market

Sweden Sweden — Sagax invests in a new market through double investment. CEO David Mindus tells Nordic Property News about the motive, why the entrance to the market was delayed and which two cities to invest in.

Söderport Divests Properties for SEK 2.3 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Söderport Holding, which is owned equally by Nyfosa and Sagax, has today, through a subsidiary, agreed to transfer six properties in Torslanda to the listed one-property company Torslanda Property Investment.

Nyfosa and Sagax Transfers Properties for SEK 1.4 billion to Co-owned JV

Sweden Sweden — Söderport Holding, which is owned equally by Nyfosa and Sagax, has agreed to acquire nine properties from Nyfosa for MSEK 722 and six properties from Sagax for MSEK 668.

...and Here Is the Gender Distribution Among the Employees

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the total amount of women and men that are employed by the major listed real estate companies in the Nordics.

Sagax Acquires Eight Properties

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has through five separate transactions agreed on the acquisition of eight properties in the Netherlands, three properties in Paris and one property in Stockholm. The total investment amounts to MSEK 200.

Sagax Makes New Finnish Purchase

Finland Finland — Through four separate transactions, Sagax has acquired five properties in Finland and one property in the Netherlands.

Sagax Expands in Finland

Finland Finland — Sagax acquires a warehouse property in the Vantaa, Helsinki and two propertis in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Klövern CEO Becomes Largest Owner in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult, CEO of Klövern, and large owner of Corem, Klövern and Sagax becomes the largest owner in listed Castellum. He tells Nordic Property News of the future of the company and his feelings on his ownership.

Sagax Invests EUR 39M in Bromma

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has decided to add approximately 19,000 square meters leasable area consisting of warehouse and business facilities with appurtenant offices and garage to the company’s property Stockholm Gjutmästaren 8, located in Ulvsunda industrial area in Bromma.

Sagax Acquires Helsinki Property

Finland Finland — Sagax has an agreement regarding the acquisition of a property in Vanda, Northwest of central Helsinki and ten minutes from Helsinki airport. The total acquisition cost amounts to corresponding EUR 16.2M.

Largest Rental Income Growth in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — How was the rental income evolve for the listed Swedish real estate companies in 2017? Nordic Property News presents a list of the rental income development.

Sagax Purchases in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Sagax has purchased a property in Esbo, west of Central Helsinki. The total cost amounts to EUR 9M.

“Hard to Find Better Conditions”

Finland Finland — At the end of 2017 Sagax made yet another acquisition in Finland. The company’s CEO David Mindus summarizes 2017 for Nordic Property News, and shares the future plans for the Finnish market.

Sagax Makes Real Estate Trade in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has agreed with S:t Erik Markutveckling about a real estate trade in Bromma, Stockholm. Sagax sells the leasehold to Valsverket 10 for MSEK 203 (EUR 21M) and purchases part of the Gjutmästaren 6 for SMEK 21.5 (EUR 2.3M).

Sagax Buys 18 Properties in Finland

Finland Finland — The seller is Jykes Kiinteistöt Oy and the total price amounts to about EUR 32M.

Sagax Acquires Portfolio in Finland

Finland Finland — Sagax has acquired a property portfolio of 50,000 sqm lettable area and 627,000 land from Varma. The transaction price is MSEK 219 (EUR 22.5M).

Sagax Purchases in Stockholm and Helsinki

Nordic — Sagax has acquired a property in Västberga in southern Stockholm. At the same time the company acquires a property in Vantaa in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The total transaction sum amounts to EUR 22M.

NRP Buys 134,000 sqm in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa’s joint venture, Söderport, which is owned equally with Sagax, has today agreed to divest a property in Gothenburg for MSEK 979 (EUR 103M). The property is situated in Torslanda and comprises a leasable area of 134,000 square meters containing premises for warehousing and offices.

Sagax Makes Double Acqusitions in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Sagax has acquired a property in Vantaa, close to the airport in metropolitan Helsinki, of 6,600 sqm lettable area and 17,000 sqm freehold land area. At the same time Sagax acquires a property in Helsinki with 2,200 sqm lettable area.

New Major Owner in NP3

Sweden Sweden — Sagax divests three properties to NP3 and will be paid in new shares. Sagax are therefore the fourth largest owner in NP3.

Sagax Acquires 12 Industrial Properties

Finland Finland — Swedish Sagax has acquired a portfolio of 12 industrial properties for €68M.