Changes in the SATO Management Team

Finland Finland — SATO Corporation makes several changes in the management team.

Sato's CFO Esa Neuvonen is Leaving the Company

Finland Finland — After seven years at Sato the company’s CFO Esa Neuvonen leaves to join YIT Corporation. Esa Neuvonen will serve as CFO at YIT. He will start in his new position by the end of the year.

Construction to Kick Off on First SATO StudioHomes

Finland Finland — SATO StudioHomes is SATO´s response to the intense demand for affordable housing in the Helsinki region. Construction on the first StudioHome building will kick off in August in the Martinlaakso district of Vantaa.

Antti Asteljoki Appointed SATO Vice President

Finland Finland — SATO has appointed Antti Asteljoki as Vice President for Housing Business.

Katri Innanen returns to SATO as General Counsel

Finland Finland — SATO has appointed Katri Innanen, LL.M, as the new General Counsel of the company. She will begin in her new role during the summer.

SATO Buys 1,000 Rental Homes

Finland Finland — SATO Corporation has purchased a total of 1,015 rental homes from Suomen Laatuasunnot Oy. The apartments are mainly located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku region.

SATO's Rental Housing Supply Increases by 1,255 Homes

Finland Finland — SATO Corporation has acquired the shares of SVK Yhtymä Oy.The transaction will result in the transfer of 1,255 rental homes mainly completed in the 2000s to SATO. Responding to the highest demand in rental housing in terms of their size, the average floor area of these homes is 55 sqm.

Balder Acquires an Additional 22.9 Percent of the Outstanding Shares of Sato

Finland Finland — Balder, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, has acquired an additional 22.9 percent of Sato, one of Finland´s largest residential property companies. Balder now owns 53,3 percent of Sato.

Sato sells 268 homes to Municipal Housing

Finland Finland — Sato Corporation, one of Finland’s leading rental housing providers, has sold 268 State-subsidised rental homes to Kunta-aravat Oy of Municipal Housing.

Sato Sells 760 Apartments and Acquires 379

Finland Finland — Finnish housing company Sato has completed two large residential property transactions.

Sato Purchases in Turku

Finland Finland — Sato has bought 77 rental homes in the centre of Turku from the Turku University Foundation and 54 rental homes to be completed in the Länsikeskus area in late summer 2016 from NCC. The investments amounts to approximately €20 M.

Balder Acquires a Further 4.8 Percent in Sato

Finland Finland — Swedish listed property company Balder has agreed to acquire a further 4.8 percent in Sato Oyj where Balder already owns 22.8 percent of the shares for approximately EUR 45 million. Balder is, after the acquisition, the largest owner of Sato with a holding of 27.6 percent.

Balder Acquires 21 Percent of Sato

Finland Finland — Balder, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, acquires 21 percent of Sato, a Finnish real estate company focused on residential properties.