This is Where Mindus Wants Sagax to Invest More in 2023

Nordic — After the sale of 36 properties in Spain worth almost SEK 2 billion, Sagax CEO David Mindus tells Nordic Property News why the divestment took place less than three years after the acquisition of the portfolio, whether they will be net buyers or net sellers in 2023 and which market he would like to invest more in than in previous years.

Sagax Makes Portfolio Divestment in Spain

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has entered into an agreement to divest 36 properties in Spain to Coop Group for EUR 180 million and a fixed and unconditional payment of EUR 10 million in additional purchase price, rental income, or a combination thereof at Sagax’s discretion.

Sagax Crosses New Threshold in Nyfosa

Nordic — Has increased holdings by 36 percentage points in 2022.

Sagax Makes New Large Company Investment – Reaches 20 Percent

Sweden Sweden — David Mindus' company continues to charge significantly – has increased its ownership by almost six percent during Q2.

Sagax Acquires in Finland – and Five Other Countries

Finland Finland — Sagax has through six separate transactions acquired 18 properties for the equivalent of SEK 623 million. The properties comprise a lettable area of 66,900 square metres, mainly consisting of premises for warehousing and light industrial purposes.

Sagax Completes Large Acquisitions

Nordic — Sagax has through 13 separate transactions acquired 80 properties for the equivalent of SEK 1,285 million.

Sagax Increases in Nyfosa – Ownership Nearly Doubled in the Last Year

Nordic — Sagax continues to increase their holdings in Nyfosa.

Sagax Makes New Push in Nyfosa – Increase Holdings

Nordic — Sagax continues to increase their holdings in Nyfosa.

Sagax Makes Finnish Investment

Finland Finland — Sagax has through seven separate transactions acquired 9 properties for the equivalent of SEK 452 million.

Sagax Acquires Finnish Portfolio

Finland Finland — Sagax has through two separate transactions acquired 10 properties in Finland. The total investment amounts to the equivalent of SEK 557 million.

Sagax Makes Seven Transactions

Nordic — Sagax invests SEK 437 million through seven transactions.

Sagax Increases their Position in Nyfosa

Nordic — Sagax continues to make moves at the top of the Nyfosa owner list.

Sagax Acquires Properties in France and the Netherlands

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has through five separate transactions acquired four properties in Paris and two properties in the Netherlands. The total investment amounts to the equivalent of SEK 625 million of which SEK 458 million is invested in Paris and SEK 167 million in the Netherlands.

Sagax Acquires in Four Countries

Nordic — Sagax has through eight separate transactions acquired five properties in Finland, three properties in Paris, three properties in the Netherlands and one property in Stockholm. The aggregate acquisition cost amounts to the equivalent of SEK 775 million.

Sagax Becomes the Largest Owner in Nyfosa

Nordic — At the same time as the entry into the Cibus ownership group, Sagax makes an additional investment in Nyfosa and thus becoming the largest owner in the listed company. CEO David Mindus comments on the increased position in Nyfosa.

After the Major Purchase – Here Are Cibus' Growth Plans

Nordic — Cibus continues to make large portfolio acquisitions. After buying 72 properties in Finland from Sagax, CEO Sverker Källgården tells Nordic Property News about the growth strategy, getting a new large owner in the company, the plans for the second half of 2021 and about expansion opportunities to Norway and Denmark.

Cibus Acquires Portfolio from Sagax

Finland Finland — Cibus Nordic Real Estate signs the acquisition of 72 grocery stores in Finland for EUR 71.6M and agrees on a directed share issue of 2,000,000 new shares to Sagax.

Sagax Will Be Included in the EPRA Index

Sweden Sweden — Sagax has been informed by the European Public Real Estate Association that Sagax Class B common share is to be included in the FTSE EPRA Nareit Global Real Estate Index Series.

Sagax Acquires Logistics and Industrial Property in Vantaa

Finland Finland — HKScan Oyj, a food industry company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and real estate company Sagax Finland whose parent company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange have signed a sale and leaseback transaction for HKScan's logistics and production property complex in Vantaa.

Sagax Increases Holdings in Swedish Heavyweight

Sweden Sweden — David Mindus’ Sagax keeps investing in other real estate companies. With a new major acquisition Sagax has increased their owner-stake in a Swedish heavyweight.

Future Investment Targets for Sagax

Sweden Sweden — David Mindus, CEO of Sagax, on what it takes to make further investments, the global focus, and whether they look for new markets, going into 2021.

Sagax Issues D Shares

Sweden Sweden — Sagax completes a directed issue of class D common shares, raising proceeds of MSEK 513.

Sagax Acquires in the Netherlands and Spain

Sweden Sweden — Through six separate transactions, Sagax has acquired 17 properties in the Netherlands and 14 properties in Barcelona. The total investment amounts to the equivalent of MSEK 439.

Nyfosa and Sagax to Propose Dividend in Kind of Shares in Torslanda Property

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Nyfosa and Sagax intends to propose their Annual General Meetings to resolve on a dividend in kind in the form of shares corresponding to 15 percent of the total number of shares in Torslanda Property Investment. Söderport is owned equally by Nyfosa and AB Sagax.

”Difficult to Find Attractive Investments”

Finland Finland — Jaakko Vehanen, Managing Director at Sagax Finland, tells Nordic Property News why the recently purchased Vantaa property was of interest and why it is difficult to estimate the company’s investment volume in the future.