Sato Develops Rental Apartments in Kirkkonummi

Finland Finland — Sato and construction company TNRak Oy have signed an agreement on the development of rental apartments in the Vesitorninmäki district in Kirkkonummi.

Antti Aarnio Appointed Sato's Acting President and CEO

Finland Finland — Sato's Board of Directors has appointed Antti Aarnio, 48, as the President and CEO of Sato, starting on December 18, 2020. Antti Aarnio acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Aarnio also continues in his position as EVP, Rental Housing Business.

Sato Closing in on New CEO: "A Very Interesting Candidate"

Finland Finland — For over a year, Sharam Rahi has been acting CEO of Balder's Finnish subsidiary Sato - but that time may be coming to an end. Balder's Deputy CEO tells Nordic Property News about the process of finding a successor at Sato, his time as CEO and about Sato's work during the pandemic.

Sato to Develop Planned Lasihytti Residential Area by Train Station

Finland Finland — SATO Corporation has concluded a preliminary contract to acquire three plots located in the Lasihytti area south of the train line in the Kauklahti district of Espoo. Currently an industrial area, Lasihytti is now subject to a town plan amendment that would turn it into an urban residential area, complete with amenities, for around 4,000–5,000 residents.

Sato Announces EUR 300M Senior Unsecured Bond Issue

Finland Finland — Sato announces a EUR 300 million senior unsecured bond issue under its EMTN programme. The bonds have been offered to European investors and will be issued on 7 April 2020.

Sato to Build New Apartments in Espoo

Finland Finland — Sato will have 77 rental homes built close to the Niittykumpu metro station in Espoo. Construction begins in March 2020 and the apartments will be ready for moving into in December 2021.

The Finnish Challenges for the Swedish CEO

Finland Finland — Balder’s Deputy CEO Sharam Rahi tells Nordic Property News about his position as CEO of Sato, the changes in the management and how he manage the dual positions.

EVP Leaves Sato

Finland Finland — Sato’s EVP, Rental Housing Business, Antti Asteljoki has resigned and leaves the company on 4th February 2020. Sato's EVP, Investments Antti Aarnio, has been appointed also as the head of Rental Housing Business. Aarnio will take on the position without delay.

Why Sato Changes Valuation Method

Finland Finland — Marcus Hansson, CFO of the main owner Balder, and member of the Sato board: ”A more transparent method.”

Sato Will Change Valuation Method – Property Value Increases by EUR 500 Million

Finland Finland — The Board of Directors of Sato Corporation has taken the decision to begin using a yield based valuation method to determine the value of the company’s investment properties that earlier was valued by the sales comparison method.

”It Is One of the Fastest Developing Seaside Areas”

Finland Finland — Antti Aarnio, Executive Vice President of Sato, tells Nordic Property News about why Sompasaari is one of the most exciting areas in Helsinki and the impact of the Swedish real estate king and main owner Erik Selin.

Sato Creates New Homes on Helsinki's Sompasaari Island

Finland Finland — One of Finland's leading rental housing providers, Sato, is having new privately financed rental homes and owner-occupied homes constructed on a seafront site with good access to transport and services.

Sato Launches New Part-Ownership Pilot in Helsinki

Finland Finland — One of Finland’s leading rental housing providers, Sato is launching a solution lowering the threshold to buying a home in the market. Sato FlexHome is a new form of part ownership where you can enter home ownership with a small initial capital outlay and a five-year part-ownership period.

Erik Selin: "It Is Easy to Make Great Deals"

Finland Finland — The Swedish real estate profile and Balder's CEO Erik Selin on the journey with Finland's largest housing developer Sato since the entry four years ago, why his close colleague Sharam Rahi takes the CEO position in the company and his view on the Finnish residential market.

Sharam Rahi Appointed Acting President and CEO of Sato

Finland Finland — Sato Corporation's Board of Directors has appointed Sharam Rahi, 46, the President and CEO of Sato, starting from September 1, 2019. Mr. Rahi acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Mr. Rahi is the Vice CEO at Fastighets AB Balder, the main owner of Sato.

YIT and Sato to Develop Apartments in Hakunila

Finland Finland — YIT, Sato, M2-Kodit and As Oy Hiirakkokuja 6 have signed a co-operation contract for designing new apartments and a centralised parking facility for the Hiirakkokuja neighbourhood.

Sato Builds New Homes in Helsinki

Finland Finland — The construction of Sato's 75th anniversary project in Atlantinkatu street, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, has been launched.

Sato in Residential Project in Jätkäsaari

Finland Finland — Construction of Sato's 75th anniversary project in Atlantinkatu street, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, has been launched. The property will have 147 non-subsidised rental homes and 32 family-sized Hitas owner-occupied homes.

Sato to Create Rental Homes in Helsinki

Finland Finland — 239 new Sato rental homes will be constructed in Helsinki's Herttoniemi and Kalasatama districts in the coming years. The Herttoniemen Laivalahdenkaari 1 property will have 143 Sato rental homes and Kalasataman Capellan puistotie 96 Sato rental homes.

Sato Sells Hotelhomes to Forenom

Finland Finland — Sato sells all the shares in Sato Hotelhome Ltd to Majoituspalvelu Forenom Oy. There are a total of 195 furnished Sato Hotelhome apartments, with most of these in central locations in Helsinki's Kamppi and Kruununhaka districts and in Tapiola, Espoo.

Sato Buys 150 Apartments

Finland Finland — Sato has bought residential properties from Veritas Pension Insurance located in Espoo, Vantaa and Turku.

Sato to Construct New Apartments in Vantaa

Finland Finland — Sato will construct new rental apartments in the Martinlaakso district of Vantaa. Two buildings located on a Sato-owned site that were constructed in the 1970’s will be demolished and replaced with three times as many new homes.

Sato Buys 17 Rental Homes in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Sato has bought 17 rental homes in Kallio, Helsinki. The apartments are studios and one-bedroom homes.

Sato Appoints New Director for Tampere Region

Finland Finland — Miikka Karjaluoto has been appointed as Sato Corporation's Director for Tampere Region from December 27th 2016.

Sato in Several Transactions in Finland

Finland Finland — Sato has bought 113 rental homes from a fund managed by Patrizia and sold 294 rental homes to Municipal Housing Ltd (KAS).